Amazon Home Warranty Review

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September 22, 2022
Amazon Home Warranty
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Amazon Home Warranty is a home warranty service provider offering policies in a little less than half the country. Though Amazon Home Warranty is not associated with retailer, its policies are comprehensive and include all the coverages found on competitors’ plans. It also offers optional coverage for an impressive range of home components, including extra refrigerators and sump pumps.

Amazon Home Warranty’s policies are more expensive than its competitors — you’ll pay around $600 annually for the company’s all-inclusive combo plan. However, its $75 service fee is affordable, and it offers a straightforward user experience. Note that limitations on Amazon Home Warranty’s plans are lower than some competing home warranty companies, which limits the usefulness of coverage.

Best For
  • Homeowners who experience frequent household breakdowns
  • Anyone living in an older property
  • Homeowners looking to add optional coverages for extra home components
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Wide range of add-on policy choices
  • Specialized plans available for real estate professionals
  • Low coverage limitations

Amazon Home Warranty Ratings at a Glance

Amazon Home Warranty Product Offering

Amazon Home Warranty is a home warranty policy provider offering coverage in a number of states throughout the country. Before discussing what is and isn’t included in Amazon’s home warranty policies, it’s important to understand how a home warranty works, what’s usually included in these policies and how they differ from homeowner’s insurance.

A home warranty policy is a type of protection that you can purchase for your home’s major systems and appliances. Heating systems, electrical systems, ovens and dishwashers are some of the most common home components that you’ll see included with home warranty policies as you shop. If one of your covered home components breaks down from normal wear and tear, your home warranty company will provide you with a repair or replacement for the damaged items in exchange for a service fee. This service fee is significantly lower than the price that you’d normally pay for repairs, and it does not increase as you use your plan benefits.

Home warranty policies are not the same thing as homeowner’s insurance. While your homeowner’s insurance will cover repair and replacements after a covered peril (like an electrical strike or fire) a home warranty policy will cover you after routine breakdowns. To put it simply, if you aren’t sure what caused damage to a system or appliance in your home, chances are that you should look to your home warranty for coverage.

When you sign onto a home warranty policy, it will include a list of covered items under your policy. The defined home systems and appliances in your policy terms are those covered and those that you can claim a repair or replacement on. If something is not explicitly covered under your policy, it means that you cannot use your plan benefits on it. This is a very important consideration when it comes to home warranty policies, as many homeowners find themselves frustrated with their home warranty coverage because they assumed it covered as much as their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Amazon Home Warranty offers three plan options for residential spaces — the Systems Plan, the Appliance Plan and the Combo Plan. The Combo Plan combines both previous plans plus a few extras. Let’s take a look at which home components are included in each plan.

Appliance Plan

The Appliance Plan offers coverage for the following major home appliances.

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Clothing washer
  • Clothing dryer
  • Ice maker
  • Standalone freezer
  • Trash compactor
  • Oven, range, stove and cooktop
  • Built-in microwave

Systems Plan

As the name suggests, the Systems Plan focuses on providing coverage for a few of your home’s most expensive systems. The following home components are covered under Amazon’s Systems Plan.

  • Central air conditioning system
  • Central heating system
  • Plumbing system and stoppages
  • Electrical System
  • Hot water heater
  • Ductwork
  • Jetted bathtub
  • Garage door openers

Combo Plan

The Combo Plan includes coverage for all the appliances and systems found in the two plans listed above. This can be a more convenient option for homeowners looking for total property coverage as well as a plan with a single policy premium and contract terms. It also includes the following extra home components, which are not covered in either the Systems Plan or the Appliance Plan.

  • Instant hot water dispenser   
  • Garbage disposal system
  • Attic fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Bathroom exhaust fan
  • Doorbell
  • Kitchen fan and exhaust hood

Add-on Coverages

In addition to the items included on each policy listed above, you can also add optional coverage for the following home components on any Amazon Home Warranty plan.

  • Pool and spa
  • Additional central AC
  • Additional central heating system
  • Central vacuum
  • Lawn sprinkler system
  • Well pump
  • Septic system
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Whole house humidifier
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Additional fridge
  • Sump pump
  • Water softener
  • Limited roof leak
  • Water heater
  • Icemaker
  • Extra oven
  • Additional washer and dryer units
  • Additional dishwasher
  • Additional microwave
  • Duplex
  • Pool heater

Additional plan options are also available for real estate professionals. If you’re an agent looking to incentivize buyers to invest in properties that you have on the market, Amazon’s discounted bulk home warranty policies might provide the edge that you need. You also don’t need to book a home inspection before you lock in your coverage, so no need to worry about being denied coverage because you’re looking to sell an older property.

Overall, Amazon Home Warranty’s plans are about in-line with other home warranty providers. The company offers a sample contract on its website that you can use to explore exactly which components are included in coverage for each item. For example, Amazon’s sample contract explicitly says that the glass, shelves, door seals and hinges in a refrigerator are not covered under policy benefits and that your refrigerator must be located inside your kitchen to be covered. While every home warranty company has exclusions, you must read Amazon’s contract in-depth before signing up for coverage, even if you think you know everything that’s included in your policy.

