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July 10, 2020

Hawaii is home to a unique selection of banks. Whether you’re looking to open a checking account, savings account or even invest your money, there’s an option for you. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down the list to the best banks in Hawaii. 

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Best Banks in Hawaii Near You:

Best Customer Service: BBVA

BBVA offers banking services to personal consumers, small businesses, corporate and commercial clients. Personal banking clients can access checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, lending options, mortgages, investments and wealth management services. BBVA clients can conduct banking at 1 of BBVA’s branch locations or through mobile banking and online banking. 

BBVA offers checking accounts with distinctive benefits. There are also a variety of savings accounts to choose from. These include online accounts, money market accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and IRAs. 

It’s easy to manage your finances and BBVA accounts remotely. You’re able to select the kind of accounts you’d like to open straight from BBVA’s website. You can submit an online application and get approved instantly. Once you have an account, your personal banker will be able to answer any questions or provide you with any additional information you may need. A team of professional relationship advisors are available to talk via text, email or over the phone at a time that’s most convenient for you. 

Bank of Hawaii – banking
securely through Bank of Hawaii – banking's website

Best Checking Accounts: Bank of Hawaii 

The Bank of Hawaii has been offering personal banking and business banking services since 1897. It operates branches throughout Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and Palau. It’s commonly featured on many national “best banks” ranking lists across major publications.

Bank of Hawaii’s personal clients can open checking accounts, savings accounts, take out mortgages, refinance mortgages, apply for loans, obtain credit cards and even invest. You can even work with a financial advisor to plan for your financial future and develop strategies to meet your goals. 

The Bank of Hawaii offers 5 different checking accounts and 4 different savings accounts to choose from. Each account offers unique benefits without charging excessive fees. Managing your accounts is easy and can be done either online or through the mobile app. 

CIT Bank
Best For
  • Business and Personal Checking
securely through CIT Bank's website

Best Savings Accounts: CIT Bank

CIT Bank is an online bank that lets you save, borrow and manage your money. You can open a checking account, take out a mortgage or refinance your home. CIT Bank is an equal housing lender so you can rest assured it will not discriminate against you when you are buying a home.

CIT Bank offers an extensive selection of savings accounts to help you reach your goals. There are savings accounts with different APYs and terms made to fit individual preferences. There are also several CDs to choose from as well as a money market account. All of these choices come with competitive APYs. Many of CIT Bank’s customers use these savings products for down payments on a home, emergency funds and even vacation funds. 

Central Pacific Bank – banking
securely through Central Pacific Bank – banking's website

Best for Small Businesses: Central Pacific Bank 

Central Pacific Bank was founded in 1954 by WWII veterans. To this day, most of Central Pacific’s customers are families and small businesses throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Central Pacific Bank’s personal banking services encompass 3 different checking accounts, 5 different savings accounts, IRAs, CDs, mortgages, personal loans, credit lines and credit cards. 

Central Pacific Bank offers banking products for businesses at every stage of development. Businesses have access to 4 different checking accounts, 2 different savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, loans, credit lines and credit cards. There are also merchant services, cash management and specialized business services. 

Central Pacific Bank operates its own philanthropy foundation that supports cultural, educational and other charitable causes. The bank is committed to community involvement and corporate social responsibility. 

Axos Bank Savings
Best For
  • No Maintenance Fees
securely through Axos Bank Savings's website

Best for Investing: Axos Bank 

Axos Bank is an online bank that engages in consumer banking, borrowing and investment management. Axos Bank offers services for both individual consumers and businesses alike. Individuals have access to checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, mortgages, refinancing options, personal loans, auto loans and managed investment portfolios.

Axos Bank has a total of 5 distinct checking accounts to choose from. Each checking account is designed for a particular type of customer. This means you’ll always be able to find an account that’s right for your specific situation. Axos Bank’s checking accounts come with unique perks that you won’t find in most banks. These include no annual fees, early paycheck deposits, unlimited check writing privileges and even an APY on your account balance. 

Axos Bank is committed to taking a comprehensive approach in helping you manage your money — and this includes investing. Axos Bank has a premium, automated investing tool that acts as both a financial planner and a financial advisor. This technology can help you develop a plan to meet your financial goals and recommend you a personalized investment portfolio. You can begin investing without any minimums and you’ll never be charged excessive fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is opening a bank account free?

A: Opening a savings account or checking account is usually free. Some banks will have a minimum deposit requirement. Most bank accounts also charge regular maintenance fees. It’s possible to waive these fees, but you’ll need to contact the bank’s representative for more information. 

Q: What do I need to open a bank account?

A: You will need a government-issued form of identification, a Social Security number and your personal information — such as your name, address and so on. Some banks might have additional requirements. It’s best to contact the bank directly for all the specifics. 

Banks in Hawaii 

Most banks in Hawaii are unique to the islands. This means it won’t be easy to find branches on the mainland, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Nowadays, mobile banking and online banking let you manage your finances no matter where you are. Some banks also offer features like ATM reimbursements, which take away some of the hassle. Make sure to look for these qualities when picking the right bank.  


To determine the best banks in Hawaii, Benzinga analyzed over 100 banks and financial institutions. We gave weight to banks in Hawaii with co-op ATMs and cashback options. We also gave greater rankings to banks which offered the following: checking and savings accounts, online banking, personal loans, mortgages, educational resources and a mobile app.

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