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September 22, 2022
Home Warranty Inc
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Home Warranty Inc. provides home warranty policies for residential and investment spaces throughout the country. While Home Warranty Inc.’s policies are a bit more expensive when compared to other home warranty products that you can buy, the company’s policies include both system and appliance coverage. You can also choose your own technician to provide repairs you book through your warranty, which can be especially beneficial if you have local companies that you know provide consistent work.

In addition to flexible policy terms and a variety of add-on choices, Home Warranty Inc. also allows you to choose the cash value of the repair in lieu of the repair itself. You can use this payout towards the price of a new system or appliance, which can be a lifesaver for homeowners living with older home systems and appliances.

Best For
  • Homeowners living in older properties
  • Anyone looking for help paying for routine repairs
  • Home warranty shoppers who want to choose their own repair professionals
  • Allows you to choose repair companies you work with
  • All-in-one policy including systems and appliances
  • 24/7 customer service for policyholders
  • Less competitive pricing

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Home Warranty Inc. Product Offering
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Home Warranty Inc. Product Offering

As the name suggests, Home Warranty Inc. offers home warranty policies throughout the country. Before we discuss what specifically is included in Home Warranty Inc.’s policies, it’s important to understand what a home warranty is and how it differs from homeowner’s insurance.

A home warranty is a type of residential protection plan that helps you pay for the cost of appliance and system repairs needed after normal wear-and-tear. Depending on the policy you choose, your home warranty might even cover the full replacement of one of your home’s major systems if it needs to be scrapped. These policies can be beneficial for homeowners who no longer have an appliance warranty on their home’s major components and homeowners who live in older properties that might require more frequent repairs.

Home warranties come with two distinct charges, which are due at different points during your policy.

  • Premium: Like auto insurance, health insurance and other types of coverage you may have, your home warranty premium is a monthly charge you pay to maintain your coverage. Depending on the home warranty provider, you might be able to claim a discount when you pay a year’s worth of your premiums upfront.
  • Service charge: Your policy’s service charge is the amount of money you’ll pay each time you claim a repair or replacement through your home warranty provider. It is not the same as a deductible, which is due only once during an insurance coverage period; you’ll pay your service fee every time you use your plan. The service fee you’ll pay remains the same, regardless of the actual value of the services that you receive.

Home Warranty Inc. offers one major home warranty plan, the Home Protection Plan. The Home Protection Plan includes coverage for the following home components:

  • Heating units
  • Cooling units
  • Air exchanger
  • Ductwork
  • Water heater
  • Interior plumbing (both the system itself and stoppages)
  • Interior electrical wiring
  • Sump pump
  • Garbage disposal
  • Central vacuum
  • Garage door opener
  • Trash compactor
  • Built-in or over-the-range microwave
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Ice maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Range/oven/stovetop
  • Washer/dryer units

This home warranty protection plan is comprehensive, including a range of both systems and appliances. Unlike some competing home warranty companies, you won’t need to purchase two separate plans to enjoy full-home coverage when you purchase your warranty through Home Warranty Inc. Plans begin at $575 annually, and there are no square footage limits that dictate who can purchase a home warranty plan through Home Warranty Inc.

In addition to the standard plan, you can add a series of unique optional coverage packages to further enhance your coverage. Some of Home Warranty Inc.’s most popular extra coverage packages include the following.

A La Carte Appliance Plan

Landlords, property management companies, used appliance dealerships and any other business that schedules regular appliance repairs may want to consider the optional a la carte Appliance Plan. The Appliance Plan extends your coverage to include specific appliances you choose on multiple properties under a single plan. For example, if you’re a landlord who owns two apartment units with identical appliances and systems, you can use the Appliance Plan to customize coverage specific for these properties.

The Appliance Plan covers the entire cost of the repair to the appliance. You won’t need to pay a service fee or deductible when you have this add-on, which can make it an appealing complement to the Home Protection Plan. If the appliance is broken to the point where it can’t be repaired, Home Warranty Inc. will provide you with a replacement allowance equal to 100% of the money paid in on that appliance. The Appliance Plan add-on starts at $5 a month and increases as the number of appliances and systems you include on the policy increases.

SurgeShield Program

The SurgeShield Program is a monthly coverage that extends your home warranty protection to include damage from electrical surges. Appliances covered under this program include:

  • Air conditioner
  • Washer/dryer unit
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven and range
  • Refrigerator
  • Ceiling fans

Surge coverage starts at $7 a month. You can also extend your SurgeShield protection to include personal electronics like gaming systems, laptops and tablets. The standard extended policy includes $5,000 worth of annual coverage for electronics repairs and replacements needed as a result of surge damage. This extra insurance cannot be purchased alone — it must be added alongside the SurgeShield Program. Insurance extension starts at $12 a month in addition to your monthly SurgeShield Program premium.

