What Kind of Jewelry Should You Buy for Christmas?

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Contributor, Benzinga
December 1, 2022

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for gifts for that special someone. Jewelry for Christmas is a thoughtful present that will last long after the holidays are over.

Before heading to the jeweler to pick a gift, explore Christmas jewelry gift ideas to ensure you choose the right piece for your loved one. 


When is the Best Time to Buy Jewelry for Christmas?

The best time to buy jewelry for Christmas, the main season for gift giving, is typically around September and October, just before the holiday season begins. Retailers are trying to move old stock to make room for newer pieces in time for the holiday shopping season so you’ll find discounted inventory. 

You may also consider buying jewelry for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, especially if you choose big-name retailers that offer Black Friday sales. 

Where to Buy Christmas Jewelry?

You can buy Christmas jewelry virtually anywhere, from online shops and private sellers to brick-and-mortar retail stores. But that means the type and quality of jewelry will vary greatly. 

Researching the store’s online reviews and BBB rating ensures you are purchasing a high-quality piece. If you’re purchasing in person, don’t buy from the first store you visit; shop around to compare prices, view different pieces and gain a better understanding of the market. 


Inspirational Christmas Jewelry Ideas

When choosing jewelry for your partner or other loved one, consider fine jewelry over bijou or costume jewelry. Fine jewelry lasts longer, is more attractive, has better resale value if you upgrade and can become a family heirloom to be adored by future generations. 

It’s usually easy to tell the difference between fine and costume jewelry. Fine jewelry is made with gold (white, rose and yellow), sterling silver or platinum and is generally adorned with natural stones like diamonds, pearls or emeralds. Investing in a beautiful piece of fine jewelry will ensure a quality product that will last. 

Diamond Earrings

The most popular piece of jewelry for Christmas is a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. You can choose from gold hoops, bangles or simple diamond stud earrings to match the style and personality of the wearer. 

Earrings often come in Christmas jewelry sets, so you may find a good deal on a few pieces of matching jewelry.

Pendant Necklace 

Gemstone necklaces are another holiday jewelry favorite for their versatility and long-lasting appeal. A beautiful pendant necklace is a simple chain with a single decorative piece, such as a locket, gemstone or charm, hung in the center. 

You can choose a chain metal, like gold, silver or platinum, though rose gold and white gold are also popular. Then select an eye-catching pendant like a large gemstone or a holiday-themed snowflake. 

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets like the popular Alex and Ani or Pandora collections are typically more affordable yet still beautiful and elegant options that make perfect Christmas gifts. You can choose a silver chain bracelet and a few charms for this Christmas and buy additional charms in the future for holidays and special occasions. 

Charm bracelets are an excellent option for those who love to collect or want the additional customization that comes from creating a unique piece of personalized jewelry catered to the wearer. You can even find Christmas-themed jewelry charms to mark the holiday. 

Tennis Bracelet

Unlike a charm bracelet, a tennis bracelet is made up of a pattern of symmetrical gemstones or diamonds, usually connected by a thin, precious metal chain. Diamond bracelets are timeless, elegant and a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. 

Luxury Watch

Christmas jewelry gifts can also include luxury pieces like watches. High-end watches showcase elegant craftsmanship while serving a functional purpose. A watch from Cartier, Bulgari or Rolex adds sophistication to any outfit, and retailers offer multiple styles. 

Ruby or Emerald Ring

Rings aren’t just for proposals. A ring featuring a ruby or emerald can be a stunning holiday gift that adds variety to your loved one’s jewelry collection while still being classic and beautiful. 

Before buying a ring, ensure you know the recipient’s ring size and favorite jewelry metal to match their collection. 

Cufflinks are an excellent option for the man in your life. Cufflinks are available in various precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum. Opt for a monogrammed pair of cufflinks so the recipient can personalize their formal or business attire. Or, choose a pair featuring holiday-themed designs or precious gemstones in their favorite color.


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