Best Financial Advisers in Connecticut

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November 28, 2023

When you think of Connecticut, you may envision tree-lined roads meandering through picturesque towns as autumn hues creep over the leaves. But Connecticut is also famous for something else: expert money management.

With finance-related industries comprising 26% of the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), it’s a veritable hotbed of financial expertise for every need. Fill yours with the help of one of the top-rated financial advisers in Connecticut.

Quick Look: Best Financial Advisers in Connecticut Near You

  • Best for Full-Service Wealth Management: Mercer Advisors 
  • Best Robo-Adviser: M1 Finance
  • Best for Small-Business Retirement Plans: TrinityPoint Wealth
  • Best Portfolio Analysis: Empower Advisory Group
  • Best for High-Net-Worth Individuals: Coastal Bridge Advisors

Best Financial Advisers in Connecticut

1. Best for Full-Service Wealth Management: Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors is a full-service wealth management firm with over 400 client-facing advisers and $46 billion in assets under management. Established in 1985, the firm operates through more than 90 offices nationwide, including two in Connecticut. 

Depending on your needs and assets, Mercer offers two top-tier services:

  • Wealth Path helps families and individuals build and sustain wealth with institutional-grade portfolios personalized for you by an expert team. Wealth Path is ideal for professionals and executives climbing the financial ladder. 
  • Mercer Advisers Ascend Group delivers comprehensive wealth management to ultra-high-net-worth households to manage all your family office needs. Ascend clientele enjoy white-glove service, dedicated guidance, exclusive offerings and in-depth financial reporting.

To meet these needs, Mercer gathers experts across financial planning, investing, tax, estate, trustee and insurance services. With its comprehensive approach, no part of your financial life goes untended. Or, as Mercer puts it, its teams “connect your financial dots” for a fully integrated approach that requires just one point of contact.

Mercer Advisors Services

  • Financial planning
  • Investment management
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance solutions
  • Retirement benefit and distribution planning
  • Corporate trustee and trust administration 
  • Comprehensive family office management

Mercer Advisors Investment Strategy

Mercer roots its investment strategies in science, research and innovative portfolio design. Its systemic, comprehensive approach emphasizes building, managing and monitoring your wealth and assets while reducing liabilities and tax losses. 

While no two portfolios are identical, Mercer clients enjoy a globally diversified, low-cost portfolio that’s rebalanced as life and markets change. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors have plenty of options, so you can match your values to your assets. Plus, your team will optimize your portfolio’s tax structure across taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free accounts. 

2. Best Robo-Adviser: M1 Finance

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    securely through M1 Finance's website
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    Brokerage products and services are offered by M1 Finance, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of M1 Holdings, Inc. ✝Your free trial (a $30 value) begins the date you enroll in the M1 Plus subscription, and ends 3 months after (“Free Trial”). Upon the expiry of the Free Trial, your account is automatically billed a monthly subscription fee of $10 unless you elect annual billing of $95 or cancel your subscription under your Membership details in the M1 Platform

When you think of financial advisers in Connecticut, a nationwide digital platform probably doesn’t spring to mind. That’s OK — technically, M1 Finance isn’t an adviser. It’s an online broker and investing platform empowering individual investors to take charge of their own investment strategies. 

Through the marriage of automation and customization, M1’s pie-based interface lets you visualize and strategically manage your assets. Build your own “pies” out of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks to meet your individual financial goals. Or, if you’re not ready to stand alone, peruse more than 80 expertly designed portfolios. Beware: Rogue investors will need to do their due diligence before investing. 

M1 offers two account types. The basic M1 account comes free with no management fees, fractional share investing and a $100 minimum deposit requirement or $500 for retirement accounts. Upgrade to M1 Plus for $95 per year to access preferred trading windows and better rates on margin loans. 

M1 Finance Services

  • Self-directed trading
  • 80+ expert portfolios
  • High-yield savings accounts for uninvested cash
  • Margin loans
  • Cashback rewards programs

M1 Finance Investment Strategy

M1 Finance designs its portfolios around passive, risk-adjusted strategies, though investors can also take a more active approach. 

After assessing your risk profile and finances, M1 will propose an ideal strategy comprised of stocks and ETFs. You can tailor this strategy to your needs and risk tolerance using M1’s simple customization tools. Or browse existing Expert Pies to mimic research-backed strategies without spending all day doing your own. 

Altogether, M1’s strategy fits investors who want more options and control over their investments. At the same time, beginning investors won’t have to fend for themselves in baking their perfect investment pie.

3. Best for Small-Business Retirement Plans: TrinityPoint Wealth

Connecticut is one of the top states that attract young people with high incomes, so it’s easy to find firms that cater to the uber-wealthy. TrinityPoint Wealth has no account minimums, and its retirement-minded planning promises something a little different. 

Based out of Milford, TrinityPoint Wealth claims decades of experience serving individuals, families and businesses. The independent wealth manager and investment advisory firm boasts nearly $1.15 billion in assets under management. 

