Best Blogs for Beginner Investors, Ranked

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June 16, 2021

If you’re a beginner investor, the amount you need to learn to be successful may feel overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s best to look to those with more experience than you. Not only can they provide you with the kind of knowledge that comes with experience, they can also tell you how to interpret this knowledge and use it going forward. Benzinga's guide to the best blogs for beginner investors can help you find great resources.

10 Best Blogs for Beginner Investors

Our selection of the best beginner investors’ blogs narrows down a wide range of great investing blogs and resources. Here, you’ll find content beneficial to any beginner investor kickstarting their investment journey.

1. Best Blog for Online Investing: The Online Investing AI Blog

The brain behind the Online Investing AI Blog is Matt Swayne, whose main objective is to share valuable information about investing in digital technology for people younger than 30. Swayne is a communications and marketing expert and writes for several universities. He has been a consultant for many startups, and therefore, has a whole wealth of ideas that beginner investors can get from the website.

Here, you'll find the latest information that young people can find useful when investing. The blogs center on technology and investing, and there are incredible tools that can help people manage their finances better, which is instrumental in achieving financial goals quickly. For updates, you can sign up and receive recent information in your email.

2. Best Blog for Best Investing and Retirement: Gen X Finance

Gen X Finance is one of the leading blogs where you can get information about fintech, setting financial goals, preparing for retirements, 401[k], and how to improve your credit score. The founder of Gen X Finance talks about his investment journey and how he accumulated wealth to a tune of $1 million by the age of 30.

As an engineering graduate, he started his career at Toyota and 3 other companies before quitting employment and being his own boss. He started his e-commerce website Muslin Backdrops to support professional photographers. He also did consultancy work, and in recent years, he's been making money from his websites, yet he never trained in finance.  The Generation X Finance blog gives hope to upcoming investors and how they can jumpstart their investments.

3. Best Blog for Financial News: Money Smart

As a beginner investor, it's important to have the latest industry information, which can help shape your business positively. Investors don't operate in a vacuum, and information is the driving power behind some of the most successful companies in the world.

Money Smart is one such blog that is under the online publication Chron. This blog brings the latest information in the financial industry.  Most blog posts are written by Richard Leader, who shares useful tips on how investors can reap from their investments. He talks about the stock markets and analyzes the trends and dividend payouts. Blogs on how external environments affect investments also are available.

4. Best Blog for Investment Tips: 20sMoney

20sMoney is an online blog where investors can read a lot of articles about investing. There are useful tips that touch on various sectors of the economy. The best thing about this blog is that it's divided into several categories so you can click on what you need and be redirected to the right page.

Here, you'll read blogs that touch on various ways that can generate massive returns on your investment. There are also different ways in which people are making money online. You'll find valuable tips on how to manage your money, retirement and real estate. Also,  political news and events and how these can affect your finances is covered.

5. Best Blog for Investing Financial Products Review: Money Under 30

The Money Under 30 blog is a one-stop-shop online publication with everything you need to kick-start your investment journey. Here, you'll get articles about credit cards, banking, loans and investing insurance and personal finance.

The blog compares different products such as credit cards and savings accounts and gives tips on how investors can decide one that works best for them. Various review topics provide comparisons between products. Some of the notable blogs include the best small-business loans and personal loans for bad credit.

6. Best Blog for Investment Hacks: Darwin's Finance

The author of Darwin's Finance has useful investment tips and hacks for beginner investors.  Some notable blogs talk about investment mistakes, how an investor can avoid them and how bad decisions can affect your business.

There are blogs on interest rates and the factors that can cause a spike or a decline. There are also some headlines on why the rich keep amassing wealth and strategies to help individuals stay at the top. You’ll also find political news and how changes in administration can affect the economy and investment decisions, including how U.S. elections affect the stock market and investments.

7. Best Blog for Financial Planning for Investments: Money Hacks

Financial planning is important for all investors, whether beginners or established businesses. Money Hacks brings you financial planning tools that can help you achieve your goals quickly. Here you will find blogs on wise spending, budgeting and how you can increase your investments quickly.

The authors also contribute to various topics that touch on retirement and how you can escape from some investment misconceptions that can interfere with your retirement plans. Examples of financial tools up for recommendation include and

8. Best Blog for Young Investors: 1st Million At 33

As the name suggests, 1st Million At 33 is a blog dedicated to young beginner investors. The founder of this blog gives a breakdown of his investment journey and how he set a goal to make $1 million by his 33rd birthday.

He talks about adopting a positive mindset, achieving financial freedom and developing valuable skills to make money. He shares tips on how he creates a goal for every dollar earned, which accelerates his path to achieving the million-dollar goal. Examples of top blogs you'll find here talk about how investors can improve their chances of getting business finances and insurance tips.

9. Best Blog for Stocks Trading Options: The Shark Investor

The Shark Investor is a financial tips blog for investors. Most of the blogs in this publication are about trading options. There are also useful tips on how to build investments and succeed.

The Shark Investor guides investors on financial security and how to spot a downward trend on stocks. Articles on building your investment portfolio and recommendations on the top commodities in the market also are available. Real estate is yet another interesting area for budding investors. The millennium traders review blog that focuses on Forex and stock trading also is included. You can look at the top companies in the United States and how their stock values have changed in recent years.

10. Best Blog for Wealth Management Tips: The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz is the brain behind The Big Picture blog. Ritholtz is a financial and wealth adviser billionaire who owns the multibillion dollar investment firm Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. He offers wealth management and financial planning advice to investors and has won numerous awards.

Also known as the blog father, Ritholtz runs the financial blog The Big Picture, which has an incredible view rate of over 500,000 per month. The blog is popular with investors and has been around for more than 7 years. As a budding investor, you can never go wrong by reading some of the top topics about investments and financial planning.

Information Is Power: Best Blogs for Beginner Investors

All investors can grow their businesses by getting access to the right information. As an investment beginner, these blogs have everything you need from investment tips to valuable financial information. Hopefully, from our discussion, you can surf through the various blog categories and get useful hacks to guide you in making sound financial decisions.
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