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June 1, 2022
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securely through BTCC's website

BTCC, in business since 2011, is the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. With a focus on futures trading since 2018, BTCC supports over 400,000 users globally. BTCC is committed to providing transparent, stable and fair investment services to users across the globe by integrating blockchain technology with fintech. In 2018, BTCC set up headquarters in the United Kingdom and opened new offices in other countries. 

In 2019, BTCC launched the world’s first deliverable perpetual contract, a key component of BTCC’s plan to build a transparent, fair and friendly cryptocurrency market free from manipulation. As the aggregate cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, BTCC strives to be on the forefront of innovation by leveraging years of successful management experience and models in traditional financial markets.

Best For
  • Daily, weekly and perpetual futures
  • Traders seeking leverage opportunities
  • Users that value reputation and a strong track record
  • New retail investors that prefer a straightforward and simple user interface
  • Up to 150x leverage
  • High liquidity and a consistent list of orders
  • Two-factor authentication is available as an optional security measure
  • Highly competitive transaction fees
  • Over 10 years of stable and secure operating history
  • Advanced functionalities limited to supported cryptocurrencies
  • More centralized than other competing platforms

BTCC Ratings at a Glance

BTCC Platform Options

BTCC offers its services using several platforms. Currently, 18 highly liquid cryptocurrencies are available. BTCC’s solid trading platform provides all necessary features, including high liquidity, numerous tools for technical analysts and multiple order types. However, a key limitation of the trading platform is that advanced functionalities are not available with all pairs and the platform is not as decentralized as other competing platforms.

Trading Platforms

Web-Based Platform: A browser-based exchange platform is provided when it comes to trading, deposit and withdrawal, and crypto exchange services on BTCC. It has the following features:

  • The order book is listed on the right-hand side of the interface.
  • An interactive chart indicates price action. Six chart types are available: line, bar, candlesticks, area, Heikin-Ashi and hollow candles.
  • The order history of the account is at the bottom of the page.

BTCC Mobile Trading: BTCC features mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded from their respective app stores. The mobile app retains the functionality of the web-based platform and also presents a few modifications to make the app easy and enjoyable for the user. 


Source - BTCC

Trade Types/Instruments: BTCC offers 18 highly liquid cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Traders can use the following order types to buy or sell cryptocurrencies:

  • Market Orders (Buy/Sell)
  • Limit Orders (Buy/Sell)
  • Stop Orders (Limit/Loss)

Fee Structure: It is important to note the different types of fees that BTCC charges. These fees are:

  • Trading fees
  • Transaction fees for withdrawals

Futures: BTCC offers leveraging up to 150x on USDT perpetual contracts that support 18 major cryptocurrencies. As many as 29 trading pairs are available, and traders can profit by holding short or long positions.

BTCC Conversion Function: The BTCC conversion function allows traders to convert the crypto they own into USDT within seconds. With this function, users do not have to go through the trouble of transferring crypto out of their wallet to convert them into USDT. Additionally, this functionality allows new investors to bypass the spot trading function. USDT forms the underlying asset for futures trading on BTCC.   

How to Trade with BTCC

The process of trading cryptos with BTCC begins with registration and log in. New customers can sign up and complete the Know Your Customer verification process to access all BTCC’s features. Once verified, users can either trade their existing cryptos or buy cryptos through a designed payment method. Users can also earn on the platform by referring other traders. 

BTCC Customer Service

The customer service interface is solid, and the team behind the platform consistently takes feedback from customers as it keeps updating the platform. The BTCC team proactively reaches out to account holders when necessary, and customers remark on its reliability and security. Its global community currently numbers over 900,000.  

BTCC customer support can be reached through the help center. Email them at You can also use Live Chat which is accessible from the website (icon at the bottom right corner) and the BTCC app (the Live Chat icon on the home page).The company is rolling out new customer support features that are expected to raise its customer support rating.


Source - BTCC

Further information and support can be found in the following channels:

BTCC Twitter@YourBTCC
BTCC Facebook@yourbtcc
BTCC Instagram@btccbitcoin

BTCC Pricing

BTCC offers competitive customer pricing. The follow table provides a detailed description of BTCC’s general fee structure of deposits and withdrawals:


Source - BTCC

Additionally, BTCC offers VIP transaction fees that reduce transaction fees for futures. They are as follows:


Source - BTCC

BTCC User Benefits

BTCC’s primary users benefits can be summarized by the following:

Over 10 years of stable and secure operating history: As the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange that has never been hacked, BTCC has a long-standing history of commitment to customers. Users benefit from BTCC’s accumulated expertise and experience to provide innovative and secure products and trading experiences.

Low investment threshold and 150x leverage trading: On the BTCC trading platform, each transaction can be undertaken with as low as 3 USDT. BTCC offers up to 150x leverage on USDT perpetual contracts that support 18 major cryptocurrencies.

Price transparency and top liquidity: The BTCC index is designed to avoid market manipulation, and each order can be taken up to a value of 5,000 BTC at the best transaction price. 

BTCC User Experience

BTCC is positioned as a good recommendation for individuals who can deal with the list of supported cryptocurrencies and live in regions where the exchange is available. The site accommodates both beginner and advanced users and offers a variety of features. The ability to trade crypto on several platforms further enhances the user experience. 

Using this platform is simple enough for someone who wants to learn as they go and become a more advanced trader. Therefore, you can become a stronger trader without spending time changing to a new platform every few months. BTCC can help you grow and watch you cultivate quite a strong portfolio.

BTCC vs Competitors

Compared to other firms, one of BTCC’s competitive advantages is its long-standing reputation as a first mover in the cryptocurrency space — you can’t get much more venerable than being the first cryptocurrency exchange ever. Additionally, BTCC’s 150x leverage on futures provides futures traders with powerful ammunition. 

  • securely through BTCC's website
    securely through BTCC's website
    Best For:
    Traders Seeking Leverage Opportunities
  • securely through Pionex's website
    securely through Pionex's website
    Best For:
    High-volume Investors
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  • securely through Gemini Crypto's website
    securely through Gemini Crypto's website
    Best For:
    New Investors
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  • securely through Coinbase's website
    securely through Coinbase's website
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    Coinbase Learn
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BTCC Overall

BTCC is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platform and has managed to protect market share by keeping up with the emerging trends in the crypto market place. A decade of trust, security, reliability and ease of use has positioned the company as a leading crypto exchange in terms of security and reputation. 

BTCC Video Tutorial

You can also check out BTCC’s official YouTube Channel for more guidance and information.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best exchange for cryptocurrency?


Determining the best overall exchange for cryptocurrency is subjective. Each exchange has its strengths and weaknesses and targets a specific segment of the market, such as beginner investors, advanced investors or investors that value security. An exchange like BTCC, for example, focuses on futures trading. As a result, what is considered the best exchange will depend on the needs of the individual consumer.


Is it legal to exchange crypto on BTCC?


U.S. cryptocurrency regulations on exchanges state that crypto exchanges are legal and fall under the regulatory scope of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). 

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