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May 22, 2020

CBD — cannabidiol — is touted for its ability to ease chronic pain and anxiety. You can ingest or apply the hemp-derived supplement any number of ways: CBD softgels, oil, tincture, gummies and more.

You may not be wild about taking CBD orally but you can still reap the benefits with a topical CBD lotion.

Start with our list of the best CBD lotion available online.

Best CBD Lotion Available Online:

Best CBD Lotion 

CBD lotion is widely available online. Take a look at our top picks for the best CBD lotion to narrow your decision.

CBD Essence
securely through CBD Essence's website

1. Best for Pain: CBD Essence

CBD Essence offers 2 topical products: CBD Pro LifeStyle All Purpose Lotion and CBD Sport Hot Muscle Rub. Both are 2 ounces with 600 total mg CBD at $51.

The lotion has full-spectrum hemp CBD for pain relief. It’s recommended as a muscle and joint support product. The sport rub combines CBD with capsaicin for a warming pain relief formula. 

CBD Essence offers coupon codes and free shipping for order $99 and more. It’s just $5 standard shipping for smaller orders.

Charlotte’s Web
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2. Best for Variety: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web offers a wide variety of topical CBD products. You’ll find options that include roll-on oil, infused cream, balm, balm stick and cooling gel stick. These aren’t all lotions, but each product and application can get you the CBD you want.

All Charlotte’s Web topicals can help maintain optimal skin moisturization and conditioning. Prices range from $14.99 to $39.99 with the roll-on oils on the low side and balm sticks and cooling gel on the higher end. 

The Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD is meant for your whole body and is ideal for sensitive skin. It’s formulated with aloe vera, coconut oil, oat extract, sea buckthorn oil and full-spectrum hemp extract. The 2.5-ounce tube contains 750 mg CBD — it’s a new formula that contains 2 times more CBD than the original. The lotion is $39.99.

The Hemp-Infused Balm with CBD was created for smaller, specific areas like your knuckles. It’s formulated with menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, ginger oil and full-spectrum hemp extract. The balm tins are available in 2 sizes: large is 1.5 ounces at $29.99 and small is 0.5 ounces at $14.99. 

Charlotte’s Web offers a 30-day guarantee and free ground shipping for orders over $74.99.

Try The CBD
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3. Best for a Bargain: Try The CBD

Try The CBD always offers a buy 1 product, get a 2nd identical at 50% off. It carries CBD cream, CBD balm and CBD butter. 

The CBD Barrier Balm is 1 ounce with 500 mg CBD. It’s packed with oils and easily absorbed. Cost is $49.99. CBD Rescue Butter is 3 ounces with 500 mg CBD. It’s also $49.99.

securely through CBDistillery's website

4. Best for the Bundle: CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers cream and warming and cooling lotions. Prices range from $25 to $50 and you can get free shipping on all orders.

CBDefine Skin Care Cream can provide localized relief and help your body recover from whatever may be straining it. The 1-ounce jar contains 500 mg total CBD. Cost is $50.

The CBD Warming and Cooling Creams can be used after a long day of travel or a tough work out at the gym. Both are 1.7 ounces with 300 mg broad-spectrum CBD. Buy individually for $25 or bundle both for $40.

Mission Farms | Cannabis
securely through Mission Farms | Cannabis's website

5. Best for Boutique Options: Mission Farms

Hydrate your skin with Mission Farms goat milk CBD creams. The cream is offered in 4 different formulas: Rest, Relieve, Relax and Pure. Each cream is $39. Mission Farms requires $5 flat rate shipping.

Mission Farms creams are crafted for specific conditions:

  • Rest CBD Cream’s lavender and chamomile makes you sleepy. 
  • Relax contains ylang-ylang and citrus to calm your nervous system.
  • Relieve is infused with mint and eucalyptus to ease discomfort and inflammation.
  • Pure CBD Cream has no additives so you can apply it to the most sensitive skin.

All Mission Farms body creams contain full-spectrum CBD. It claims CBD as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Goat milk is Mission Farms’ secret ingredient for exfoliating your skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production for brighter skin.

Benefits of Using CBD Lotion

Lotion and all topical CBD products can help address pain or inflammation at a specific area of your body like your joints. Some manufacturers report that CBD lotion or other topical products can also address skin issues. It’s important to note there’s no clinical research to back the validity of these effects.

When you use a lotion, CBD does not enter your bloodstream like it does with oral CBD products. You’ll also reap the usual benefits of a quality lotion as well. Even so, some people may have allergies or sensitivities that could impact your usage of these products. Be careful, test lotions on a small area and reach out to your doctor if you have an adverse reaction.

How to Use CBD Lotion

Simply apply the manufacturer’s recommended amount of lotion where desired. Some creams or gels are intended for specific joint area application. Others are meant for full-body use. Be sure to apply lotion externally only. 

Considerations as You Shop for CBD Lotion

CBD lotions normally have a few hundred mg of CBD per container. There is less risk in topical CBD application. Consider which benefits you desire and purchase a lotion that can provide those. Some are meant to help deliver relaxation, while others are specifically designed for inflammation or joint pain. Also consider how your skin normally reacts to a new cream or lotion and purchase a CBD lotion accordingly. 

Precautions and Side Effects

Test CBD lotion on a small area of your skin before you apply liberally. Your skin may react to a new product. Again, note that there is no clinical research to accompany CBD usage.

Consult your doctor before you use CBD products of any kind. Always be sure to use the product as directed by the manufacturer.


No, you won’t get “high” from using a CBD lotion, but you may be sensitive to the smell that the lotion brings with it, especially because that aroma is on your body. Be careful your first time using the lotion and remember that it’s much easier to acclimate to CBD lotions when you use small doses and grow accustomed to the odor of the product and the CBD itself.

Give CBD Lotion a Try

CBD lotion can give you a simple way to reap the benefits of CBD. Take a look at our recommended providers to see if there is a topical product that may be right for you.

Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of CBD products. Check out our reviews of the best CBD softgels, best CBD gummies and even the best CBD oil for dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does CBD work for arthritis?

A: The Arthritis Foundation reports animal studies have suggested that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. However, these results have not been proven in quality studies in humans. Some people with arthritis anecdotally share noticeable pain relief, sleep improvement and anxiety reduction with CBD use.

Q: How long does it take CBD to work?

A: Be consistent and start slow. CBD should supplement your wellness routine, so you will feel and see results along with other personal choices. Some people report immediate effects and others mark improvement after several weeks.