Top 20 TikTok Finance Influencers to Follow

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Contributor, Benzinga
March 30, 2022

When you’re learning about your finances, remember that there are many places to look. There has been some talk about where you should find your information—including a rather famous commercial featuring a retired baby—but you should know that there are many more sources out there than an old-school financial advisor would like you to believe. 

So, where do you go? Can you get good information from YouTube or TikTok? This list includes 20 financial influencers who are consistently sharing their finance hacks on TikTok. While many adults believe TikTok is a place where kids make silly videos, there are gurus sharing salient financial information that could change your life—if you’re willing to download the app and watch. 

Milan Singh @milansinghhh

When you check out Milan Singh, remember that you’re watching a young financial guru who covers a wide range of topics from credit cards to how much it costs to open a Domino’s. Like many people, he found this path by accident, but it’s something that he’s embraced—and that could provide you with a lot of good information. Plus, it’s entertaining. He’s not lecturing you, but you’re learning about how to manage your finances on several levels. 

Humphrey Yang @humphreytalks

If you check out Humphrey Yang, remember that he’s funny. Before anything else, you’ll remember what he says because he makes you laugh. Plus, he works hard to make financial concepts simple because TikTok doesn’t let you go on for hours and hours. As a result, you can stay on his channel for as long as you like and never get bored.

John Eringman @johnefinance

John Eringman is a fun TikToker who sort of rides the line between old-school Vines and financial information. He creates full conversations with himself—much like Thomas Sanders—and he teaches concepts that are not covered very well by traditional financial outlets. In fact, many of his videos would seem “obvious” to most financial professionals, but John knows this stuff isn’t obvious to his audience. 

Nick Meyer @nicktalksmoney

Nick Meyer is a Certified Financial Planner, and he creates basic videos that give you actionable information. As these videos come together, you can see his thought process, what the end result should be and why you should start today. It’s simple, it’s easy and you can watch his whole channel on TikTok while taking notes.

John Liang @Johnsfinancetips

John Liang does what so many other TikTokers do when they want to make a point—he talks to himself. He’s got the kind of energy that makes you want to watch him, but he also explains himself in ways that anyone can understand. So, instead of being captivated by a storyline or confused by the concept, you get the concept and the storyline in one video. He has the same energy as everyone’s favorite medical professional at Tips From the ER. For example, you can watch John talk to himself about paying off a mortgage or investing the extra money.

Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k

Tori Dunlap is a big voice for women in finance. Her ideas are to the point, and they often don’t conclude after one video. This isn’t so much to keep you watching as it’s her honesty about the complexity of personal finance. For example, she has a series of videos on negotiating your salary and advocating for what you’re worth, but she admits up front that it’s too difficult to explain all that information in just one TikTok video. That honesty alone makes her both trustworthy and interesting—not to mention life-changing.

Taylor Price @pricelesstay

When you visit Taylor Price’s TikTok channel, you’ll find that she makes concepts so simple that they end long before most TikTok videos have gotten going. As a result, you learn quickly without feeling like you need to watch the video over and over again. Plus, she drops music into her videos that makes them all the more memorable, especially when you’re trying to learn about finance—a confusing subject for many. 

Rahul Rai @thelaymaninvestor

Rahu Rai is a funny TikToker that makes light of simple financial topics that you might not have necessarily considered until you saw his videos. Most notably, he makes videos with text like, “When I see bae paying off her credit card early.” Because these things matter, you’ll be interested. Slide through his videos and you’ll have some food for thought that you can apply to your life now and in the future.

Delyanne Barros @delyannethemoneycoach

Delyanne Barros “teaches investors to slay the stock market” with TikTok videos that carefully lay out what you should do to make a difference in your pocketbook. For example, a video called “The Investing Journey to $1 Million” lays out the plan with some music and dancing. It stands out, it’s fun to watch and it makes sense. What else could you ask for?

Sara Rosalia @sarafinance

Sara Rosalia is a 20-year old millionaire who comes to TikTok to both dispense advice and motivate viewers. She posts often about chasing your dreams, but she also provides updates on what her investment portfolio looks like. You can mirror her approach, grab a few tips or just get the motivation to start today. 

Michele Allocca @breakyourbudget

Michele Allocca at Break Your Budget offers informational videos either on her own or as interviews with other financial professionals. For example, she explains how to build credit and talks about what builds credit. You can search for a video that tells you everything you need to know, or you can watch her entire channel to learn what’s possible, especially when you’re completely new to these concepts.

Lexa VanDamme @theavocadotoastbudget

When you check out Lexa Van Damme at The Avocado Toast Budget, you will see instantly that she gets right to the point with videos that explain everything from why her worst enemy is Dave Ramsey to financial boundaries. She calls her brand “shame-free budgeting”, and we could all use a little bit of that. 

Seth Godwin @seth.godwin

Seth Godwin is an interesting character who creates short videos that give you actionable information on a single topic. He teaches viewers how to stay up to date with DeFi, how to never pay interest, and more. Because his style is so blunt and his wit is so dry, it’s easy to get hooked and watch the whole channel in just one afternoon. 

Allison Baggerley @inspiredbudget

Allison Baggerley at Inspired Budget is a fun TikToker because her dog is in most of her videos and she has amazing handwriting (seriously, check out her videos.) She offers budget tips, writes down much of what she says, makes it easy to understand and covers basics like “What is a Roth IRA” or “Does $100 Make a Difference.” Her channel couldn’t be simpler, brighter or more endearing. 

The Blockchain Boy @theblockchainboy

The Blockchain Boy, of course, is pretty interested in crypto. However, he’s giving you a backstage look at the crypto industry, events and even mining facilities. You can see where your money goes when you invest in crypto, but you will also learn how to get connected to the industry if that’s what you want. 

The Legacy Investing Show @thelegacyinvestingshow

The Legacy Investing Show is a fast-paced walk through the financial world with videos like, “Are You Lazy But Still Want to Be in the 1%?” We can all agree that it’s hard to invest—or at least get started—but the Legacy Investing Show explains what to do in just seconds, and the hits keep coming with titles like “How to Afford a Louis Vuitton Backpack,” “What the Rich Want to Tell You About Their Wealth,” and “How Do Car Dealerships Make a Profit?”

Gina Zakaria @savingwhizgina

When you look into Gina Zakaria’s TikTok channel, you will find easy budgeting tips that are mostly based around food. Want to save some money? Use her tips to put some money back into your budget. She talks about cutting your grocery bill in half, budgeting in general, food prep and even store-specific shopping hacks. 

Sunil Saxena @thesunialsaxena

Sunil Saxena explains real estate investing in practical terms, describing what can be done with just one rental property. All this information can be applied to the one rental property you can afford, or you can expand your portfolio like he has. He talks about how much money he can make on just one Airbnb, how to get started, how to be a wholesaler and much more.  

Mark Tilbury @marktilbury

Mark Tilbury is an old-school financial professional who dispenses information that everyone needs to know like, “Will College Make You Rich?” or “How to Get a Refund.” When you need real-time information you can apply to your daily life, try Mark’s TikTok channel. Plus, you can look through his list of viral videos that range from “Do This to Get Rich” to “How to Always Get a Yes.” 

Felipe Finance @Felipe Finance

For those who need a Spanish-language TikTok influencer, Felipe Finance is your guy. His videos cover Bitcoin, investment tips and more. Not only is he interesting and funny, but he’s a good person to watch if you’re trying to learn the language.