Home Warranty Inc.’s plans are available in most parts of the United States. The company offers package plan options in all states except:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Arkansas
  • New York
  • Maine
  • Florida

Though Home Warranty Inc.’s plans are a bit more expensive when compared to other home warranty options, its standard terms include 14 months’ worth of coverage. This feature can be convenient for homeowners and real estate professionals who know that they will need consistent coverage. 

Customer Service Rating

Home Warranty Inc. offers two methods that you can use to get in touch with its general customer service team.

  • By phone: To contact Home Warranty Inc. via phone, call 877-977-4949. Customer service is available by phone during normal business hours for those who do not already have a policy. If you have a home warranty policy, you have access to 24/7 customer service connection, which you can access through your online portal.
  • Via online form: You can submit an inquiry to Home Warranty Inc. online by completing a contact request form here.

In addition to offering customer service connections online and by phone, you can also file a claim online or over the phone with the help of a representative. 

Customer Pricing

Home Warranty Inc. offers variable pricing on its policies, which means that you won’t know exactly how much you can expect to pay for coverage until you request a quote from a representative. Some of the factors that will influence the price that you’ll pay for your home warranty include:

  • The square footage of your home
  • The appliances you have
  • The age of your home and its major systems

Pricing for Home Warranty Inc.’s premiums begins at $575 per year, which averages out to about $48 per month. Each time you use your policy, you’ll also pay a $100 service fee. This is a bit more expensive than other home warranty providers on the market. If you’re thinking about extending your policy to include surge protection or electronics, remember that these protections come with additional premiums on top of your standard payment. 

User Benefits

Home Warranty Inc.’s policies are exceptionally inclusive and include the following unique benefits that set them apart from competing home warranty companies.

  • Choose your own technician: With most home warranty policies, you submit a request for a repair and your home warranty company sends over a technician. This system can leave you frustrated if you pay a service fee to an unknown contractor and receive a low-quality repair. If you know that you want to continue using a particular local company for repairs, Home Warranty Inc.’s policies might be worth considering.
  • Cash-out option for repairs: If you live in an older property, you might run into a situation when you’d rather have cash to put towards a new system or appliance than a repair. Home Warranty Inc. allows you to choose a cash-out in lieu of a repair. You can put the cash from this payment towards the cost of a replacement for the item in question.
  • Surge protection for electronics: Home Warranty Inc. is one of the only home warranty providers to offer optional surge protection for your electronics. If you have a number of expensive gaming systems, computers or other fragile devices you need to protect, you might want to consider adding this protection to your overall home warranty policy. 

User Experience

Filing a claim with Home Warranty Inc. is exceptionally easy, and you can complete your repair request entirely online. Home Warranty Inc. customers also have access to 24/7 customer service assistance and claims reporting issued through a single phone number. To file a claim online, visit Home Warranty Inc.’s submission form here. You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions guiding you through the claims process, and you can view the company’s claims form before committing to a policy.   

Filing a claim with Home Warranty Inc is simple and straightforward—simply describe the issue and submit a bit of personal information to begin. 

In addition to making it easy to file a claim, Home Warranty Inc. also makes it easy to use your benefits and find your repair. You can choose your own technician, which can be a major benefit if you already have a local company you know that provides quality and consistent work. You also have the option to forgo repairs entirely and instead take the approved cost of the repair in cash. You can use this payout to put towards a new system or appliance. 

Home Warranty Inc. vs Competitors

Home Warranty Inc. is not the only company providing home warranty policies in the United States. Choosing the right company to issue your home warranty is important, as each individual company dictates what appliances and systems it will cover, where it offers policies, and which technicians you can use.

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following home warranty companies. Consider beginning your search for the right home warranty protection with a few of the links below. 

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Home Warranty Inc. provides a comprehensive, all-inclusive policy option that will easily meet all the needs of most residential spaces. The Home Protection Plan includes both major appliances and systems under a single plan, which provides homeowners with a single, convenient option for home warranty coverage. You can even choose to add surge protection for your appliances as well as your expensive electronics.

While Home Warranty Inc.’s policies are inclusive, they’re also a bit more expensive than many competing home warranty companies offering similar policies. Overall, Home Warranty Inc. can be worth considering if you have multiple properties you need to protect, you have multiple expensive electronics or you’re looking for a single policy that includes full-home coverage.  

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