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February 5, 2021
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HelloSells is a software program that specializes in lead qualification and inbound communications. The customer relationship management (CRM) platform is designed for any type of business that relies on solid lead identification and chasing to boost marketing return on investment (ROI). 

With an easy-to-navigate interface and a hefty roster of popular software integrations, HelloSells may be the answering service you need to give your business an edge.

Best For
  • Real estate agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Media buyers
  • Sales teams
  • Integration with commonly used service software
  • 24/7/365 lead response
  • Capture qualified leads with pre-sale questions
  • Increase your ROI with an improved sales process
  • U.S.-based customer service agents
  • Potentially high price point for limited offerings
  • Expensive per-minute charges if you exceed your monthly limit

HelloSells Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
Customer Service
Mobile App
Privacy and Security
Overall Rating

HelloSells Pricing

HelloSells has tiered subscription plans for businesses of all sizes, including enterprise level packages. All of its non-enterprise business packages include a 1-time $49 charge for initial installation. 

You can purchase the amounts of minutes you’ll need per month, saving you from paying for minutes you won’t use. HelloSells only bills calls in 1-minute increments, so you won’t be charged for calls under 30 seconds.

HelloSells also works with clients to build custom plans personalized to their business. Connect with HelloSells at 800-550-4955 to learn more.

HelloSells Monthly Packages

Take a look at the cost breakdown for each HelloSells monthly package.

  • $149/month: 100 minutes, $1.50 per additional minute
  • $249/month: 200 minutes, $1.40 per additional minute
  • $349/month: 300 minutes, $1.30 per additional minute
  • $649/month: 600 minutes, $1.20 per additional minute

Enterprise Pricing

If you need space for higher call volumes, HelloSells offers enterprise volume plans as well. For these packages, installation is free.

  • $999/month: 1,000 minutes, $1.10 per additional minute
  • $1,449/month: 1,500 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute
  • $1,899/month: 2,000 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute
  • $2,799/month: 3,000 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute
  • $4,599/month: 5,000 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute
  • $9,099/month: 10,000 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute
  • $13,499/month: 15,000 minutes, $1.00 per additional minute

HelloSells Product Offerings

HelloSells offers full-service answering capabilities and lead qualification services. Every package tier features customized call flows, popular CRM and customer service management software integrations and 24/7 lead call service. 

Streamlined call transfers, web chats, email and SMS alerts and appointment booking applications give your customers a seamless sales experience on the front end, while keeping you organized on the back end.

HelloSells also has a great mobile app and easy online account access for maximum convenience.

Answering Service

Never miss a call again with an always-on inbound communications answering service helmed by trained customer service specialists. HelloSells customizes your answering service to your business, using key information along with your specifications to structure your calls.

You’ll also control when and how your calls are answered. Set your answering system to after hours mode or selectively divert calls based on your schedule.

The HelloSells answering service offers all the following features:

  • Every call answered 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Live web chat
  • Instant response
  • Recorded customer messages sent to you
  • Automatic call transfer
  • Scheduled call appointments to give potential customers your undivided attention
  • Lead captures integrated with your preexisting CRM to streamline the sales process
  • Virtual reception for prequalified leads 

Lead Qualification Service

Lead qualification is one of the main appeals of an answering service. Capture sales with inbound and outbound presale qualification communications, increasing your likelihood of connecting with your most likely customers. This is useful in fields like real estate where competition is fierce and it's important to identify the right clients to maximize your marketing impact.

Features like lead capture, lead response and lead re-engagement convert clicks and calls into viable clients. With lead capture, inbound calls are answered in no more than 4 rings, quickly recording and tracking pertinent info to help clinch a successful sale. 

Lead response is built on outbound calls based on webform submissions or info from your CRM. Any qualified lead is followed up with within 5 minutes. And, lead re-engagement scans your lead lists to identify likely sales and retarget them for qualification. 

HelloSells also helps you generate leads and improve your marketing ROI. It keeps your customer service agents ready to respond to any interested customers instantaneously. Lead generation with HelloSells is pillared by live agents, customizable call scripts, ROI reporting and instant notifications. 

As with all HelloSells features, lead qualification works with all your favorite platforms and software used by your team, including Slack, Zendesk and Keap.

HelloSells Customer Service

HelloSells is in the business of providing streamlined customer service, so it’s no surprise that its own customer service is stellar. As soon as you visit the HelloSells website, an agent will engage with you using the live web chat. 

From there, you can schedule a call, set up a demo or get answers to any inquiries you may have. The agents are highly responsive, and you can find both specialized sales and support experts.

You can reach out to HelloSells by visiting its website. You can also email or The sales department can be reached at 800-550-4955 and client support is available at 800-550-4797.

HelloSells Mobile App

With a 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, the HelloSells application allows you to effectively manage your answering service with a few swipes and clicks. You’ll always have a 360-view of all customer-agent interactions along with instant notifications, team chats and outbound calling using your personal or business line. 

The HelloSells mobile app is also available on Google Play.

HelloSells Privacy and Security

When you sign up for HelloSells, you consent to a fair amount of both personal and non-personal data gathering and storage. You also agree to the sharing of your information with HelloSells affiliates, service providers and contractors, business traders, by law or to protect rights or with your consent in unique situations. 

Protecting your information is mostly up to you. HelloSells asks that you take the initiative to protect your account and devices any way you see fit. You may modify and delete information at will, but your old personal information and content may be stored in backup drives. 

While you can adjust your communications settings, you can’t opt out of certain essential administrative communications, so your ability to access the full range of HelloSells features is contingent on consenting to the sharing of your information.

HelloSells Performance

If you’re solely looking for an answering service and improved lead qualification and capture, HelloSells gets the job done and does it well. The interface is streamlined and easy-to-use. 

And the HelloSells mobile application is just as functional as its online portal. Structuring your call routing is easy, as is keeping your lead qualification organized on the back end. 

HelloSells heavily promotes the advantages of employing customer agents who can do “anywhere work”. Your potential clients can reach a real human at any time, anywhere. With 30% more sales closed by remote workers, you can count on increased productivity and customer service satisfaction. 

HelloSells Overall Rating

HelloSells is a solid, if slightly limited, CRM. What it lacks in diversity of features, it makes up for in functionality and performance. And you can fill in the blanks by integrating with the business software and platforms you already use and love. 

Get in touch with HelloSells to try a free demo, get pricing info or start the sign-up process. 

Bonus: Schedule a consulting call with a HelloSells agent to get $50 off today.

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