Banks With No ATM Fees

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October 11, 2022

When you visit the ATM, you hope to never pay a fee. However, consumers often find themselves standing at the ATM in need of cash, faced with a fee that takes extra money out of their pockets. When you're only pulling $20 out of an ATM and have to pay a $5 fee, that can add up. That's why so many people are looking to do business with banks with no ATM fees.

But banks that don't charge ATM fees can be difficult to find. Benzinga decided to do the research for you and provide a list of the best banks that do not charge ATM fees. As you review this information, you will find that there are several ways to avoid extra ATM surcharges.

When Do Banks Charge ATM Fees?

Banks charge ATM fees in a few basic situations:

  • You are not a customer of that specific bank.
  • The ATM is located in a non-financial location (i.e., a gas station).

You may have resigned yourself to paying ATM fees in several places you frequent and likely enjoy. Consider all the locations where ATMs take money out of your pocket without any dissent from the public:

Casinos have ATMs aplenty where gamblers and gamers can grab a little extra cash — for a fee.

Gas stations, as mentioned, often house ATMs. Depending on the company that manages the gas station, ATM fees may be charged — or not. On the one hand, a large chain of gas stations may waive fees for customers as a courtesy. However, that is not a guarantee. 

Grocery stores often keep ATMs near the front of the store for the convenience of customers. Because of the popularity of housing bank branches inside large supermarkets, only customers of that bank can likely use the ATM free of charge. 

Movie theaters leave ATMs near the entrance for kids who wish to play video games or take out cash for snacks and drinks. 

Airports have ATMs because travelers need cash for a range of things from tipping a taxi driver to tipping a private driver, tipping valets, bellhops and additional staff. If shops inside the airport only take cash, travelers will turn to the ATM without thinking.

You will also find that certain destinations have partner banks that post their ATMs throughout the area. Famously, Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) theme parks have a partner bank that is easy to access in every park and hotel. However, you may not be a customer of said bank, meaning you’re paying a fee every time you need cash during what is likely an expensive vacation. 

Because you cannot be certain that you can find a benevolent ATM that magically charges no fees, you must consider your options when trying to save money. 

Average ATM Fees

A report in Real Simple notes that Atlanta has the highest average ATM fees at an average of $5.60 per withdrawal. The cheapest average ATM charge in America is in Chicago at $4.11 per withdrawal. With these fees remaining so high, it stands to reason that you should search for as many options as possible to save money.

Ask Your Bank if They Waive ATM Fees

While you should look for a bank that doesn’t charge fees to use any ATM, you must consider contacting your bank to waive some ATM fees. It may take some convincing, but you might find a friendly customer service representative or supervisor who will kindly remove an ATM fee for you. However, you cannot expect the bank to waive these fees all the time. 

Generally, a bank will do little courtesies for you just once and note that on your account so you cannot receive the same kindness a second time. 

Get cash back at the register.

When you check out at the grocery store, pharmacy or any place that offers cash back, take it. This is a free and simple way to snag some cash. Of course, this option is not always available to you, but you should take advantage of it as much as you can.

Find a bank with no ATM fees.


Ultimately, you want to find a bank that doesn’t charge ATM fees. This means you want the company to have a network of ATMs you can use for no charge. 

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Banks With No ATM Fees

As you search for financial institutions that don’t charge ATM fees, look for marketing that specifically advertises this feature. The bank either waives fees at out-of-network banks or has a large network of partner ATMs. Many times, this information is located on the ATM machine. You can return to Benzinga at any time for additional banking, financial or investment information. With each new visit, you will uncover new tips and tricks to help you remain financially healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are bank ATMs free?


Bank ATMs are generally free for their own customers. However, ATMs often charge fees for users who are not customers of that particular bank. Rarely, you will find a free ATM, and the only way to use a wide range of ATMs free of charge is to register for a bank account that waives your fees within a large network of partner ATMs.


Can I withdraw money from a different bank ATM?


You can, but you may be charged a fee. Check the terms of your account, searching for a list of partner ATMs that do not charge a fee.


How can I withdraw money without an ATM fee?


If you use one of your bank-owned ATMS, you will not have to pay an ATM fee. Also, many banks are part of a network of ATMs and their customers do have to pay ATM fees to use them. Additionally, some banks rebate their customers for out-of-network ATM fees.

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