Yewno|Edge’s AI Document Search Feature

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November 17, 2020

Yewno|Edge is a web-based investment research platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help investors generate ideas, assess risk and exposure, build and backtest strategies, and monitor company developments.  

Document Search 

Yewno|Edge has delivered the finance community another groundbreaking and innovative solution with its Document Search feature. Document Search is a 1-stop solution to finding all information around any concept or company. This gives users the ability to surface full-text information about the companies, industries, sectors and concepts you’re researching. Yewno|Edge’s data includes:

  • News
  • Patents: 
    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Official filings:
    • 10-Q 
    • 10-K
  • Transcripts 
  • Clinical trials
Yewno Edge
securely through Yewno Edge's website

You can search by company ticker, sector, concept and keyword or any variation of these to surface relevant documents (leveraging Boolean search). You can narrow your search by the type of documents, authors of documents and dates of publications. Documents are published in both snippets and full text.  

Document Search also publishes a shortlist of related concepts covered in each document so that the user can better understand its relevance to their original search and make unexpected connections. If a related concept is interesting to the user, they may also add it to their overall search.  

Example of How to Use Document Search 

Let’s say you are interested in knowing what Amazon is directly publishing, as opposed to outside reports referring to Amazon, mainstream news and market noise. You’ll want to look at its 10-Ks, 10-Qs and transcripts as below:


Searching in this way, you can find raw transcripts of earnings calls, quarterly reports and annual reports. You can also see which concepts are highlighted within these documents, indicating what factors might be influencing performance, growth or tactical decisions.  


Benefits of Yewno|Edge 

By far the best part of the Document Search feature within Yewno|Edge is the Semantic Comparison tool. This complementary feature allows you to compare documents. Apply it to earnings transcripts to provide a comparison between the current season and the previous one — and it highlights any changes. This discovery provides a way to quickly uncover what is new. Discover what management of companies are steering the focus toward and uncover the concepts that management is no longer concerned with.  

Aware of the increasing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), several companies have been accused of “greenwashing” on earnings calls by repeating key trigger words knowing that Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies will rate the company higher (from an ESG perspective) if they mention the word more often. Yewno’s Concept Technology ignores word count — the technology focuses on the relevance and pertinence of the concept to the wider company, allowing investors to rely on Yewno’s technology to give them an accurate representation of thousands of companies.  

In our Amazon example, you can see that in the October 2020 earnings call, COVID-19 was mentioned less often than at the height of the pandemic in April. While the average person could know empirically that COVID-19 affected Amazon enough to be mentioned 14 times in an April earnings call and 10 times in October, the effects of the pandemic on smaller or lesser-known companies might be less obvious. In these cases, Document Search helps to uncover non-obvious connections.


Get Yewno|Edge 

If you would like to try Yewno|Edge and its many features, including Document Search and Semantic Comparison, you can sign up here for a demonstration and free trial.

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