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June 28, 2022
Stock Trading Pro
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Stock Trading Pro turns struggling chart readers into confident traders. Traders find free educational resources, a trading bootcamp and an active trading community. Free educational videos and blog articles draw users to the website where they learn valuable information without spending a dime. Once they see what these trading experts have to offer, most are ready to leap on the 14-Day Trading Bootcamp designed by owner and veteran trader Pete Renzulli. Stock Trading Pro has positively impacted many traders as seen by the affirmative reviews and glowing testimonials on the company’s website.

Best For
  • New traders looking for guidance
  • Traders seeking a community
  • Traders needing a boost of confidence and professional guidance honing their strategy
  • Provides free educational resources for new stock traders
  • Focuses on community and trader network
  • Offers a comprehensive trading bootcamp
  • The 14-Day Bootcamp overdelivers with training and coaching, so those pressed for time may find it overwhelming.

Stock Trading Pro’s Product Offering [4.5 Stars]

Stock Trading Pro, started by professional trader Pete Renzulli, offers several products, including a trading bootcamp, newsletter, YouTube videos and a blog designed to help new investors learn stock trading. These items, including the generous amount of free information issued through a variety of channels, result in a product offering rating of five stars. 

When visiting the homepage, you'll see a YouTube video followed by a weekly calendar of events. Many of these events are members only, although a thirty-minute stream is open to the public on YouTube three times a week. Below, you’ll find recent content updates and a biography about the creator. Pete touts over 20 years of trading experience, including creating a trading strategy called the NY Method alongside other veterans of the New York Stock Exchange. Pete’s professional investing firm, Keystone Trading, has more than 300 traders that traded more than 500 million shares monthly. He has trained over 10,000 traders to date.

From the homepage, you can easily navigate to the Stock Trading Pro YouTube channel, which hosts free educational videos about trading and investing. Pete covers news related to the market, which is an excellent tool for new traders to learn how to predict and analyze current market movements based on world events. In addition to news, the videos provide stock market tips, secrets and strategies. Content is delivered in a way that is accommodating for beginners, who gain stock trading education without being intimidated by courses aimed at those with prior investing knowledge and experience. 

Should you desire daily updates from Pete, you can sign up for the Smart Money Footprints ebook and, as a bonus, receive the Stock Trading Pro daily newsletter. By providing your name, email address and phone number, you’ll receive an email with details about the Smart Money Footprints Training program and the daily newsletter. The Smart Money Footprints Training option is a free download intended to introduce you to topics such as price action, chart reading and order flow. It is highly detailed for a free product and a great introduction to learning more about Stock Trading Pro’s trading method. 

For those looking to take a deeper dive into trading, Stock Trading Pro also offers a 14-Day Bootcamp that starts you out with basic techniques you can build on to move from novice trader to money-making trading expert. To register for the bootcamp, visit the Stock Trading Pro home page. 

The bootcamp focuses on a strategy dubbed the NY Method. Camp days are packed with lessons, Discord access and live streams. Starting with the basics of stocks and the market, the bootcamp teaches about order flows. Following this, you learn about charts and indicators. The second week of the course focuses primarily on live trading and mentoring. 

Order flow, for example, focuses on tracking and piggybacking the smart money that moves stocks up and down. The NY Method shows you the unique "order flow stacking" system so that you take high probability trades. 

This concept is essentially what is analyzed with order flow trading; however, it is at a much more in-depth level in the bootcamp. You can identify noteworthy trades that move market prices. In addition, many follow the smart money and take indicators from the trades of those moving millions of dollars at a time. Pete and his team at Stock Trading Pro are experts in this trading method.

Customer Service Rating [5 Stars]

Stock Trading Pro asks that interested traders use email to get in contact with its customer service team. To contact Stock Trading Pro’s customer service team, send a message to, and count on a prompt response. You can also call the team at 858-422-3720.

