Best Cannabis POS Systems

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August 18, 2022

Quick Look at the Best Cannabis POS Systems:

  • Best Overall: BioTrack
  • Best for Integration: Flowhub
  • Best for Simplicity and Ease-of-Use: Cova Software
  • Best for Hardware Integration and Delivery features: IndicaOnline
  • Best for Vertical Integration: Leaflogix

According to a recent YouGov study, 27% (89.9 million) of U.S. adults use cannabis frequently, with more than half the U.S. population (52%) having tried it. As people become open to trying cannabis and additional countries legalize it, more cannabis dispensaries are opening. Over 7,000 cannabis dispensaries are currently available nationwide. Suppose you run a dispensary or other cannabis retail businesses. In that case, a cannabis-specific point-of-sale (POS) system is essential software for your business. 

A POS system is software that helps retail stores or businesses fast-track customers' checkout processes. Most POS systems integrate with the business's retail management system and accounting software to properly manage the day-to-day retail business operations. Compared to traditional retail POS systems, dispensary POS systems incorporate unique features that ensure compliance in the cannabis industry. 

These features encompass seed-to-sale tracking, age verification and tax reporting. In addition, some dispensary or cannabis POS systems may also feature delivery trackers, SMS messaging and built-in business analytics to help you analyze customer data and initiate loyalty programs. A cannabis POS system aims to reduce retailers' compliance burden while keeping accurate inventory information.

Best Cannabis POS Systems

The best cannabis-specific POS system features user-friendly tools that make it easier to run your dispensary or retail store, track inventory, maintain compliance with local and state regulations and reward loyal customers. Here’s a look at some cannabis POS systems.

Best Overall: BioTrack 

  • States supported: Over 30 states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. International presence in over five countries, including Australia, Canada and Colombia
  • Software Integration: Helix Cannalytics, DataOwl
  • Pricing: Quote required
  • Customer support: Online ticketing and phone support are available. Monday — Sunday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.
  • Compliance and Reporting Integration: Global labeling solutions provider, seed-to-sale tracking software
  • Hardware integration: MainStem, Computer Revolutions, Star Micronics 


  • Automated discount and loyalty program
  • Operational in up to 38 states
  • Feature-rich framework


  • Pricing info unavailable online
  • Lacks external API for third-party integration 
  • Complex user interface 


With more than 10 years of operational experience and $20 billion sales processed in its 2,000+ locations across over 30 states, BioTrack is a cannabis-specific POS system to beat. Aside from its dominant national presence (up to 38 states), BioTrack has a footprint in five other countries, including Australia and Canada.

In 2013, BioTrack executed the world's first real-time seed-to-sale traceability program when it implemented the traceability system for Washington D.C. This project established BioTrack as a seed-to-sale tracking and compliance pioneer and the favorite POS system for most licensed operators and government regulators. As a testament to this fact, BioTrack holds nine government traceability contracts at the moment.

Besides fronting impressive POS business tools that drive compliance and optimal sales operations, BioTrack's vertical integration framework provides an avenue for managing activities spanning more than one segment of the cannabis supply chain. The implication is that you can use Biotrack to efficiently manage all three cannabis production operations, from cannabis cultivation to process and manufacturing and, finally, sales and distribution.

In addition to its robust and reliable traceability system, BioTrack incorporates numerous practical features that reinforce it as the best overall cannabis point-of-sale system. These include automated data entry that eliminates errors and helps fast-track the creation of customer profiles and data-driven CRM to deliver personalized services. Others are customer reward programs and built-in purchase limits that help prevent over-dispensing, thereby ensuring compliance.

Depending on your cannabis business' needs, Biotrack offers cloud-based and local hosting options for deployment. Additionally, you can host your version of the POS software. On the downside, however, BioTrack lacks the requisite API to support third-party integration, and the user interface is complicated. You can request a demo to see how the software works before making a purchase. While no pricing options are available online, you can contact the company online or via phone to get a quote.

