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February 3, 2022

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LIMRA International, Inc. is an association of life insurance and financial service companies. LIMRA stands for Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association

Originally established as an organization that focused on the development and training of life insurance professionals, LIMRA now offers a wide variety of resources and research to the members of the association.  Learn more about LIMRA now.

What Does LIMRA Do?

LIMRA conducts market, consumer, economic, financial, manpower and human resources research for financial service providers and life insurance companies. Originally known as the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association, LIMRA has over 1,200 members in more than 70 countries across the world. LIMRA provides training and development, research, assessment, consulting, compliance and other services and benefits for its members. 

LIMRA’s members turn to the association for research access and participation, industry updates, information services, networking and development opportunities as well as cost savings. Members are allowed access to services that nonmembers do not have access to at a substantially lower cost. Assessment tools, compliance services, professional development programs, consortium and customer research fees, conference registration fees and publications are a few of the services offered. 

Through LIMRA, financial service and insurance companies can learn how to use the knowledge they access through tools and programs to develop their businesses and create and make realistic solutions and decisions. The following are some of the classes of benefits that LIMRA provides its members.

Research: LIMRA conducts research in a number of categories, including life insurance, consumers, regulations, distribution, retirement, annuities, workplace benefits, individual consumer products and technology on a global level. LIMRA offers more than 100 briefs and reports to aid in companies’ marketing and design of their products. 

The association's research is qualitative and quantitative, allowing for its members to identify growth opportunities and better penetration of the market as well as monitor the key trends within the industry. This research also allows members to  track their market position while accessing this research. Members of LIMRA are able to participate in the research conducted by the association as well. Participation in and conduction of novel research can sometimes be costly or difficult to be a part of, but LIMRA can provide affordable access.

A branch of the association’s research includes LIMRA’s Center of Excellence for Analytics, which explores statistical techniques and fosters ties between analytics professionals within the life insurance industry. LIMRA has a team of data modelers who ask the right questions and find causes in order to drive results through their ever-developing modeling.   

Solutions and services: LIMRA offers a number of solutions and services through their knowledge of the consumer and their research. They’ve created original tools and programs to help their members to attract more talent, defend account takeover intrusions, satisfy compliance needs, evaluate and engage candidates and boost sales strength.

LIMRA’s InfoCenters offer members access to information and inquiry services. The InfoCenters have an extensive library of materials on the financial services and insurance industries. LIMRA also has InfoCenter staff that can help with information or research requests.   

Industry trends: LIMRA resources allow for its members to access industry news and trend data in order to make decisions that can help lead to success. LIMRA’s news also allows you to stay up to date on the topics of today, including blockchain resources and LIMRA Data Exchange Standards. 

LIMRA’s trending topics currently include resources regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Financial Wellness, Help Protect Our Families, Industry news2use and Member Connection. Financial Wellness aids consumers by addressing their needs and opportunities. Help Protect Our Families is a campaign to help Americans reach financial security by reducing gaps among life insurance coverage across the country.  

Events: LIMRA offers live and virtual events, conferences, webinars and workshops with other members within the industry. These events provide attendees with career-building and learning opportunities. There are live and recorded webinars with industry professionals to learn more about industry topics and overviews of their research. Members can also network with other leaders within the industry and participate on peer committees.  

News: LIMRA’s Newsroom offers a number of resources including a Fact Tank, industry trends and continued news releases. Members of LIMRA can receive news through the association’s newsletters, Industry news2use and Member Connection, and a number of other publications. LIMRA also puts out their own magazine, MarketFacts: Your Recourse for Industry Insights. 

LIMRA’s news releases give their member’s information on the latest research, corporate announcements and industry topics. LIMRA Unplugged offers videos that combine research with the real world. These videos offer explanations and discussions about marketing challenges and opportunities.

What is LIMRA AML Training?