TrinityPoint Wealth’s website highlights its retirement planning services for professionals and businesses. In particular, it specializes in niches with unique needs, including small businesses, doctors, veterinarians and public service workers. Relevant services include retirement plan consulting, Plan Sponsor duties and participant guidance. 

The firm doesn’t just assist with small-business retirement plans, either. It also serves smaller-time retail investors lacking the high net worth that many financial planners in Connecticut target.  

TrinityPoint Wealth Services

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement plan consulting
  • Wealth management
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Business planning
  • Insurance solutions
  • Health savings accounts

TrinityPoint Wealth Investment Strategy

At TrinityPoint Wealth, advisers focus on your whole financial picture, not just your portfolio. They aim to align your various professional, retirement and investing needs and goals to help you meet or exceed your expectations. 

Every adviser takes the time to learn your circumstances, goals and risk tolerance early on. Then, they construct financial, retirement and/or business plans based on your needs. Depending on an investor’s risk level, plans may contain a diversified array of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate and alternative assets.

4. Best Portfolio Analysis: Empower Advisory Group

Empower Advisory Group, formerly Personal Capital, is an automated financial platform offering both free tools and paid advisory services. The firm rebranded in 2023, three years after its acquisition by retirement planning firm Empower Retirement. 

Today, the formidable combination of data-driven tech and the human touch empowers investors to achieve their financial goals. Its pairing of free and paid tools provides a robust, well-rounded approach to financial planning in Connecticut. 

Free offerings include a money management dashboard to keep an eagle eye on your finances and accounts in one place. Plus, budgeting, saving and spending tools and tips will help you get a handle on the financial basics. 

Those with more than $100,000 in assets can also access paid services like Empower Wealth Management services. Enjoy human-led financial planning and customized portfolios, plus ongoing investment management to keep you on track to reach your goals. 

Empower Advisory Group Services

  • Free financial planning and analysis
  • Budgeting, saving and spending tools
  • Retirement planning
  • Fee-based wealth and investment management services
  • Private client services

Empower Advisory Group Investment Strategy

Empower’s strategy is built on five core principles: personalization, smart weighting, dynamic portfolio allocation, rebalancing and tax optimization. 

After assessing your financial situation, it combines data and human insights to construct a long-term portfolio tailored to your needs, goals and risk tolerance. Your personal strategy may contain assets like stocks, bonds, commodities, REITs and private equity. Smart WeightingTM methodology also ensures proper diversification based on personal and market factors. 

Then, Empower will keep a watchful eye over your portfolio and make adjustments as needed.

5. Best for High-Net-Worth Individuals: Coastal Bridge Advisors



  • A percentage of assets under your management
  • Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)
  • Financial planning services
  • Selection of other advisers (including private fund managers)


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Coastal Bridge Advisors is a top Connecticut financial planner that offers financial planning, consulting and investment management services. This fee-based fiduciary primarily serves high-net-worth individuals, businesses and corporate retirement and benefit plan sponsors. 

As a wealth specialist, Coastal Bridge employs specialized teams of advisers, analysts, portfolio administrators and investment experts. They work together to ensure a comprehensive financial management experience spanning retirement, college, business, insurance and tax needs. Whether you want to build, maintain, donate or leave behind wealth, Coastal Bridge experts can guide the way.  

Coastal Bridge Services

  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Estate planning
  • Family governance
  • Philanthropic services
  • Retirement plan consulting
  • Credit and cash management solutions

Coastal Bridge Investment Strategy

Coastal Bridge specializes in tailoring unique strategies to people without all the fancy jargon. As part of its “Uncomplicate It” approach, advisers break down the wealth management process into simple language so investors can make informed decisions at every step. 

After an in-depth consultation, your adviser will design and tweak a customized investment strategy. Then, they keep in close contact to ensure your needs, goals and risk levels are continually met. Need to chat? Reach out anytime by phone, email, text or schedule an in-person appointment.

Financial Planning in Connecticut Can Be Easy

Financial planning might seem like it’s only for people with complex finances or big bank accounts. That’s false — anyone who wants to optimize their income can benefit from smarter money moves. 

Whether you need comprehensive management or targeted assistance, a financial planner can guide you toward ideal strategies and outcomes. It’s all a matter of finding the best financial adviser for your situation.  Don’t know where to start looking? It’s hard to go wrong with the top financial advisers in Connecticut.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between financial planning and retirement planning?


Financial planning focuses on growing your wealth on a general or goal-specific level. Retirement planning is a subset of financial planning that focuses specifically on growing your savings to ensure financial security after you leave the workforce.


How can I research the background of my financial adviser?


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website allows investors to search for advisers’ background information. Firms are legally required to submit reports detailing everything from their fee structures to complaints against advisers. The Finance Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck website is another credible resource.


Can financial advisers help mitigate debt?


Yes. Many financial advisers offer debt management as part of the financial planning process. Even if you’re not seeking debt-specific aid, it’s best to disclose your debts so your adviser has a complete view of your financial circumstances.