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May 3, 2022
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altFINS is a cryptocurrency analysis and trading platform that allows users to scan, analyze and execute trades in a vast number of digital assets. AltFINS’s impressive technical analysis tools help crypto traders take advantage of trading ideas across various exchanges. 

The platform’s tools include more than 60 different analytics like the relative strength index (RSI) and moving averages (MAs) computed in as little as five-minute time intervals. These useful indicators can be applied to thousands of altcoins and crypto trading pairs. You can also access altFINS’ crypto screener, which lets you create unique screening criteria and save your own custom files.  


Best For
  • Cryptocurrency traders
  • Altcoin traders
  • Novice traders
  • Excellent crypto trading platform
  • Advanced technical analysis features
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Crypto trading course
  • Customizable settings
  • Limited features available to free users

altFINS Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Benefits
User Experience

altFINS provides one of the most versatile platforms for scanning, analyzing and trading cryptocurrencies. The company offers crypto-traders a wide array of analysis tools integrated into its sophisticated trading platform. The advanced features offered by the platform include:

  • Coins screener: The altFINS coins screener lets you set up custom screens where you can analyze the crypto markets using combinations of popular technical indicators, such as various moving averages and oscillators like the relative strength index (RSI), along with observables like market capitalization, price change and traded volume. The coin screener also lets you set up alerts that notify you once digital coins match your selected price targets and other filter criteria. You can also filter trading instruments with classic or candlestick chart patterns.
  • Chart patterns: The chart patterns available on altFINS include bullish and bearish chart formations that are identified with the platform’s chart pattern recognition engine. The recognition engine can identify 27 classic chart patterns across multiple time intervals (15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day). Recognized classic chart patterns include up and down channels; ascending, symmetric and descending triangles; head and shoulders tops and bottoms; falling and rising wedges; double and triple bottoms and tops; and bearish and bullish flags and pennants. 
  • Curated charts: In addition to automated chart pattern recognition, altFINS offers charts curated by expert technical analysts who evaluate the 30 top cryptocurrencies using the five core elements of technical analysis: trend, patterns, momentum, volume and support and resistance levels.  
  • Alerts: You can set up alerts using simple signals such as a crypto pair reaching a certain exchange rate. You can also set up a more complex alert combining several technical indicators, such as a price/EMA crossover and RSI value, for example. The alerts feature is one of the most powerful technical analysis tools on altFINS platform.  
  • News and events: You can find cryptocurrency-relevant news and events that can help you cut through the noise of the mainstream financial press. altFINS’ unique newsfeed aggregates near-real-time Twitter news releases from thousands of crypto and alt-coins projects into a single newsfeed. You can filter news and events for coins in your portfolio, as well as receive emails with daily or weekly news and events summaries directly to your inbox.
  • Research: altFINS offers exclusive research reports on many cryptocurrencies and altcoins. These exclusive research reports cover the fundamentals underlying the cryptos and highlight the best crypto projects with high potential returns. 
  • Education: altFINS’ educational resources are ideal for novice crypto traders. You can download a 10-page pdf file with an overview of the altFINS platform and an introduction to the basics of technical analysis, as well as a series of helpful educational files. The platform also provides a complete crypto trading course, plus archived webinars and excerpts from the trading course. Access to educational resources is only available to Basic, Essential and Premium annual plans, although you can get a three-month Education plus Premium Bundle that provides unlimited access to the education webinar series.  
  • AFINS token: Launched with the objective of the altFINS utility token will be to reward adoption of the platform and enhancements made by the user and the altFINS community. This multi-faceted token incentivizes holders through discounts, unique trading opportunities and exclusive altFINS platform features. altFINS will also buy and burn up to 50% of AFINS tokens using up to 20% of its revenues. You can earn AFINS tokens by trading through partner exchanges, referring other users to the altFINS platform, enhancing that platform by providing analysis or insightful content, or via the company’s Learn and Earn program. 
Graphic of AFINS utility token flywheel effect. Source: altFINS. 