If you are interested in finding out more about membership extending beyond the 14-Day Bootcamp, you’ll schedule a call with a Stock Trading Pro team member. It’s not a pressure-filled sales call but rather Pete’s commitment to making sure that a longer-term membership is the right fit for you. Stock Trading Pro, unlike some of its competitors who may sell services to those who don’t need them, works with you to learn your goals and help you decide if the product will really help you.

Security [4 Stars] 

Stock Trading Pro does not provide information regarding security besides its basic privacy policy. The privacy policy lists the data collected and states that information is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. In addition, the privacy policy mentions that your personal information may be used to inform you of sales or be sold, rented or leased to third parties for promotional purposes. 

Customer Pricing [4.5 Stars]

The pricing of Stock Trading Pro is a steal for the information-packed 14-Day Bootcamp. And you aren’t just sitting there listening —- it’s as interactive as a high-intensity bootcamp should be. The boot camp costs $195, which is a fair price considering the volume of information covered. You can also add additional features such as a $40 Home Study Video Course or a $100 VIP Bootcamp package. For in-depth teaching, the value of $195 delivers value far above the experience you get from competitor sites. Pete’s abundant free educational offerings are a glimpse into the wealth of content that membership brings. Participating in the formal program means you benefit from information that is organized and presented in the most effective manner to help you become an expert and consistently profitable trader.

Stock Trading Pro also has various levels of membership, which grant access to review, coaching, planning and trading sessions. If you want to learn more about membership options, schedule a call with a team member to discuss membership prices for the level of training that you’ll need. You’ll appreciate the free educational resources offered, and when you study them, you’ll be likely to hit the timer button for a hard yes to the 14-Day Bootcamp. 

User Benefits [4.5 Stars]

Stock Trading Pro provides solid benefits for its users. It hosts free resources, a reasonably priced jump-right-in bootcamp and a strong community for those who decide to join. Some of the user benefits that stand out the most include the following. 

  • Free educational resources: Numerous free resources are provided through Stock Trading Pro. Its YouTube channel has valuable information, and Stock Trading Pro provides a free downloadable lesson and a newsletter. This information can be a great starting point for new traders who are uncertain where to start. A few hours on the site will be all you need to convince you to spring for the bootcamp. 
  • Advanced, affordable education: The 14-Day Bootcamp is a fabulous option for traders looking for a boost of confidence or a program that connects the dots in their trading knowledge. It is appropriate for new traders and experienced traders who want to learn more about how to use a tried-and-true trading strategy to improve their returns. You will walk away with a greater understanding and mastery of trading strategy. At a price point of less than $200, Stock Trading Pro is also affordable for most users. 
  • Access to a live-trading community: Another benefit offered with a membership of Stock Trading Pro or participation in the 14-Day Bootcamp is the live-trading community. Stock-trading communities often boast higher returns and more successful trades than individual traders because members can discuss the market and learn from others. When live trading, you can talk to others about entry and exit points and analyze the market together, almost as if you were on the trading floor of an exchange.

Overall Rating [4.5 Stars]

Stock Trading Pro is a viable option for those seeking a structured and organized educational trading program with a vibrant trading community. By joining, you can enjoy trading with the support of others and share ideas and strategies. The prices are fair for the bootcamp, which provides a wealth of current information you can use right out of the gate. With free options designed for beginners that entice you to join so you can learn more, Stock Trading Pro is a cost-effective place to learn more about the market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do pro stock traders make?


There is no specific, guaranteed amount of money that professional stock traders earn. Rather, it ranges depending on the trader. To be considered a professional trader, you must be engaged in trading full-time rather than dabbling as a hobby. The amount earned is based on current market conditions and your skills as a trader.


How can I be a pro in trading?


To become a pro trader, you need to focus on your education. Professional traders do not just set up a trading account and start making money consistently. Succeeding in the long term requires an understanding of the market, which you can only achieve with study and experience. To become a professional in trading, just as with other professions, it takes time, training and dedication. 


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