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August 24, 2022
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Cybersecurity is a subject of concern for anyone who uses the internet. That goes doubly so for people who work from home or have school-aged children. Other issues for home internet users are coverage, performance and speed. 

Many standard routers lose performance when the signal is spread over a large area or multiple people access Wi-Fi at once. Gryphon is a new smart router that offers internet users an enticing combination of performance, security and whole-house coverage. 


Best For
  • Work from home users
  • People seeking enhanced parental control
  • People who need a high-performance Wi-Fi router that can serve a large household
  • Proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced security
  • State-of-the-art parental controls
  • Up to a gigabyte per second speed
  • Not standard equipment with typical Wi-Fi packages

Gryphon Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Benefits

What is Gryphon?

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, families all over America found themselves in a situation where they were forced to work from home. Many of these families found out the hard way that their existing Wi-Fi router wasn’t powerful enough to serve a house full of internet users without losing performance. When you add that performance problem to parents’ long-standing about internet security, you have a multi-faceted problem without a clear solution. 

With the smart home and cybersecurity markets expected to grow to $495 billion and $540 billion respectively within the decade, Gryphon has jumped into the market with a range of innovations that address the growing number of connected devices in every home, increasing awareness concerning privacy issues and screentime addiction. Plus, work-from-home solutions and remote learning are here to stay, but how do homeowners address these concerns?

Gryphon seeks to solve that problem by providing a high-performance, AI-powered smart router. The Gryphon router gives internet users an incredible combination of coverage area, high speed, advanced protection and elite-level internet security. It upgrades the standard router the cable company brings by when it installs the internet in your house. The Gryphon AX router is packed with technology and offers internet users the following benefits:

  • Provides a wide area of coverage via the use of mesh technology. One Gryphon AX router can provide seamless, high-speed coverage for over 3,000 square feet of space.
  • Connects unlimited users to a Wi-Fi network without sacrificing performance or download speed.
  • Offers AI-powered security protections that can keep any device connected to a Gryphon Wi-Fi network safe from threats like malware and hacking.
  • Strong user controls through the Gryphon app allow parents or employers to do everything from monitor screen time to block selected sites.

The Gryphon can do this because it’s designed with a number of groundbreaking proprietary features, many of which are patented or have patents pending. Once it’s set up, users will have an advanced Wi-Fi system that offers an unprecedented level of security and performance. Gryphon has won a number of accolades from users and professional reviewers alike. 

  • 2019 PC Mag: Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Mesh Systems
  • 2019 CES: Best Router for Family Safety and Privacy
  • Tom’s Guide: Best Security-Focused Mesh Router

It was also named the best parental control hardware around by Fatherly and has over 3,500 positive reviews from 

Gryphon Customer Service

The high-paced world of the tech industry demands that serious product manufacturers have a fully built-out customer service platform. Whenever you have a product like a Wi-Fi router that is both a modern-day necessity and packed with technology, you’re bound to have customers who need varying levels of support from installation through usage and continued troubleshooting. 

Gryphon’s founders spent over two decades in the tech industry before bringing this high-tech router to market. It gave the team valuable insight on how to set up a quality customer service program, and the site is indicative of that. A live-chat link in the bottom left corner of the landing page gets you rapid attention. Additionally, you can reach Gryphon on its social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — or submit an email directly to customer support. 

The entire package is made even stronger by a set of easy-to-understand YouTube videos that cover topics such as:

  • How to set Gryphon up
  • How to connect new devices to Gryphon Wi-Fi
  • How to block devices from the network
  • How to suspend/block or pause internet activity
  • How to set up a designated time for usage restrictions (homework, bedtime, overall screentime)
  • How to view web browsing history

Overall, Gryphon’s customer service and education platform do more than you would expect. It’s a solid five-star grade. 

Gryphon Pricing

As you might expect from a product with as many features and patent-pending technology, Gryphon is not the cheapest product on the market. However, when you consider all that it provides, the price point is pretty fair. Gryphon has two basic models and several combination options:

  • Guardian: Up to 1,800 square feet worth of coverage at up to 550 Mbps for $79
  • Tower (flagship unit): Up to 3,000 square feet worth of coverage at up to 1.5 Gbps for $199
  • Guardian three-pack: Up to 5,000 square feet worth of coverage for $229
  • Tower two-pack: Up to 5,000 square feet of coverage for $349

Gryphon User Benefits

Gryphon sets itself apart from its competitors with its user benefits. Gryphon’s standard features of speed, coverage and parental controls that are powered by its proprietary and patent-pending technology are impressive enough. All Gryphon products come with a one-year limited warranty that includes 24/7 customer service and repair coverage.  However, that’s not where it stops. 

All Gryphon users will receive lifetime access to its “Advanced Protection” program, which includes free updates, security patches and Gryphon ConnectApp updates. That's a solid package, but the Gryphon Advanced Protection program offers so much more for $7.50/month. The advanced package includes significant additional benefits, which include:

  • Malware, phishing and spyware blockers for all connected devices
  • Automated alerts when a device on the network is infected with a virus 
  • Ability to isolate and lock out infected devices using the ConnectApp
  • Parental controls for all devices on the Gryphon network, even when they are connected to other Wi-Fi networks outside of the Gryphon umbrella
  • Extended warranty

Gryphon Homebound App

Another excellent Gryphon feature is the Homebound® App that users can install on their mobile phones or tablets for extra protection while browsing off the Gryphon network. First of all, it routes any data or traffic on your chosen device back through Gryphon’s mesh network to block harmful sites before your mobile accesses them.

It also allows parents to keep the same controls on their child’s mobile devices away from home that they have set up on the home network. The Homebound app is not only simple to install, but it also comes standard with the Premium Protection package. It rounds out an incredibly impressive set of user benefits that come with Gryphon routers. 

Gryphon vs. Competitors

The Gryphon’s high level of technology and customer service rating set it apart from many of its competitors in the Wi-Fi router game, even in the more competitive world of mesh routing. From a pure performance and speed perspective, the Linksys WRT AC 3200 is a strong competitor; however, it’s also a bit more expensive and has a reputation for not being the easiest router to set up. 

Gryphon Overall

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that if Gryphon routers were cars, they would be in the luxury category with Mercedes and BMW. Gryphon provides its customers with a high-quality user experience and a high-end product packed with all the trimmings. The top-rated security, strong parental controls and wide coverage area of a Gryphon tower are all great individual selling points.

Gryphon provides all of them in one unit. Overall, Gryphon is an excellent product that’s worthy of the high ratings and accolades it has received. Anyone looking for a high-performance router should give Gryphon a lot of consideration. It’s an appealing package of proprietary technology and customer service that creates an almost bespoke Wi-Fi experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you use the Gryphon app?


Gryphon’s Homebound app is easy to set up and use. Gryphon’s website has a YouTube tutorial on how to install the app and take advantage of its best features. Once you’ve installed the app — which is available on both Android and Apple iOS applications — you get advanced threat protection away from your home Gryphon network. This benefit includes Gryphon’s mesh technology; its security functions; and the ability to supervise, monitor or set limits on other connected devices. 


How does the Gryphon router work?


The Gryphon is a secure-mesh, high-performance Wi-Fi router that works by using a combination of proprietary technology, high speed and a wide coverage area to provide users with a high-quality browsing experience. 

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