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August 17, 2021
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BUX is Europe’s fastest-growing neobroker, offering services since 2014. The platform offers BUX Zero as its flagship service along with BUX C and BUX X. The platform hopes to disrupt the traditional trading experience, educating a younger audience and offering an all-mobile experience. Serving the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Ireland and Belgium, the firm plans to roll out services in Spain and Italy in the near future.

Best For
  • A younger audience hoping to learn about investing
  • Long-term, risk-averse investors
  • Those who wish to invest regularly
  • A free share when you sign up
  • Focuses on mostly low-risk investments
  • Onboard yourself in 15 minutes
  • Large knowledge base
  • Must use BUX C or BUX X for more complex investment options

Bux Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Mobile App
User Benefits
User Experience

How to Invest With BUX

When you want to invest with BUX Zero, you can use several different strategies. 

BUX Zero has information on sustainable investing, helping you make a difference for Mother Earth. Plus, you can learn how to buy shares you believe in, diversify your portfolio, check your dividends and turn investing into a monthly habit.

You get a free share just for registering. Additionally, you can choose from nearly 1,500 stocks and 40 exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Decide how much money you want to put into each investment tool, check your app daily and read more to learn about each investment.

BUX Zero is uncomplicated, meaning you do not need to sift through millions of options before making an investment. The BUX team carefully curates its offerings, helping you avoid risk and invest in companies or ETFs that you love.

Use BUX Zero as your primary investment platform or as a passive income tool that accepts your cash every month.

Customer Service

BUX Zero makes customer service simple and fulfilling at the same time. When you use the BUX Zero app, you can review the FAQs to learn the basics. The frequently asked questions alone are quite expansive, and you can teach yourself what you need to know.

However, BUX does not leave you with only FAQs and no backup. You can look into the community forums, ask questions, read answers and learn from your fellow traders. This may be a good place to stay because you can learn about any form of investment.

The BUX team is very friendly, moderates the community well and allows the financial conversation to flow naturally. BUX does not believe it needs to focus solely on its products because it knows that educating you is the best way to connect with a loyal customer.

If you don’t find the answers you need, you can email You get service in your chosen language — covering all the countries served by the site. While the customer service team cannot offer financial advice, they can aid you with general other account issues, deposits, withdrawals, settings, etc.

BUX doesn’t need a phone number because it has covered all your bases for you. For this reason, BUX Zero receives 5 stars.


At BUX Zero, the pricing receives 5 stars. This is one of the simplest pricing charts found in the financial world. 

A cost estimation tool helps you determine your overall costs based on what you wish to invest, where you will invest and how much money you plan to invest. The tool also shows you how these costs cut into your return on investment (ROI).

At BUX Zero, European customers pay:

  • BUX created the Zero Order to enable anyone to invest commission-free. This order type is and will remain commission-free for all EU shares and ETFs. This order type is executed at the end of the trading day, between 4 and 5pm (CET). So, if you place your order after 4pm (CET), BUX will execute it on the following day.
  • 1 euro for market and limit orders

U.S. customers pay:

  • Nothing but the 0.25% FX markup

ETF investors pay:

  • Zero for custody fees, deposits, withdrawals, real-time quotes, FX markups and Zero orders
  • 1 euro for market and limit order, 1 euro for investment plans

Mobile App

Because the mobile app is the only place you can access BUX Zero, one would hope that it is perfect — and it is.

You can onboard yourself through the mobile app in 15 minutes (make sure you have a tax ID for the country in which you work). If you work in a country serviced by BUX Zero but live somewhere else, you can invest so long as you have a tax ID. 

You can access all the documentation related to BUX Zero’s license. 

Every aspect of BUX Zero mentioned in this review appears in the app.

The home screen shows you your current balance, your positions and your current investment plan. The sum total of your investments is on display with a ticker that shows the prices of related investments. 

If you dive into the settings, you can set up recurring investments, contact support or learn more about the platform. 

You can buy and sell as you see fit, and the platform notes every transaction in your account. 

For simplicity and ease of use, the BUX Zero app receives 5 stars. 

User Benefits

BUX Zero offers simple investment options that do not expose you to massive amounts of risk. This alone is worth 5 stars. However, there’s more:

  • 1 euro for limit or market orders
  • The tiny 0.25% FX fee for U.S. transactions
  • Preset limits prevent bookkeeping issues 
  • Financial education tools that go far beyond most investment platforms
  • Provides information without forcing technical analysis on you
  • Focus on ETFs helps you with risk avoidance
  • Save for the future, avoid risk and learn as you invest

Of particular note is that transactions are settled at the end of the day. BUX uses preset limits to prevent overspending or losses, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. If an asset drops more than 4% or rises more than 5%, the order is canceled for your protection.

In addition to what the platform does for you — including customer service in several languages — BUX Zero’s app shows you everything you need to know, you get a free share when you join, and you can set up recurring investments on your own. You have all the necessary tools at your disposal, which is what most investors truly want, right?

BUX Zero could not earn anything but 5 stars with this list of benefits.

User Experience

Because BUX Zero allows you to onboard yourself in 15 minutes, you can easily get on the app and learn about your options. All you need is a tax ID for the country in which you work. 

The app gives you a ticker showing related investments. You get the free share that helps you start buying in, and support is easy to reach.

Because everything is contained in an app, it is much easier to navigate the platform and decide what to do. 

If you’re concerned with security, know that BUX:

  • Your money is stored safely at ABN ARMO Clearing, and under the conditions of the DGS, it is protected up to €100,000.
  • Is regulated by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Uses encryption, testing and proactive surveillance to prevent data loss 

At press time, BUX has a massive range of offerings, often adding something new every day. The current plan sees BUX increasing its offerings to as many as 1,500 stocks and 40 ETFs. 

Another unique aspect of BUX Zero is the addition of influencers to its roster of support specialists. When you need advice, you can watch videos from popular influencers representing the countries where BUX operates. Currently, financial influencers Puck Landewé and Jim Tehupuring have their own video series in the app. In effect, you can sit back and learn from the best. 

The only proper rating for BUX Zero is 5 stars.

BUX vs Competitors

  • BUX focuses on remaining mobile-only, simplifying the process for busy investors who simply do not have time to sit down at a computer.
  • BUX is constantly growing. While other platforms are satisfied with their services, BUX is always reviewing its options and deciding what to do next.
  • BUX does not mix its complex and simple investments. You can start with BUX Zero to learn the trade and step up to BUX C or BUX X as needed. Therefore, the app is not bogged down with things you do not need. 
  • A free share when you sign up helps you buy in right away. 
  • BUX gives you the information you need without overwhelming you with mountains of technical analysis you don’t need.


BUX both promises and delivers by providing a litany of information and simple investments that anyone can understand. The platform is designed to attract new investors who simply do not know what to do, and it achieves that goal with its mobile-only layout.

Plus, BUX educates these traders, helps them save for the long term and provides excellent service. For these reasons and all those listed above, BUX Zero receives the coveted 5-star rating from Benzinga. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How does BUX Zero make money?


Technically, BUX Zero cannot offer zero commission orders in the U.S., but it accepts a miniscule 0.25% FX rate charge on each trade. Limit and market orders are just 1 euro when trading in Europe.


Is BUX a cryptocurrency?


No. BUX is an expansive investment platform using a proprietary mobile app. The company has 3 platforms called BUX Zero, BUX C and BUX X.


Who should use BUX?


Anyone can try BUX when they want to start or manage their investment portfolio.

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