Best Financial Advisors in Topeka, Kansas

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May 11, 2021

Accumulating wealth and lifelong financial security means strategically putting your money to work. But how do you know you're making the right moves? This is where a good financial advisor comes in. 

Find the right financial advising firm with Benzinga’s list of the top financial advisors in Topeka, Kansas. 

Best for Comprehensive Financial Planning: Clayton Wealth Partners

Clayton Wealth Partners offers comprehensive financial planning, which includes financial goal planning, asset management, tax planning, insurance reviews and estate planning. 

It also offers expertise in the areas of charitable giving and planning for education

Clayton works with both individuals and institutions along with employer 401(k) plans. There is no set account minimum for individual investment advisory services. 

Fees are assessed as a percentage of assets under management (AUM) for both individual and institutional clients. For individuals, the scale ranges from 0.40% to 1.00% of AUM with rates decreasing as account size increases. 

Get in touch with Clayton Wealth Partners today with a complimentary 30-minute introductory call. Set up a no-obligation consultation if you think it’s a good fit. 



  • A percentage of assets under your management
  • Hourly charges
  • Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)
No set account minimum
  • Financial planning services


Phone number


M1 Finance
Best For
  • Customizable Auto Investing
securely through M1 Finance's website

Best Robo-Advisor: M1 Finance

Already a leader in user-directed automated investing, M1 Finance has expanded coverage with its app. 

Still offering its tried-and-true robo advising service, M1 now has the capability to act as the control panel for all of your finances. Now you can invest, borrow and open (and earn interest with) a spending account through M1. 

M1 has 2 account levels: M1 Basic and M1 Plus. Both offer free investing, but Plus gives you more flexibility with a 2nd afternoon trading window. 

M1 is slightly different than other investment management apps -- you steer your investment strategy while your investment schedule and automated dynamic rebalancing do the rest. So while financial planning isn’t offered in the strictest sense, M1 acts as your digital investment manager. 

You’ll need a general idea of your financial goals and the investment strategy to best meet them before you get started. Your M1 portfolio is a pie-based interface and can be modeled from nearly 100 expertly-designed mixes. Or choose a custom mix from over 6,000 low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual stocks. M1’s strategies make use of fractional shares, so every cent you invest is put to work.

M1 Basic is free to use. If you have investments totaling at least $10,000, a flexible, low-rate portfolio line of credit becomes available.

M1 Plus costs $125 per year but comes with certain perks. There’s the 2 windows to choose from, and if you have at least $25,000 invested, you can utilize both windows. 

As a Plus member, you’ll receive a discounted rate on lines of credit. Plus members also earn interest, get cash back and get more ATM reimbursements (among other benefits) with the M1 Spend account.

Personal Capital Budget
securely through Personal Capital Budget's website

Best Portfolio Analysis: Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an all-in-1 digital financial management platform specializing in wealth management services for investors keeping at least $100,000 in AUM. Every member can utilize its free financial tools. These will help you grow your wealth more efficiently by increasing your financial literacy.

These tools include a Fee Analyzer tool, a dashboard that displays all of your financial accounts together, a Retirement Planner tool and more. You can use these tools to helm your financial strategy until your account reaches the minimum for wealth management with Personal Capital.

Investment advisory with Personal Capital includes comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Personal Capital defines its investment strategy by these 4 pillars: Smart Weighting, Tax Optimization, Intelligent Rebalancing and Dynamic Portfolio Allocation.

Personal Capital’s membership levels are divided into 3 wealth management tiers. The most accessible is Investment Services, which is available to those with accounts ranging from $100,000 to $200,000. Your advisory services are handled by a team of financial advisors. 

Accounts with at least $200,000 up to $1 million are eligible for the Wealth Management tier with 2 fiduciaries to offer custom-fit advice and a personal client-advisor relationship. 

Once your account goes beyond $1 million in AUM, you become a Private Client. At this tier, 2 dedicated financial advisors offer holistic financial planning along with personalized investment strategies. This applies to retirement and estate planning as well.

Membership is free, but there are management fees for its investment management services. Fees are based on the size of your balance. Management fees range from 0.89% to 0.49%. The largest accounts see the lowest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between financial planning and retirement planning?


Financial planning focuses on growing your wealth while you’re still working and addresses your lifetime financial plan comprehensively. 

Your financial plan will typically include retirement planning, which addresses how your money will be handled once you are no longer working. But you can also approach retirement planning as a standalone issue. Many advisors offer modular retirement planning services.


Can I talk to a financial advisor for free?


Many advisors offer free initial consultations for potential clients. Get in touch with an advisor from our list to set one up.


Which certifications should my financial planner have?


It’s best to source out financial planners who have 1 or more of the following designations: Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®).  

A CFP® designation is the most comprehensive certification for a financial advisor. CPAs are experts in accounting and tax planning while a CFA designation indicates proficiency in investment and financial analysis.

Find a Financial Advisor Today

There’s no better time than the present to start planning for a secure financial future. A good financial advisor can grow your wealth now and position you for a comfortable retirement. 

Take the 1st step today. Any of the financial advisors on Benzinga’s list can help you get started.


To determine the top financial advisors in Topeka, Kansas we pored through all SEC-registered advisory firms who have an office in Topeka, Kansas. To winnow down the list we only included advisors who were registered fiduciaries, had no past disclosures and have minimal personal conflicts of interest. To further break down the list to the true top advisors in the area, we gave weight to advisors that offered both investment management and planning, had no conflicts of interest, had offices in multiple states, have a wrap fee program and have over $50 million in assets under management.