How to Buy Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs

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December 27, 2022

Donald Trump’s official non-fungible token (NFT) collection took the NFT world by storm in December 2022, captivating Twitter and late-night TV in the process. At the time of writing, Trump Digital Trading Cards are ranked second on OpenSea in terms of trading volume – outperforming even Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in terms of short-term popularity. 

Despite the doom and gloom of the NFT bear market, the Trump Digital Trading Card collection has managed to catch some early momentum. Speculative fans and collectors from all walks of life are flocking to get in on the hype. The following discussion will explain what Trump Digital Trading Cards are and how you can a Trump NFT today.

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What Are Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs?

Trump’s digital trading cards are NFTs. Each has Trump’s presidential number, 45 labeled on it, and uniquely depicts the former U.S. former president in a wide range of guises including superhero, race car driver and astronaut. 

The cost of each NFT to mint was $99 a pop, and 45,000 unique NFTs were put on sale on the OpenSea marketplace. Traders and collections minted the digital trading cards on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon. 

The NFT collection sold out in less than a day and has netted over 6,900 Ether (ETH) in sales – which at the time of writing is over $10 million in dollar terms. Like most NFTs, Trump Digital Trading Cards can be traded freely on OpenSea; however, all sales are subject to a sizable 10% creator fee.

The floor price for the NFT collection in early January 2023 is approximately 0.18 Ether (ETH) – or roughly $250. The floor price refers to the lowest possible price for any NFT within an NFT collection. 

Perks of Holding a Trump Digital Trading Card NFT

Although digital imagery is theoretically limitless in supply as long as users know how to screenshot, a limited supply of NFTs was offered. Holders of the NFTs were able to take advantage of opportunities exclusively offered to the Trump Digital Trading Card community. Holders who bought the cards were able to enter into a competition to win prizes including golf with the former president, dinner at Mar-a-Lago or a Zoom call. Price speculation, however, is likely what most buyers are focusing on. 

How to Buy Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs

Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs can be bought from OpenSea in several ways. Users can use MetaMask, Coinbase and Ledger wallet, among others.

Each Trump Digital Trading Card NFT is priced on Ethereum on the OpenSea marketplace – the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for NFTs. However, you’ll need to take a few important steps before purchasing directly from OpenSea. 

Sign Up for a Cryptocurrency Exchange Account

Sign up for an exchange account to buy Ether (ETH). The amount of ETH you need to purchase will depend on the price floor of each trading card or the listed ask price for the NFT you are buying. You should purchase a bit more ETH than you need to cover the transaction fees that you will pay when transferring ETH to a wallet and making the transaction on OpenSea.

ETH can be purchased using any major cryptocurrency exchange such as Gemini, eToro or Uphold. The next step is setting up a browser wallet such as MetaMask, which is free to use and can be created in a matter of minutes. 

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Buy a Trump Digital Trading Card NFT

Once you have an account, transfer ETH from your crypto exchange account to your individual web-based wallet. OpenSea supports a variety of different wallets such as MetaMask or Coinbase wallets. From there, navigate to the official landing page for the collection and initiate your purchase.

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

Risk-averse investors may want to transfer their newly purchased trading card NFT into a hardware wallet. These types of wallets are universally considered to be the most secure way to store NFTs and crypto. They consist of physical devices that store and generate keys without a connection to the Internet and fall into the classification of cold wallets. These keys are generated based on random number generation (RNG) algorithms and are stored in the device itself. 

Ledger’s hardware wallets are some of the most trusted hardware wallets in the world. Users can choose from the Ledger Nano X wallet ($150) or the Ledger Nano S Plus wallet ($79). Both wallets allow users to store countless different coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Trump NFTs, Dogecoin and all ERC-20 tokens.. The service also receives overwhelmingly high ratings for user satisfaction and user-friendliness.

Is it Worth Getting a Trump Digital Trading Card NFT?

Despite the widespread jeers and criticisms – even from some of Trump’s own supporters – the project has solidified itself as one of the most actively traded NFT projects. However, it’s anyone’s guess how long the hype will last. 

The project itself is extremely speculative, without any real value proposition besides the small chance of meeting the former president. The collection was launched at a suboptimal time, with the aggregate NFT and cryptocurrency market in one of the deepest periods of realized losses ever recorded in history.

As a collector, it is important to acknowledge these extreme risks and proceed cautiously, only investing money that you are willing to lose.

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