This Company Could Unlock The Riches Flowing 30 Feet Above Your Head 

Wind turbines are an astonishing feat of engineering. Stick them into a windy stretch of land, and you’ll instantly create a goldmine of renewable energy that keeps generating revenue at low operational costs. No wonder you’re seeing them more often by the side of the road. And at over 300 feet to the top of their blades, they’re hard to miss.


But why do they have to be so tall when the wind closer to the ground can be excellent where terrain forces mid-level wind — 15 to 100 feet above ground — to accelerate drastically? 

The problem is wind nearer the ground gusts and swirls. This turbulence damages traditional turbines that only have one connection point between the blade and the drive shaft. So they are installed high above the ground and far apart from one another to stay in smooth, nonturbulent wind. 

The lack of turbines that operate in turbulence has prevented the wind industry from harnessing a $400 billion opportunity. But now you can invest in a company that already has seven patents pending, all aimed at tapping into that market.

Wind Harvest has been on the cutting edge of vertical axis wind turbine innovation for decades. Despite numerous challenges, it cracked the code in 2022. The company completed testing its Wind Harvester ™3.1., an H-type turbine designed to operate under tall turbines and utilize turbulent mid-level winds.

It has already caused a stir in the industry and has over $100 million in its project and sales pipeline for 2024-2026. Installations have been advanced in several locations and will get underway in the coming years. 

However, the company has more to count on than selling its solution directly to customers. It brings seven patents to the table in the race to conquer the understories of towering wind turbines with more in the works. The big wind turbine manufacturers will either have to conduct years of costly research to develop a turbine similar to Wind Harvest’s or license its patents and pay royalties. It is reasonable to believe that most companies will opt for the second option.

Another tailwind to the company’s future is copious tax credits, government subsidies and publicly funded projects that will see the benefits of Wind Harvesters. They boost the output of existing wind farms without the need for more land, they are easy to make and set up, and their sales margins per project could be four times more than those of large turbines. If you’re trying to hit renewable energy quotas, a solution like this with 40% tax credits is a no-brainer that could greatly impact sales. 

Previous investments in the company have reached $22 million. Further funding is needed to finish the last step in the commercialization process (third-party certification) before sales can begin. You have a unique opportunity to invest in the company that is on track to be the first to have a product that can thrive in the turbulence found near the ground in many wind farms around the world.  You can help it achieve its vision of a greener future while its valuation is relatively low for its potential.

Click here to invest in Wind Harvest.

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