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November 15, 2021
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securely through VIG's website is a web and mobile app that provides interactive and gamified decision intelligence to trade stocks, ETFs, options and crypto. delivers real-time analytics, market tools, screeners, alerts, live news and earnings to the exploding metaverse generation’s DIY retail traders and investors to help them discover new investments, find trade opportunities and learn about markets. It offers the benefits of the traditional trading of today while opening the door to every aspect of the future’s decentralized finance (DeFi). The option to play fantasy stock games while you’re hard at the business of making money in the stock and crypto markets adds a fresh dimension you can’t find elsewhere.

Best For
  • Traders in the market of today with an eye to the DeFi of tomorrow
  • Free real-time market data
  • Indicators and real-time alerts
  • Ability to create stock screeners
  • Unified stock, crypto, ETFs, options and movers terminal
  • Daily fantasy stock games
  • Could use few more crypto options

VIG Ratings at a Glance Customer Service Pricing Mobile App User Benefits User Experience Overall is the first gamified decision intelligence trading app for stocks, options, ETFs and crypto. Adhering to its proclaimed goal – to help retail traders by providing market data, analytics and decision support tools – means that its free account can work just fine. The platform, accessible for free online and via the iOS App Store, provides a forum for traders with custom alerts, algorithms, market indicators and content channels on a subscription basis, effectively creating a Roblox-like Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) environment. also brings a powerful research and investor education platform for the casual investor to expand their knowledge base and raise their game. Built to empower future generations of investors while meeting the needs of the traders of 2021, it offers a powerful educational resource for those who want to learn while simultaneously offering skilled financial pros and elite traders access to as much competitive advantage as they can handle. As Jonathan Gibbons, founder said, “If Spotify and Roblox had a baby and raised it in the house of Reddit – that’s We’re gathering and making available data flows that have historically been available only to a select few.” Customer Service serves customers on a close-to-24/7 basis with fast-response, applicable personal email support – Sunday missives are answered early Monday. In addition to responsive support, it also provides over 1,000 in-app knowledge-base articles covering a multitude of investment and trading topics. Its explanations of trading concepts and ideas are written in plain language, letting you take away actionable knowledge that is far-and-away better than your average educational postings.

Security is paramount with the requirement for users to verify accounts via Google, Twitter or Apple logins or’s own 2-factor authentication process. Pricing offers free real-time market data available on its website covering stocks, ETFs and crypto pricing, fundamentals and reference data. Anyone who’s placed more than a trade or 2 knows that a lack of real-time data paralyzes you; to get up-to-the-minute price action for free is pure gold. Or pure Bitcoin.

Sign up for a free trial with no credit card to start. If isn’t right for you, it's uncommonly easy to cancel.

Traders who want more can subscribe to the PRO account for $49.99 per month. offers a lifetime 30% discount off its monthly PRO subscription to Benzinga readers. Users get PRO access for $34.99 per month versus the standard $49.99 per month price.

With the refer-a-friend promo, whenever someone you refer creates a account, you’ll earn a $2 account credit. As an added bonus, you’ll get another account credit equal to 10% of their total spend on anything they purchase within the first 30 days of creating their account.

You can decline sharing your info with the platform. Mobile App

The mobile app has many different modes and options to navigate through, allowing traders to pick what works best for them. On it, traders build a customizable watchlist, learn more about a market or use one of the many indicators or screeners to help build trading knowledge. The fantasy trading games work just as well there as on the desktop, and you can play them anywhere your phone takes you. User Benefits has a dynamic dashboard that has it all on 1 screen, combining stocks, options, ETFs, crypto, earnings, news and movers into a single interface. Learn as much as you want, whenever you want with’s robust libraries. 

All the info you need to ace trading is right there in the vig real-time Terminal. Here you are able to view Real-time price charting, your watchlists, top gainers/losers on each session, vig’s proprietary trade signal alerts, options flow trade visualizations, unusual options activity scans, put/call ratios, and interactive earnings calendars, plus mover details for the day. It also integrates options data into the price charts to show you unique price levels of support/resistance based on the current options market positioning. This way you can know where things are headed.