Best for Integration: Flowhub

  • States supported: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma and Oregon.
  • Software Integration: Dutchie, Headset, Weedmaps, Springbig, Leafly, and others
  • Pricing: Single location: $449 per month. Multiple locations: $658
  • Customer support: Online chat and phone support are available 24/7 
  • Compliance and Reporting Integration: Metrc
  • Hardware integration: Integrates with any hardware terminal


  • 30+ integrations
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Feature-rich framework
  • Multilocation management


  • Relatively expensive 


Flowhub was founded in 2015 by Kyle Sherman, who dedicated his life to ending the war on drugs after successfully using cannabis instead of prescription drugs to treat pain. 

Flowhub’s cannabis-specific POS software has enough integrations to deliver efficient inventory management and dispensary analytic tech services. It has made compliance and sales easy for 1,000+ dispensaries in over ten states. 

As far as software features are concerned, Flowhub tries to minimize redundancy. Core features and external integrations are tailored to simplify and improve the cannabis business experience. To compensate for its lack of a digital menu, Flowhub offers integration with menu and kiosk providers, including Divvy Digital, Enlighten and GreenScreen. Flowhub eliminates time lost from slow performance or outages and delivers fast and stable transactions. 

Flowhub launched View — a mobile app that allows dispensary owners with stores in multiple locations to access real-time performance — another instance of its integrated features. Cashier is Flowhub's latest edition to its POS system. It facilitates fast transaction processing, design of loyalty programs, special discounts automation, purchase limits and order pre-fulfillment. 

Flowhub is considerably pricey and may be unaffordable for small cannabis businesses.

Best for Simplicity and Ease-of-Use: Cova Software

  • States supported: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Washington.
  • Software Integration: Weedmaps, Leafly, I Heart Jane and GreenRush
  • Pricing: Basic: $349 monthly. Upgrade: $549 monthly
  • Customer support: Online chat and phone support are available from Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) and Saturday: 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (ET)
  • Compliance and Reporting Integration: Biotrack, Leaf Data, Metrc
  • Hardware integration: N/A


  • Easy to use
  • Smart integration through external API tools
  • Good compliance track record 
  • Abundant practical features


  • Costly for smaller firms


With more than 1,800+ retail outlets spread over the country, a 98% retention rate and over six years of industry experience, Cova Software stands out as one of the best cannabis POS systems in North America. Started in Denver, the company is the recipient of several awards, including critics' choice awards and stellar reviews from tech experts, cannabis retailers and budtenders.

Cova targets a consumer base spanning the whole cannabis industry. Whether you're a small, medium or large cannabis business enterprise, or you're just a startup looking to expand, Cova is an excellent choice. As enterprise-grade software, Cova is abundantly equipped with various practical features. These features include a built-in ID scanner, age verification features to streamline check-in while maintaining compliance and a queue management system to ensure customers don't have to wait in line. Others are inventory management and reporting tools to ensure compliance and an offline mode in case of Wi-Fi failure. 

Despite incorporating many features, Cova offers a highly intuitive and simplified interface without reducing or compromising speed and functionality. For instance, it takes less than 30 minutes to onboard all your employees. Furthermore, with its 99.99% record uptime, uninterrupted operations flow is guaranteed even on high-volume days. 

Basic pricing starts at $349 monthly. However, suppose you're willing to spend a little for better value. In that case, you can go for an upgrade that includes multi-location management and reporting and access to add-on features like express checkout Click & Collect, Delivery and Menu Boards. You can request a demo to see how the software works before you purchase. 

Best for Hardware and Delivery Features: IndicaOnline Cannabis POS

  • States supported: All legal recreational and medical U.S. states and Canada
  • Software Integration: Weedmaps, Potify delivery platform
  • Pricing: Basic: $249 monthly. Elite: $429 monthly
  • Customer support: Phone support is available on Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (PDT); Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET)
  • Compliance and Reporting Integration: Metrc
  • Hardware integration: Integrated receipt printer, MSR, cash drawer, customer-facing display, barcode scanner, Bluetooth connectivity and expansion ports


  • Top-tier delivery management 
  • Simple interface
  • Mobile POS


  • Complex inventory management system
  • Primarily focused on medical marijuana


Suppose you're running a medical marijuana (MMJ)-based enterprise and need a comprehensive cannabis dispensary POS system. In that case, you can give IndicaOnline a try. Its hardware arrays and elite delivery features are an excellent option for MMJ dispensaries.

