Best Swing Trade Alert Services

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Contributor, Benzinga
December 5, 2023

Check out Benzinga Pro or Seeking Alpha as the best swing trade alerts services.

Swing trading is a popular method of active investing that involves holding assets for short-term periods of time (usually overnight) in order to capitalize on day-to-day price movements. While swing trading can help you see short-term profits with less fundamental research, finding profitable swing trade opportunities can be a challenge. Working with a functional and reliable swing trade alert service can take much of the guesswork out of finding successful swing trades. Read on to learn more about some of the best swing trade alerts services that can enhance your trading. 

Quick Look at the Best Swing Trade Alerts Services:

The Best Swing Trade Alerts Services

A swing trade alert service can be an invaluable tool that you can use to spot swing trade opportunities and improve your trading profitability. If you’re considering getting started in swing trading or if you’re already established as a trader and you’re looking for a way to streamline research, consider working with one of the following recommended swing trade alert services. 

1. Best Overall: Benzinga Pro

  • securely through Benzinga Pro's website
    securely through Benzinga Pro's website
    Best For:
    All Trading Levels

Pricing: $0 to $347 per month depending on plan

Benzinga Pro is an all-inclusive control desk to help you make stock and market research more convenient and less time consuming. One of the most unique tools that Benzinga Pro offers for its swing traders is its alert service — simply set indicators or signals that you’re interested in tracking from your homepage and receive real-time stock alerts when a signal is triggered. You can choose to receive email or desktop alerts complete with a notification sound, so you don’t need to be glued to your desktop in order to spot trading opportunities.

Live alerts are only one of the many tools that sing traders will find especially useful. Benzinga Pro also offers a complete live and customizable news feed, allowing users to filter by category, source or by specific news items that you’ve added to your watchlist. Not sure which tools you’ll use? No problem — Benzinga Pro offers free plans and complementary trial periods to ensure that you don’t end up paying for an investment tool that you won’t use. 

2. Best for Identifying Investing Opportunities: Stock Market Guides

  • securely through Stock Market Guides's website
    securely through Stock Market Guides's website
    Best For:
    Identifying Investing Opportunities

Pricing: $49

The majority of alerts services simply tell you what to buy or sell without taking your strategy into consideration. When you use Stock Market Guides. it’s different. For each swing trade setup they alert, they show how that setup performed historically for the stock or option.

They say their swing trade alerts for stocks have an average annualized return of 72% in backtests.  The alerts are simple and show you the exact stock or option to buy and how long to hold it.  They send alerts by email or text.

Their services include:

  • Pre-Market Stock Picks (avg. 10 per day)
  • Market Hours Stock Picks (avg. 4 per day)
  • Pre-Market Option Picks (avg. 10 per day)
  • Market Hours Option Picks (avg. 2 per day)

The alerts are backtested and ready to go, but the site also offers:

  • Position size calulators
  • Profit/stop calculators
  • A list of terms swing traders need to know
  • Strategies for swing traders

3. Best for Active Traders: Seeking Alpha

Pricing: Between $19.99 and $299.99 per month depending on chosen plan and billing frequency; limited free plan also available

If you’re searching for unlimited access to investment reports and stock research, you might want to consider Seeking Alpha for your swing trade alerts. Seeking Alpha is best known for its wide-reaching range of stock and market news contributed by independent contributors, the company also offers exclusive expert-level reviews, newsletters, trading ideas and more. With a Seeking Alpha subscription, you’ll be able to access unlimited author stock ratings, 10 years’ worth of financial data, up to 15 newsletters delivered by email and much more.

Being a subscriber of Seeking Alpha Premium also allows you to access the service’s Stock Quant Ratings. These ratings are a series of lists of best and worst-ranked stocks according to validations from independent contributors, Wall Street analysts and Seeking Alpha’s own AI-powered metrics. Top plan users can also access their data without ad interruptions, providing you with a more streamlined user experience that makes news interpretation less time-consuming. 

4. Best for Ease of Use: Mindful Trader

Pricing: $47 per month

Mindful Trader is a swing trade alert service that provides you with real-time swing trade alerts using a proprietary algorithm designed by Mindful Trader’s founder, Eric Ferguson. As a Mindful Trader member, you can access Ferguson’s watchlist, live positions, daily swing trade recommendations and more. The majority of Mindful Trader’s recommendations are for short- and medium-term swing trades, and entry and exit points are clearly defined for novice investors.