Take 3 steps to play the fantasy trading games: create an account in less than 1 minute; enter your first contest for free and make your picks; track the game and see if your picks finish in-the-money. Games vary and include Half Day, Full Day, Weekly, Monthly, 50/50s, Guaranteed Prize Pools, Tournament Brackets, Head-to-Head, Pick ‘em Combos in stocks, crypto and ETFs.

Withdraw your cash in multiple ways or use it to level-up to a PRO subscription. User Experience offers a unique experience that keeps traders coming back. Explore 21 market sectors to decide which direction to head in for your trades. Even the sector choices show how future-oriented is. In addition to the Miscellaneous Sector – companies that don’t meet a predefined sector – the forward-thinking has an Unknown Sector for disruptors that don’t fit any sector or have yet to be defined as industry. Who wouldn’t want to be connected to an entity that thinks like that?

With the platform you get:

  • Real-Time Exchange Data: Access more than 1 billion U.S. stock, ETF, cryptocurrency , options and futures data in real-time – with no delays.
  • Dynamic Security Comparisons: Compare stocks and ETFs in similar categories, industries, and sectors using the vSCORE –'s proprietary scoring system for evaluating securities­ – to find actionable investment opportunities.
  • Algorithm-Powered Live Charting: Monitor market structure levels, auction price gaps, liquidity and volume flows and momentum patterns; plus, with the ability to cross-reference price action against options market data, brings a whole new charting experience for market participants.
  • Customizable, Interactive Watchlists: Track, filter and organize security lists with integrated scoring, unlimited algorithmic alerts, and real-time market movement updates.
  • Next-Gen Market Indicators: Analyze deep data quickly and easily with prebuilt indicators that track market impacting trends.
  • Watchlist Security Ticker and Logo:  While some securities have memorable ticker symbols, many do not.  By having the company’s logo next to the symbol, you will know instantaneously who you are looking at.
  • OptionsMatrix: Traders track unusual options activity with the proprietary OptionsMatrix, the fastest real-time options trade feed in the world combined with the most powerful options discovery scanner in the world with 100+ prebuilt unusual options scans.

All the info you need to trade fast and well appears on the dark-themed screen including a left-side tabs for terminal, stock screener, explore, live charts, watchlist, options matrix, market indicators, games, news, and alerts. vs. Competitors

Best For
  • DeFi Investing
securely through VIG's website

As the first trading app with gamification at its heart, knocks competitors off the auction block. And since with free means free – in contrast to competitors where free means sort-of or partially or aspects-of free – there’s no comparison. A main difference between and its competitors is that it offers an expansive base of resources with no subscription cost, a real-time (to the millisecond) options data feed and an options data feed combination. The fantasy stock trading games are, at this point, only a fantasy at’s competitors. Overall is a full-service, single-place-to go platform with tools and benefits that hearken back to an era when airplane travel meant a full meal with actual silverware. Add real-time data on top of the educational features and its Green Hornet-speed, and you can plunk yourself down at your screen and make money indefinitely. 

If your real trades aren’t pleasing you at the moment, one of the cleverly named fantasy stock trading games will. While you can certainly trade well on any stodgy brokerage platform out there, if you’re a forward-thinker seeking disruptive arenas, you’ll be out in front of the rest with From security, to user experience, takes care of its users. Check it out today, for free, with no commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most profitable asset right now?


Many people would consider the most profitable asset to date to be Bitcoin. Since 2011, Bitcoin’s cumulative gains have exceeded 20,000,000%, making it the top performing asset in the last decade. On an annualized scale, Bitcoin returns about 230%, which is about 10 times greater than Nasdaq returns. 


What is the current crypto market cap?


The overall market cap of cryptocurrencies crossed the $3-trillion mark on Monday, Nov. 8, 2021. The market-leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) hit a 3-week high of $66,400, gaining 6% in 24 hours. The coin had a daily trading volume of $34 billion at the time of writing and accounted for 43.17% of the crypto market. Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, rose to an all-time high of $4,762 during Asian trading hours Monday. The leading altcoin had a trading volume of $16 billion and accounted for 19.58% of the market. Other large-cap altcoins also saw significant gains over the weekend, including Avalanche (AVAX), a Layer 1 smart contract platform, which hit an all-time high of $96.91. It surged 15% in the last 24 hours to become the 12th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

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