Founded in 2011, IndicaOnline leverages an electronic medical record (EMR) platform and an underlying MMJ-focused POS system to deliver unrivaled mobile retail delivery services. While the system does not cater well to recreational cannabis set-ups, its MMJ service offerings are top-of-the-line. The company has more than a decade of experience managing and dealing with the security and compliance hurdles required to handle customer medical records.

IndicaOnline possesses many practical features and integrations, including physician and patient verification, offline sales mode and real-time updates. However, the software's chief selling point is its delivery management system. This delivery management system is unique to IndicaOnline and transcends the simple delivery of products to customers. With IndicaOnline, it's all about getting things done with fewer resources. Its logistics automation actively assigns delivery once it identifies an optimized route. This process enables you to receive your products in the shortest possible time, regardless of location.

IndicaOnline also features a sleek and simple user interface that eliminates non-practicality and unnecessary complexities. The software has a complicated inventory management system. But its elite features such as the product catalog, processing hardware and top-tier delivery management system do the work.

IndicaOnline has two payment plans. The basic plan costs $299 per month, and it is $249 per month for an annual subscription. The Elite plan costs $499 per month but is $429 per month when you subscribe annually. If you are interested in a custom enterprise plan, you can contact the company for a quote.

Best for Vertical Integration: Leaflogix

  • States supported: Over 30 states
  • Software Integration: Quickbooks, Dutchie, Dispense, BudTender, Blackbird, I Heart Jane and Sprout
  • Pricing: Quote required
  • Customer support: Live chat and phone support are available daily from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST. Email support 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST
  • Compliance and Reporting Integration: Metrc
  • Hardware integration: N/A


  • Seamless integration features
  • Comprehensive 3-in-1 seed to sale oversight and support features


  • Pricing not disclosed upfront


Leaflogix is yet another excellent POS platform designed to help cannabis businesses operating within the cannabis seed-to-sale cycle scale up operations while maintaining compliance.

It is a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary POS system, catering to multiple links in the cannabis seed-to-sale cycle. Suppose you own a multi-level cannabis business that cuts across cannabis growing, manufacturing and dispensary industries. In that case, Leaflogix could be your best option for a dispensary POS. The software is operational in over 1,500 locations across the country. Having been recently acquired by leading cannabis e-commerce provider Dutchie, the company is a favorite in cannabis tech. 

Leaflogix features extensive API capabilities that allow customers to customize their POS system to their taste with integrations to any of Leaflogix's partners like QuickBooks, Leafly, BDS, Dutchie and Springbig. The software offers premium features that will support your entire cannabis supply chain. These include features that facilitate customer profiling, ID checks, inventory management, yield prediction, barcode and label production, state reporting, purchase limits and multi-location management. These benefits make LeafLogix an efficient system for cannabis businesses across all industry sectors.

Leaflogix's scalability, vertically integrated management, tracking features and strong industry foundation make it a top choice for enterprise-level and multi-sector cannabis business owners. Like most other cannabis-specific software platforms, there's little transparency in price, so you need to contact the company to get a quote.

Benefits of Cannabis POS Systems

Using a cannabis-specific POS system will benefit your cannabis enterprise in many ways. Here are some of the top benefits of using a cannabis POS system.

Easy Compliance

The delicate nature of cannabis legislation makes compliance a critical aspect of any dispensary's operations. 

Cannabis POS systems not only address the issue of payment but also manage inventory, limit purchases, check a client’s age and verify IDs. With built-in features like these, typical compliance violations like failure to report inventory, distribution to minors and purchase limit breaches can be avoided, saving your business many headaches.