LIMRA’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training is a program offered to help financial companies comply with anti-money laundering training and tracking requirements and stop money laundering attempts. LIMRA AML Training serves companies by providing a fast and inexpensive way to access and abide by the U.S. Treasury Department’s rules and requirements.

The training program is industry-wide, and provides training for securities and insurance producers and employees. The program bases its teachings on real-life industry situations. The program also provides reporting options to help companies keep track of who has started, hasn’t started and completed the program. 

LIMRA offers refresher courses each year for professionals to stay updated and continue to recognize and stop money laundering. Courses are offered in both Spanish and English and can be accessed on any device.   

How Does LIMRA Help Insurance Brokers and Agents?

LIMRA works to bring the financial services industry together. The company works to connect data, solutions, thought leadership and much more to people in the insurance and financial services industries. 

For insurance brokers and agents, LIMRA drives to empower them through their information and resources. LIMRA wants these insurance brokers and agents to succeed through knowledge, connections, insights and solutions that can be found in LIMRA’s extensive resources.LIMRA also plays a crucial role in the prevention of money laundering thanks to its comprehensive AML Training.  

For the insurance industry, LIMRA offers insight into the development and pricing of products, consumers, employee and employer viewpoints and actions. In addition, LIMRA helps brokers and agents to access information on unbiased benchmarks and effective sales processes. LIMRA also has a number of study groups that industry professionals can join in order to make connections and learn more. These study groups take a look at product development and trends, regulation, technology, underwriting, issues and distribution.     

Compare Life Insurance

Though associations like LIMRA work to protect both insurance professionals and consumers, it’s still important to do your own research before you purchase a life insurance policy. Benzinga offers insights and reviews of the following life insurance policies. You may want to consider beginning your search for the right insurance policy using the links below. 

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    Those Under 50 Years Old
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  • securely through Ladder Life Insurance's website
    securely through Ladder Life Insurance's website
    Best For:
    Adjustable coverage
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    Ladder Insurance Services, LLC (CA license # OK22568; AR license # 3000140372) distributes term life insurance products issued by multiple insurers – for further details see All insurance products are governed by the terms set forth in the applicable insurance policy. Each insurer has financial responsibility for its own products. Coverage amounts vary by state.

  • securely through Haven Life Insurance's website
    securely through Haven Life Insurance's website
    Best For:
    Under Age 64
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    Haven Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy (ICC21 Haven Term in certain states, including NC) issued by C.M. Life Insurance Company (C.M. Life), Enfield, CT 06082. In New York (DTC-NY) and California (DTC-CA), it is issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001.

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    Young families
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    Term life insurance
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    *excludes New York

  • securely through Sproutt Life's website
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    People with healthy lifestyles
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Understanding the Life Insurance Industry

Are you currently shopping for a life insurance policy? If you are, you might be having trouble telling the difference between the many types of policy options available to you. 

From affordable term life insurance to whole life insurance that includes a cash value portion that you can take advantage of while you are still alive, there are life insurance policies for every person and every individual situation. If you’re still early in your search for insurance, you may want to browse Benzigna’s comprehensive life insurance section to learn more about the many types of policies on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is LIMRA certification good for?


LIMRA certifications are typically good for 12 months and require a refresher course to be completed every year. LIMRA is constantly keeping their courses, programs and certifications up to date and offer the latest information of that year through the refresher courses. For LIMRA AML certification, you’ll need to complete your continuing education and refresher course once every two years.


Is LIMRA AML free?


Pricing for the LIMRA AML training program is scaled by volume for companies. This means that the price each participant pays is varied depending on the overall resources available from the insurance company that’s requiring the training. However, most companies will allow you to take the course for free if the company is a LIMRA member. However, you can take the AML training base course for free through LIMRA as an individual even if you are not currently employed by a company that is a member of LIMRA. This is an affordable and convenient way to learn a little more about the life insurance industry and its regulations before entering a career in insurance or finance.  


Benzinga crafted a specific methodology to rank life insurance. To see a comprehensive breakdown of our methodology, please visit our Life Insurance Methodology page.