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March 8, 2022
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securely through Coinrule's website

Meet Coinrule, the next generation in cryptocurrency trading. Coinrule lets you create customizable trading rules, access 150 templates and take advantage of numerous moderately priced trading plans. If you are a new crypto trader, you can do paper trading and backtesting to check your strategies. 

Different plans for all levels of traders include the Starter, Hobbyist, Trader and Pro. Each plan helps you build your skills and knowledge to become better at cryptocurrency trading. The platform is one of the best for digital currency trading and learning how to be a consistently successful crypto trader.

Best For
  • Advanced cryptocurrency traders
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Advanced security
  • Several pricing plans with promotions
  • Advanced trading indicators
  • No mobile trading app

Coinrule Ratings at a Glance

Let's face it, keeping track of cryptocurrency investments can be complicated. Unlike the stock market, cryptocurrencies trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many investors need to use several trading platforms, as altcoins may only be listed on specific exchanges. Luckily, applications have been made to simplify investment management in the cryptocurrency space. By using an investment platform like Coinrule, you can connect your trading accounts, from Coinbase to Binance, all in one place. This can simplify your portfolio management and increase the ease at which you trade digital assets.

Coinrule is a platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies safely. The platform sets trading rules, uses military-grade encryption and works with the top crypto exchanges. Our Coinrule review looks at the company in detail, evaluates benefits and reveals drawbacks to determine if the application is the right fit for you. 

Products Offerings on Coinrule

The platform allows you to create customizable trading strategies, which can be particularly helpful for high-frequency traders. Coinrule allows you to create straightforward tools for setting customizable trades, and no coding skills are necessary. Since Coinrule isn't an exchange, you must select your exchange of choice, and you have the option of backtesting your trading strategy.

These rules, which are typically derived from technical indicators, can be used to trade cryptocurrency directly from Coinrule's platform. Rules are customizable, and your experiences allow you to build new strategies. You can test your new trading guidelines and track them to improve your profitability.

Coinrule offers up to 150 templates with rule customization centered around various customizable trading strategies. The application helps you set up the approach you want to test and expand upon your strategy as you build your system. You can run your tests on the free demo to see how the strategies perform and to determine which ones are right for you. The application gives you insight into cryptocurrency trading that enhances your confidence, boosts your knowledge and ultimately increases your profitability.

Coinrule Pricing

Coinrule uses a tiered pricing structure for different levels of traders to include the Starter, Hobbyist, Trader and Pro plans. The Starter plan is free. You receive 2 demos/rules, a connection to 1 exchange, 7 template strategies, unlimited paper trading and the option to trade up to $3,000 in cryptocurrencies per month. 

The Hobbyist plan is $29.99 per month. You can use up to 40 template strategies, 7 demos/rules, connections to 2 exchanges and trader community access. Up to $100,000 in monthly trading volume is permitted.

The Trader plan is $59.99 per month and includes unlimited templates, 15 demos/rules, one-on-one training sessions, access to 3 exchanges and the ability to trade up to $1 million in digital currencies. 

The Pro plan gives 50 demos/rules, unlimited templates/exchanges, a dedicated server and $5 million in trades for $449.99 per month.  

Each plan helps you become better at trading and grow into new trading styles as your skills improve. From November 24th - December 3rd, Coinrule is offering Coinrule Trading and Pro annual plans for 67% off.

Coinrule Promotions

Coinrule has several types accounts ranging from paid to annual subscriptions. The best rates are for annual subscriptions, but you may want to start with a free account or test out a month before committing to a full-featured account for a year. Another great way to get a deal on Coinrule's offerings is through joining its newsletter. Coinrule's newsletter often gives out discounts ranging from 25 to 50% off.

Coinrule Customer Service

Coinrule’s customer service responds to issues quickly through chat, email, Facebook and Twitter. Coinrule uses a blog, FAQs and a knowledge section that help customers find information without needing to contact customer service. Customer service addresses inquiries and works with you to resolve any complaints. Coinrule contacts users the same day to find out about critical issues. The response times are excellent, and Coinrule’s responsive customer service team helps you to deal with problems quickly. 

Coinrule Mobile App

Coinrule can only be accessed through the website and while you can access the website on a mobile device, no mobile trading app is available. The company is working toward developing mobile capability to enhance the customer’s experience in the future. Users will benefit from a mobile app that allows them to use Coinrule while on the go.

Coinrule UX

Users find that Coinrule helps them to become better at trading cryptocurrencies. You can test and refine your strategy to identify optimal buy and sell points. You can adjust the rules to understand changes in cryptocurrencies and how to take advantage of them.

The login page shows the exchanges, rules and settings on the left. The exchanges illustrate the platforms and balances. The rules show all of the guidelines including methods to efficiently limit them. Settings show all of your preferences. The ability to customize the application to fit your exact needs sets Coinrule apart from its competition. 

Coinrule User Benefits

Coinrule provides benefits that give its customers the knowledge they need to improve their trading strategies. You start by practicing through paper trading, backtesting different strategies and learning from your results. The skill and knowledge you gain lets you create new rules and use previous guidelines to gain an edge over others in the market. 

Coinrule Security

Coinrule uses a sophisticated security platform to protect your personal and trading information. The company does this through authentication procedures, security measures like preventing denial of service attacks and payment protection. Coinrule stores and confirms critical information using algorithms and military-grade encryption technology.

Preventing denial of service attacks is a priority for Coinrule. The company works with CloudFlare to monitor and stop the platform from going offline.

Coinrule does not collect payments or personal information directly, instead routing all payments through Stripe. Stripe marks the payments as merchant-initiated transactions and eliminates the need for credit cards. The extra layer allows Coinrule to secure your information.

All of these features make Coinrule a safe platform. These security features form multiple layers that prevent hackers from breaking into Coinrule and causing disruptions. Coinrule is a secure place for trading and learning about cryptocurrencies.

Coinrule Overall Rating

Coinrule is an excellent platform for cryptocurrency trading. You can practice trading, create rules and become better at trading cryptocurrencies. Depending on your level of experience, you may need to go through a rigorous learning process, but staying patient and gaining more knowledge may help you become more profitable at trading crypto. The most significant drawback to using Coinrule is the lack of a mobile application, which the company is striving to remedy soon.

Best For
  • Advanced Trading Indicators
securely through Coinrule's website

Coinrule vs. Competitors

Coinrule has various competitors putting forward similar products. Unlike most of its competitors, Coinrule lets you connect to several exchanges. This can be extremely helpful if you seek to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies or simply want the best rate for your transaction.

Also, the platform differentiates itself through its comprehensive educational tools it provides to help you improve your trading skills.

Coinrule Tutorial

Checkout this tutorial on how to get started using Coinrule today.

So, Is Coinrule Worth It?

Coinrule is a great platform for managing digital assets, but it may not be for everyone. If you're a long-term oriented investor that doesn't trade often, then you may not find Coinrule worth it. This is also the case if you only invest in 1 or 2 different cryptocurrencies, as you'll only need one cryptocurrency exchange for all your investments. However, if you have accounts with multiple exchanges or trade crypto daily, then using Coinrule may be well worth the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Coinrule safe?


Coinrule uses various levels of security to protect your privacy and prevent hackers from gaining access to the platform. A series of features form a multilayer of security barriers to include authentication procedures, avoiding denial of service attacks, military-grade encryption and payment protection.


Does Coinrule work with Coinbase?


Coinbase is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges available on Coinrule’s platform. Coinrule integrates with the most popular exchanges to give you greater access. 

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