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October 5, 2023
DLP Capital
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DLP Capital is a private financial services and real estate investment firm. Their private real estate funds focus on making a positive impact on some of the nation’s largest crises, especially attainable workforce housing, by providing innovative solutions through lending and investment products, services, education, and systems. Since their inception, they have never missed paying a distribution to their investors or lost any investor principal.

Best For
  • Individual investors seeking passive income
  • Accredited investors
  • Investors interested in private investments to diversify away from the stock market
  • Experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolio
  • Investors seeking investments with strong due diligence and screening
  • High returns–all funds target double digit annual returns
  • Distributions paid monthly or quarterly, depending on Fund
  • Private investment not correlated with the stock market
  • All preferred returns are paid to investors before any management fees
  • Liquidity
  • Certain funds offer significant tax-benefits
  • Only available for accredited investors

DLP Capital Ratings at a Glance

Ease of Use
Investor Education
Customer Support
DLP Historical Returns
Elite Membership Program

Who is DLP Capital?

DLP Capital, founded in 2006 by Don Wenner, is a private financial services and real estate investment firm. They focus on investing in and financing the building of thriving communities that transform lives with an emphasis on addressing the attainable workforce housing crisis. DLP Capital is driven by a goal of providing housing to 1 million people while positively impacting and transforming 10 million lives.

Their impact funds invest in income-producing, real estate-backed debt and equity. They’re designed to produce consistent, high-yield returns while providing security, stable growth, and cash flow to its investors. This is accomplished by leveraging the holistic resources of all of DLP Capital, drawing on years of experience in real estate development, construction, and operating, and completing hundreds of successful investments in the distressed and value-add residential and multifamily real estate space. We offer some of the most attractive investment options in the real estate industry with targeted returns up to 13%. 

They’ve never missed paying a preferred return to an investor, or lost any investor principal.  DLP Capital has ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” for 10 consecutive years—among the few companies on the list to achieve such growth consistency. The firm now has more than $5 billion of assets under management.

How Does DLP Capital Work?

  • Invest in the markets and sectors where we have expertise
    • We have decades of experience as a multifamily operator and developer
  • We invest in projects from real estate operators and developers whose mission and values align with ours
  • Accredited investors invest capital into our private impact investment funds to build thriving communities
    • We then develop, build, and operate thriving communities (multifamily, single-family, RV resorts) that are attainable for working families
    • Typically focus on properties offering monthly rents within 30% of the average median income (AMI), i.e. area households don’t need to spend more than 30% of their monthly income on rent
    • We generate and distribute consistent double digit returns to investors

DLP Capital Fees

  • Preferred returns are always paid to investors before management fees are paid to DLP
  • Annual management fee rebates are offered for investments of $1M*+; rebate doubles for investments of $10M*+.
    • *Per account, per fund
  • 2% management fee paid after investors distributions

DLP Capital Ease of Use

  • Exclusive investor portal that allows you to compare and review all investment funds. Make an investment with the click of a button.
    • Access fund reporting 
    • Monitor distributions
    • Increase contributions to any fund through the portal
  • Dedicated investor success team available to answer questions

DLP Capital Investor Education

  • The Twenty 
    • The Twenty is DLP Capital's exclusive education platform.. Selection of educational videos and thought-provoking webinars helmed by industry veterans and our knowledgeable team members. Unlock valuable insights as you embark on an exciting learning adventure full of inspiring stories that will guide you through life’s journey to personal and professional growth.
  • Multiple webinars hosted each month, most with live Q&A’s with Founder and CEO, Don Wenner
    • Quarterly fund performance and outlook webinars
  • Events held throughout the year for both investors and real estate professionals

DLP Capital Customer Support

  • 1.5 Hour Quarterly Investor Alignment meetings with your dedicated Success Manager.
  • 24/7 dedicated support 

DLP Capital Offerings

Universal to all offerings

  • Accredited investors only
  • $200,000 minimum investment
  • Evergreen funds
  • Offer annual management fee rebates for investments over $1M*. Rebate doubles for investments over $10M*. *PER ACCOUNT, PER FUND
  • Impact investments, focused on helping investors do well while doing good 