Inventory Organization

Tracking and managing inventory in a marijuana dispensary is more complex than in other retail outlets like a boutique or grocery store. 

The sheer volume of items to be tracked individually can be overwhelming, including concentrates, tinctures and edibles. It is easy to make errors, and it can be time-consuming. However, by leveraging the cannabis POS system to process and monitor transactions with real-time updates, you'll find it easier to organize your inventory. You'll be able to track even a gram of product at a glance, saving you time and ultimately preventing you from loss.


Ensuring that your cannabis products are safe through the production cycle from seed to sale is critical to the growth and sustainability of any cannabis business. A sound POS system will ensure accuracy in your cannabis sales operations. 

POS label printing solutions increase the accuracy of your business seed-to-sale tracking. Furthermore, you won't be overselling or underselling your transactions. 

Manage Multiple Stores

It is not uncommon for business owners in the cannabis industry to own and operate outlets in more than one location. A cannabis POS system is a solution that can help manage all your retail outlets from a singular location or device. Not only will this save you the cost of setting up an individual audit and management system in different places, but you'll also be able to manage employees, organize inventory and track expenses seamlessly across your enterprise.

Easy to Use

Your POS system must be easy to use above all else. You are hiring a team to work for your business, and you don’t want them standing at the POS confused by how it works. This is especially helpful if everyone is expected to help. Someone who barely uses the POS should feel comfortable knowing they can step in. At the same time, all the updates should be just as simple and easy to understand. Ask your POS provider if they send regular updates with explanations.

Types of Cannabis Businesses That Need a POS System

Cannabis POS systems are not only useful for cannabis dispensaries. Modern-day cannabis POS systems are now equipped with integrated features that comprehensively cater to the effective management of marijuana from seed to sale. 

The implication is that besides dispensaries, every business affiliated with any process in the cannabis cultivation cycle stands to benefit from a cannabis POS system. Let's quickly review the types of cannabis businesses that need a POS system.  

Cultivators and Growers

Cannabis cultivation is a complicated process that requires precision to ensure the best possible outcome. A POS system can simplify the cultivation process by providing better analytical insights. 

With features like yield forecasting that can track and evaluate your harvest data to maximize yields and genealogy tracking that records the outcomes of clone potency tests, plant genetics and cross-breeding, POS systems can improve the efficiency and productivity of cannabis cultivators.


A cannabis POS system can qualitatively transform the cannabis manufacturing process through optimized product conversion systems, organized records and transport and management systems. In converting cannabis flower to oil, for instance, a POS system can actively track the conversion to the by-products and perform cost-per-gram calculations, recalling defective products and logging product notification counts.

Distributors or Dispensaries

Besides the essential function of providing seamless payment services, a POS system ensures that dispensary businesses stay compliant with federal laws and relevant local laws. Other ways distributors and dispensaries can benefit include delivery inventory organization, accounting accuracy, service personalization and optimized marketing. 

Services Your POS Provider Should Offer

To fully enjoy the suite of benefits a cannabis POS system has to offer, you’ll want to look for these features.

Hardware and Software Integration

Before you commit to a POS system, make sure it integrates with your other software and hardware needed for smooth operation. Your chosen POS must integrate well with other systems for optimal business performance. 

Inventory Management and Reporting

Dispensaries and other cannabis businesses must have a record of legally grown cannabis from seed to sale down to the gram. Your POS provider should offer inventory management and reporting services that facilitate compliance. Analytical services and reporting features will allow you to monitor the development of your store and submit reports on time from anywhere.

Good Customer Service

As you shop for a POS system, another important service you should look out for is the provider's customer service. Research the after-sales customer support in place. 

Some companies help customers launch a service and then abandon them. Use a POS provider with standard customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Metrc a POS system?


No, Metrc is not a POS system. The Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (Metrc) is cloud-based, seed-to-sale traceability and compliance management solution employed by regulators to oversee the cannabis industry. 


What POS systems do dispensaries use?


Ideally, a cannabis dispensary can use any POS system. However, the recommended POS systems for dispensaries are those that are specific to the cannabis industry.