As can be seen in the above graphic, after you earn AFINS tokens by making tangible contributions through the AFINS reward program, the utility value of those tokens will increase as more users promote and contribute content. This then attracts more customers and generates greater returns that result in increased AFINS buybacks and burns.

altFINS Customer Service

No direct phone number for customer support can be found on the altFINS website, so altFINS’ main customer service options consist of using a live chat button on its website and sending an email to You can also reach the company via its social media presence on Twitter, YouTube and Telegram

Interestingly, the company shows a Discord icon among its social media links. This link leads to altFINS’ own Discord server with plenty of well-developed cryptocurrency trade ideas, a community chat channel and other potentially useful features. 

altFINS Pricing

altFINS offers different subscription plans that could suit a variety of traders depending on their budget and what features they wish to use on the platform. Free guest users can basically only get customer support via email or through the live chat feature. 

Free registered users can get unlimited access to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as automated coin tracking, access to your complete trade history, the ability to add trades to charts, profit and loss calculations and access to customer service. 

Paid subscriptions include all the services you receive as a free registered user, in addition to other amenities not available to free users. altFINS offers four paid subscription plans that include the Basic plan for $180 annually, the Essential Plan for $400 annually and the Premium plan for $600 annually. 

The table screenshot below shows the different paid plans and services provided by altFINS.


Table showing altFINS’ different subscription plans, features and cost. Source: altFINS. 

altFINS User Benefits

In addition to offering one of the best cryptocurrency research and analysis platforms currently online, altFINS gives users the opportunity to participate in the AFINS Token Rewards Program, which offers discounts and exclusive features on the platform. You can also interact with a community of other crypto traders through altFINS’ extensive social media presence and its Discord channel. 

The altFINS platform levels the playing field for smaller cryptocurrency traders who can now take advantage of altFINS’ advanced analysis resources that were previously only available to better-financed traders. 

altFINS User Experience

altFINS website and platform are intuitive and easy to navigate for novice and seasoned traders alike. The ability to create and monitor your own screens, create watchlists and set customized alerts make the platform a valuable resource for any crypto trader. 

Additionally, you can monitor your portfolio across different exchanges and keep a keen eye on the crypto market through the platform’s news feed, its Discord server and altFINS’ exclusive newsletter. 

If you’re new to crypto trading, you can take advantage of the extensive educational resources and the webinar series available to all plans on an annual subscription or via the Education plus Premium bundle. 

altFINS vs Competitors

The analytical services provided by altFINS are not new, although very few online platforms provide these services for digital assets. Unlike other sophisticated research and analysis platforms that focus mostly on stocks, commodities and currencies, altFINS focuses exclusively on the cryptocurrency market. You can see how altFINS compares to similar firms in the chart Benzinga has compiled below. 

altFINS Overall

altFINS provides a much-needed service to the crypto trading community, which is why it deserves its unusually high 4.5-star rating. The services provided include its extensive educational and social media offerings to make altFINS a platform just about any serious cryptocurrency trader should consider using. 

With that noted, those looking for substantial free offerings to get started with using altFINS’ platform will find them rather sparse compared to the many features provided in the platform’s subscription plans. Also, the lack of a direct telephone number for altFINS’ customer service department resulted in lower marks in that review area. 

altFINS’ Video Archive

altFINS provides users with an extensive video archive on its website that covers a wide range of trading-related topics. You can access altFINS’ video archive here.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start trading crypto?


To start trading crypto, you’ll need to register with an online broker or crypto exchange, deposit funds, choose which cryptocurrency you wish to buy or sell against what other currency and then click on the buy or sell button. Much like other online shopping experiences, crypto trading can be easy, but you’ll benefit from having a certain amount of market knowledge and good analytical skills to improve your chances of making successful trades. 


Is crypto trading a good investment?


As an example of the investment value of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin could have been bought for under $1 just 12 years ago and is now trading for tens of thousands of dollars. The dramatic gains seen in many cryptocurrencies have dwarfed the gains from other more traditional investments, but these gains don’t come risk-free since the crypto markets can be highly volatile. Crypto trading can be a good investment, but you’ll need to do your research and trade with a plan to avoid pitfalls that many new traders fall into. 

User Reviews

Peter Hook


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

The best crypto screener !

Lewis Hammond

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Amazing product, unique to the market. If you learn from the educational bundle your on to a winner. I like how it gives you a lot of tools and analytical data to apply to your own TA. The Founder Richard is also passionate and is creating great content.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?



How do you use this product to boost your finances?

It's great

Tomas Korfant

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Nice designs


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Great platform, I learned a lot.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Great education level, a lot of data on the one place.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?


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