DLP Preferred Credit Fund - Fact Sheet

  • This private credit real estate fund (REIT) lends capital to the nation’s top real estate operators, builders, and developers that share DLP Capital’s mission to create, improve, and preserve attainable workforce housing. It invests in the origination and acquisition of mortgage loans in Preferred Credit positions against non-owner occupied single-family and multifamily assets.
  • Loans backed by real estate, primarily workforce housing assets
  • Notes secured by equity pledges, mortgages, and personal guarantees
  • 9% Preferred Return (highest preferred return of all DLP Funds)
  • 10-11% targeted annual return
  • Distribution: Monthly (Pref & EDC)
  • Redemption: 90-day notice
  • $1B target fund size
  • 1099-DIV tax reporting

DLP Building Communities Fund - Fact Sheet

  • This evergreen private real estate fund invests in the ground-up development, acquisition, improvement and management of residential real estate in strong markets. It aims to give investors robust growth, limited volatility, and tax shelter while bringing attainable workforce housing to 250,000 residents, providing a path to prosperity.
  • Investments secured by equity ownership in real estate
  • Significant growth potential 
  • 8% Preferred Return 
  • 11-13% targeted annual return (highest of all DLP funds)
  • Distribution: Quarterly (Pref); Annually (EDC)
  • Annual liquidity
  • $1B target fund size
  • K-1 tax reporting

DLP Housing Fund - Fact Sheet

  • This evergreen private REIT invests in the acquisition, management, and improvement of income-producing rental communities in the red hot Sunbelt market, creating attractive, risk-adjusted returns for investors with monthly distributions and annual liquidity.
  • Secured by equity ownership in rental housing communities
  • K1 tax reporting
  • 6% Preferred Return
  • 10-12% targeted annual return
  • Distribution: Monthly (Pref); Annually (EDC)
  • Annual liquidity
  • $2B target fund size
  • K-1 tax reporting 

DLP Lending Fund - Fact Sheet

  • This evergreen senior secured mortgage pool fund (REIT) originates first-position loans to operators and builders to create, improve, and preserve attainable workforce housing while helping them scale their businesses and make an impact. It aims to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors by making short-term bridge loans.
  • Senior mortgages, primarily workforce housing assets
  • 1st Position Mortgages backed by Real Estate along with Personal Guarantees
  • Low Loan to value (LTV) and Loan to cost (LTC), considerable equity invested by borrower
  • All non owner occupied loans to professional full time sponsors
  • 100% of income distributed monthly
  • 8% Preferred Return
  • 9-10% targeted annual return
  • Distribution: Monthly (Pref & EDC)
  • Redemption: 90-day notice
  • $2B target fund size
  • 1099-div tax reporting 

DLP Historical Returns

  • All funds have exceeded targets for investors since inception
    • Lending Fund: 12.71% (target 9-10%)
    • Building Communities Fund: 12.81% (target 11-13%)
    • Preferred Credit Fund: 10.52% (target 10-11%)
    • Housing Fund: 27.04% (target 10-11%)
  • Since inception, we’ve never lost any investor principal or missed paying a preferred distribution to investors

Extra Information

Investors that hit the $2M mark or refer 5 investors will be automatically enrolled in our Inner Circle program - offering investors lots of perks like 2 free tickets to both of our signature events every year, 1 week vacation at any of the DLP vacation properties

DLP Capital Elite Membership Program

The Elite Membership Program asks you what you would do if you would access more capital and multiply your operations tenfold. With the DLP Elite™ Membership, you can scale your business, generate jobs and produce housing for the masses. 

If you align with DLP Capital’s values, you gain:

  • Exclusivity
  • Strategy sessions with the DLP team
  • Implementation of the system for your team
  • Live meetings and support with the DLP team over the first 6 months of the plan
  • Event invites
  • Access to training
  • Routine followups
  • Up to $25M in capital along with loan options
  • Capital markets support
  • Proprietary software

If you’re planning to expand your real estate operation, you should consider working with DLP Capital and supporting the mission while gaining access to funds from the many investors joining the DLP platform every day.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is DLP Capital legit?


Yes, DLP Capital is a legitimate company. They are a real estate investment firm that focuses on providing passive income opportunities to investors. They have a track record of successful investments and have been in business for several years.


What is the minimum investment for DLP Capital?


The minimum investment for DLP Capital is $25,000.


Who owns DLP Capital?


DLP Capital is owned by Don Wenner.

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