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August 30, 2021
Caleb and Brown
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securely through Caleb and Brown's website

Caleb and Brown is an exclusive team of world leading cryptocurrency brokers. Founded in 2016, Caleb and Brown’s goal is to become an outstanding personal cryptocurrency firm for every client. With a means of accessing large volumes of cryptocurrency, instantly, at a spot price, clients can trade through a single, trusted entity.

Best For
  • Clients who don’t understand cryptocurrency
  • Those who are unsure of the complexities of the market
  • Anyone needing guidance while trading cryptocurrency
  • Clients without much time to spend on investing
  • Clients work directly with a broker
  • Global cryptocurrency services
  • Enhanced security
  • Ability to trade over 1,000 assets
  • No online interface (more on that below)
  • Not available in New York State due to BitLicense legislation

Caleb and Brown Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Benefits
User Experience

Investing in Crypto With Caleb and Brown

When you invest with Caleb and Brown, you are working with a brokerage that guides you through your crypto investments. This firm is not a crypto trading platform. This means that they are invested in your success because they want to build lasting relationships with clients, furthering your financial future while also making progress as a firm.

A crypto trading platform is somewhat limiting in its scope, but brokers from Caleb and Brown can perform any trade at any time. Your options are limitless, and you work with over 1,000 different assets. 

When you register for an account, you deposit fiat or cryptocurrency meant for trading. You are assigned a dedicated broker, and that broker provides you with guidance and support. You can discuss everything from portfolio construction to coins that will best help you achieve your goals. 

Use your broker to your advantage by working with them and outlining your goals. Clients often wish to:

  • Pay for college
  • Open businesses
  • Retire
  • Save for the future
  • Test the crypto market, etc.

Of course, your goals might change. You can reach out to your broker at any time on the phone or via email for support. When you have an honest conversation with your broker, you can create a plan for the future that makes sense, given the current market. If the market changes, you can work with your broker to adjust—continually updating and upgrading your portfolio to obtain optimal results.

When you want to buy, sell or trade your coins, reach out to your broker via email. Caleb and Brown provides no customer interface because email creates a paper trail that is far more secure than a traditional app or exchange. 

At Caleb and Brown, simplicity = safety. 

When you complete a purchase with an email to your broker, all your coins go into cold storage. At Caleb and Brown, the firm uses the best protection that money can buy, fully insuring your coins at the same time.

You may withdraw your coins at any time with no waiting periods or extra fees.

Unfortunately, the brokers at Caleb and Brown cannot work with:

  • Securitized tokens
  • Privacy tokens

However, Caleb and Brown is an Australian brokerage — offering global services. Therefore, you can work with Caleb and Brown to invest in coins available in Australia that are not available in the U.S., such as:

  • XRP
  • Theta
  • TFuel

While you cannot stake your tokens at this time, that service is forthcoming.

Caleb and Brown Customer Service

When you visit, you can live chat with the team if you have questions or need general information. If you prefer to phone, call the Australian International number or the North American number Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to midnight AEDT.

Having spoken with the Caleb and Brown team, I can attest to the fact that it is simultaneously friendly, knowledgeable and focused in its guidance.

You also have the option to complete the online contact form or even send documents to the firm’s address. If you live or work in the Melbourne area and want to visit the office, you will find a map on the contact page.

If you prefer to “DIY” your customer support experience, you can read through the many FAQs that explain how Caleb and Brown works, how cryptocurrency trading works and tidbits of information that will help you make wise decisions. 

As mentioned previously, the brokerage does not have an online interface. When you make trades with your broker via email, you are completely secure. Your coins go into cold storage immediately upon purchase, and you can rest assured that you are safe because the firm has never been hacked or compromised.

For these reasons, Caleb and Brown receives 5 Stars for customer service.

Caleb and Brown Pricing

At Caleb and Brown, you pay a flat 5% commission on all trades. There are no other upcharges or hidden fees, meaning that you can predict how much you will spend to manage your portfolio.

If you are referred to the firm or sign up as a Benzinga user, your fees drop to 3.5%.

With this level of simplicity and transparency, Caleb and Brown receives 5 Stars for pricing. 

Caleb and Brown User Benefits

The benefits of using Caleb and Brown as your dedicated crypto broker are substantial:

  • High liquidity
  • Dedicated support
  • Enhanced security

When you work with Caleb and Brown, you can initiate trades with your broker at any time over email. Because your broker has access to a massive network of traders and exchanges, you enjoy high liquidity. 

With high liquidity comes little to no slippage. When you want to buy or sell, the price of the asset changes very little because your broker need not wait long to complete the transaction. 

Because you get dedicated support from your broker, you can ask questions about how your sales or purchases impact your portfolio. In short, you aren’t flying blind when you make decisions.

Finally, security at Caleb and Brown is enhanced because you communicate transactions to your broker exclusively through email. 

Fees are low and transparent. The brokers at Caleb and Brown are friendly and helpful, and you can invest in one of over 1,000 assets.

These benefits help increase your net worth, aid in building your wealth and allow you to reach your goals. For these reasons, Caleb and Brown receives 5 Stars.

Caleb and Brown User Experience

The user experience at Caleb and Brown flows well and feels comforting. 

The process is so simple that anyone can sign up and invest. 

Because you communicate directly with your broker, you won’t question how your account is managed or what will happen. You know your coins are secured in cold storage, and it is easy to reach out for support.

Caleb and Brown, put quite plainly, is beautifully simple and receives 5 Stars for its user experience.

Caleb and Brown
Best For
  • Crypto Newbies
securely through Caleb and Brown's website

Caleb and Brown vs. Competitors

At Caleb and Brown, the firm stands out by offering:

  • The ability to get in and out of any position quickly
  • Planning and guidance that exchanges cannot provide
  • Low and transparent fees
  • Global services

Caleb and Brown Overall

After a thorough review of Caleb and Brown’s cryptocurrency brokerage services, Benzinga finds nothing negative to say about the firm and what it offers. 

Working with Caleb and Brown gives you a high level of security, support from a dedicated broker, high liquidity, little to no slippage and the ability to plan for any life event from retirement to college and much more.

After a complete review, Caleb and Brown receives 5 Stars for its services and support.

Caleb and Brown Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need a broker for crypto?


You do not necessarily need a broker to trade crypto. However, it is beneficial to work with a broker because your broker can handle everything, offer guidance and avail you of hundreds or even thousands of different assets.


What is the difference between a crypto exchange and a crypto broker?


A crypto exchange is a closed system where you work only with the other users in the exchange. No guidance is provided, and liquidity is low. A crypto broker offers guidance and high liquidity that you cannot get through an exchange.

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

They offer very personalized, one-on-one service and answer all of your questions thoroughly and quickly. I set up a corporate trading account and the verification process was much quicker than other cryptocurrency exchanges. I highly recommend them!!

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