Amazon’s home warranty contracts also include limitations on the total amount that the company will pay out for the per-contract term for access, diagnosis, repair or replacement of each item included under your policy terms. The following are a few examples of annual coverage limitations that you’ll find on your home warranty policy.

Systems or applianceAnnual payout limit
Air conditioning system$2,500
Electrical system$500
Whirlpool bathtub$500
Plumbing system$500 for stoppages, $500 for repairs
Ceiling fan$500
Septic tank pumping$200

In some areas, Amazon Home Warranty’s annual coverage limit is so low that it reduces the value of the policy. For example, if your electrical system breaks down and you need a major repair, you will only be able to count on Amazon to cover $500 of your bill. Though some other review websites claim that Amazon Home Warranty allows you to select your own contractor, the terms laid out in the company’s sample contract explicitly state that Amazon has the sole right to choose which contractor will visit your home.

One final note to keep in mind — Amazon Home Warranty is not associated with the international e-commerce site While this doesn’t mean that Amazon Home Warranty’s policies are low-quality, it does mean that you can’t rely on Amazon’s massive customer service infrastructure to correct issues you run into with your home warranty policy. 

Customer Service Rating

Amazon Home Warranty provides multiple contact methods that you can use to get in touch with its customer service team.

  • Via phone: To connect with Amazon Home Warranty over the phone, call 614-741-0000. Claims reporting is available by phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Via email: If you’d like to send a message to Amazon Home Warranty, you can write an email to You can also submit your message to the company using its contact request form here

Amazon Home Warranty is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 

Customer Pricing

Amazon Home Warranty allows you to claim a quote online after entering a bit of personal information and details on your property. To get an idea of what you might expect to pay for your Amazon Home Warranty policy, Benzinga requested a few sample quotes for properties in a variety of states. Here’s what was quoted.

StateAppliance PlanSystems PlanCombo Plan
Texas$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$52 per month; $579 annually when paid in full
Pennsylvania$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$52 per month; $579 annually when paid in full
Alabama$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$42 per month; $479 annually when paid in full$52 per month; $579 annually when paid in full

As you can see, pricing for basic plans without add-ons seem to be the same across state lines. In the future, Amazon Home Warranty can improve its transparency by listing policy pricing on its website without requiring potential customers to consent to contact from a representative. Amazon’s pricing is higher than most other home warranty companies, with the Combo Plan coming in at almost $600 per year. 

User Benefits

Amazon Home Warranty’s policies are unique, even when compared to other home warranty providers. Some of the most unique benefits included with your policy include the following.

  • 24/7 claims reporting: When it comes to using your policy, it’s always better to call for home repairs as soon as possible. Amazon Home Warranty provides 24/7 claims reporting for your home appliance warranty and systems protection plan, meaning that you’ll get service faster.   
  • Client dashboard: Amazon Home Warranty customers are provided with a customer portal when they sign up for a policy. You can manage your benefits, file a claim, connect with representatives and adjust your policy through your customer dashboard, providing an all-in-one control panel for customers.
  • Wide range of optional coverages: Amazon Home Warranty provides you with a wide selection of optional home components you can add coverage for. From wine refrigerators to extra freezers, if you can think of a component of your property that you want to protect, chances are that Amazon offers coverage for it. 

User Experience

Getting started with a policy from Amazon Home Warranty is exceptionally simple. Enter a bit of information about your home and you’ll see pricing instantly online. You can sign up for a policy in as little as two minutes, and you can even claim a discount for buying your policy online and paying your premiums upfront. Amazon also offers a sample contract online, which you can browse before you connect with a representative. This transparency in regards to policy exclusions and inclusions can make shopping with Amazon Home Warranty easier.

Filing a claim with Amazon Home Warranty is just as simple as getting signed up for coverage. Submit your claim over the phone or online at any time, and you’ll have a contractor at your door to provide a repair or replacement in 48 hours or less. Though you cannot choose your own contractor, the company’s $75 service fee is competitive and affordable. 

Amazon Home Warranty vs Competitors

Amazon Home Warranty isn’t available in every state. If you’re interested in a home warranty policy but you’ve only just begun your research, you should know that there are dozens of competing providers offering policies in all parts of the country. Even if Amazon Home Warranty isn’t yet operating in your state, you still have plenty of options to get home warranty protection for your property.  

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Overall, Amazon Home Warranty offers a few notable benefits over some other home warranty providers. Claims reporting is available around the clock, and the company aims to service each complaint within 48 hours of reporting. Amazon offers three plan choices, as well as extra options for real estate professionals looking to protect multiple properties. Amazon Home Warranty also offers an impressive range of add-on protections, including coverage for a whole home humidifier and a wine fridge.

While Amazon’s policies are inclusive, some systems and appliances include low limits that reduce the warranties’ usefulness. Pricing seems to be consistent across states, with the Combo Plan coming in at an annual price of $579 before add-ons. This is a higher premium than most other combination plans, but Amazon’s low $75 service fee and no limitations on the age of your systems might compensate for this higher premium cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

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