Unlike the other picks on this list, Mindful Trader does not offer a comprehensive platform that provides you with accessories like charting tools or news feeds from independent sources. However, Mindful Trader’s picks focus on swing trades, and the service lays out data in a way that beginners and those new to swing trading will find intuitive to understand. Mindful Trader’s pricing is also competitive when compared to other swing trade alert services, which can be beneficial for new swing traders who want to learn more about strategic trading without making a major financial investment. 

5. Best for Frequency of Alerts: The Trading Analyst

The Trading Analyst is one of the best swing trade alert services available today. With a team of experienced traders and analysts, The Trading Analyst provides timely and accurate trading alerts to help you maximize your potential profits. They offer a variety of different services, from technical analysis and market research to live trading alerts and portfolio management.

The Trading Analyst has developed an algorithm that uses multiple indicators and strategies to identify the best swings in the market. This algorithm is constantly being tweaked and improved to provide you with the most accurate and timely trade alerts possible. The Trading Analyst also offers a unique portfolio management service that allows you to track and manage your own portfolio of stocks

6. Best for Penny Stocks: Tim Alerts

Timothy Sykes Tim Alerts service is an excellent source for swing trading alerts. With Tim Alerts, users get access to timely and reliable stock trades that are based off of detailed technical analysis from Timothy Sykes himself. The service provides users with detailed stock trade alerts that include entry and exit points as well as how much risk they should take on each trade. In addition, the service also provides support and advice from Timothy Sykes himself, making it one of the most comprehensive swing trade alert services available.

Benefits of Swing Trading

Are you thinking about learning more about swing trading? Some of the benefits that come with swing trading include the following. 

Less Time-Consuming Than Day Trading

As a general rule, swing traders make fewer daily trades than day traders, who might place multiple orders over the course of a few hours. This means that as a swing trader, you’ll likely spend less time actively trading. 

Short-Term Profits

Swing trading is a short- to medium-term trading strategy, which means that you’ll be able to see and take your profits without spending years waiting for your assets to increase in value. 

Research Involved is Easier

Swing trading largely relies on technical analysis because the trades that you make as a swing trader usually close in a week or less. This streamlines the research process and allows you to spend more time trading. 

Drawbacks of Swing Trading

As is the case with any other trading strategy, swing trading also comes with risks. The following are some of the drawbacks that you’ll need to take into consideration before you begin swing trading. 

Overnight and Weekend Market Fluctuations

Many swing traders hold their positions overnight or for a few days. If the market makes an unexpected reversal overnight or over the weekend hours, you might see substantial losses when you return. 

As a swing trader, you’ll largely rely on technical analysis in order to target potential swing trading opportunities. By not relying on fundamental analysis as heavily, you may miss out on long-term trends that you may have otherwise seen using a more holistic investing strategy. 

Compare Brokers for Swing Trading

Before you can begin swing trading, you must first open an account with an online broker. Your online broker will help you invest by authorizing buy and sell orders placed by you on your behalf. Choosing a broker that offers a comprehensive, reliable and functional platform is a key consideration to make when you decide to begin learning how to swing trade.  

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following online brokerage services. You may want to consider beginning your search for a broker with the links below if you don’t have a place to trade currently. 

Building Your Swing Trading Strategy

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose a swing trade alert service that fits your investment goals and risk profile. Swing traders need reliable alerts to make smart decisions about their investments. The best services will provide timely, accurate and actionable information to help traders take advantage of market conditions. While there are many different swing trade alert services available, the most important thing is to do your research and choose one that best meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the best swing trader?


Daniel J. Zanger is largely considered to be one of the most successful swing traders in history, amassing gains of more than 29,000% in a single year. He currently holds the world record for one-year stock portfolio performance. 


How do you spot swing trades?


Most swing traders use technical analysis in order to spot potential swing trades. Technical analysis is a discipline used in trading to identify repeating chart patterns and capitalize on future price movements that are likely to occur based on past data.  


What are the best swimg trade alerts services?


Benzinga offers a list of the best swing trade alerts services in the article above.