Best Cheap Car Insurance in Portland, OR

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June 16, 2021

Want to save money on your car insurance? Find and compare free custom quotes here.

Want to know how to save money on auto insurance in Portland? We reviewed dozens of the top car insurance companies in Portland to help you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank. Here's what you need to know.

Cheap Car Insurance in Portland:

Portland Car Insurance Overview

Car insurance costs can vary widely and depend on factors like the car you drive and how old the car is, as well as any driving infractions you may have. You also need to hold a minimum amount of car insurance in Oregon in order to adhere to state law. The Oregon state minimums are as follows:

Bodily injury 

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident

Property damage liability

  • $20,000 per accident

Uninsured motorist bodily injury

  • $15,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident

Uninsured motorist property damage 

  • $25,000 per accident 

Portland Insurance Minimum Explained 

These state minimums are designed to provide you with some basic coverage, but they’re not enough to cover the high cost of medical bills, property damage or uninsured drivers. It’s a good idea to get more than just the minimum insurance coverage in order to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident (whether it was your fault or not). 

Plus, uninsured drivers are a well-known risk and you should prepare by having plenty of uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage coverage. 

Portland Driving Laws You Should Know

Have you lived in Portland for a while? It’s still a good idea to refresh on the basics of driving laws in the area. A clean driving record and sticking to the rules of the road is not only a smart idea, it can also help you save money on your car insurance as well. You’ll pay less for car insurance without tickets or infractions compared to those who have speeding tickets, DUIs or other infractions. 

Cellphone Use

It’s illegal to drive while holding or using an electronic device of any kind in Oregon, which includes a cellphone, tablet, GPS or laptop. You can have your first fine waived if you’re a first-time offender and you attend an approved distracted driving avoidance course.  

Seat Belt Use

All children under 8 who weigh less than 40 pounds must be secured in a child safety seat. Children under 2 need to be placed in a rear-facing child seat. Oregon doesn’t specifically require children to be in the back seat of vehicles, unlike other states. All adults (drivers and passengers) must be secured by a safety belt. 

Drinking and Driving Laws

Oregon law prohibits alcohol, inhalants, cannabis or controlled substances. A blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more can count as a DUI and fines, depending on the offense. For example, you’ll spend 48 hours in jail if it’s your first offense or do 80 hours to 1 year of community service. Penalties are harsher for higher offenses.

Your license can be revoked and you can pay a fine as low as $1,000 but as high as $125,000 if you’ve been convicted of a Class C felony. Common class C felonies can include theft as well as DUI charges. 

Insurance Rates in Portland per Vehicle

What factors can affect the rates you pay for insurance?  Your car’s age, make and model are obvious factors, but did you know that whether or not your car is a foreign brand can also affect your insurance? Your insurance credit score is also a factor. Different insurers have different formulas that they use to compute the rate that you pay, so it’s a good idea to get quotes from multiple car insurance providers in Portland. 

Check out the costs of high-risk insurance if you’re concerned about your driving record or credit score, especially if you’ve tried getting quotes before and the rates seem higher than average to you. 

What Makes a Specific Car Expensive to Insure?

Generally speaking, foreign-made cars are more expensive to insure than American-made cars, because parts may be harder to get and mechanics may not have as much experience as they do with national car brands. Beyond that, specific car editions can affect the price you pay for car insurance in Portland because these types of cars often have other features that can make them costlier to insure than their base model versions. 

Insurance Rates in Portland by Insurance Credit Score

Why does your insurance credit score affect car insurance? Insurers want to know that you’re not a risk. One of the ways that they can find this out is to look at your insurance credit score. They want to insure you if you pay your bills on time, keep your credit in check and practice good financial habits. On the other hand, consistently late payments, a low credit score or a lot of debt could increase your rates. 

Here are some basic rates from insurance companies in Portland for state minimum insurance based on your credit score: 

Credit ScoreCheapest ProviderRate for State Minimum Coverage
Poor 300–579GEICO$1,877
Fair 580–669American Family$1,565
Good 670–739GEICO$1,221
Excellent 740+GEICO$975

Insurance Rates in Portland for Drivers with a Clean Record

You may save several hundred dollars on car insurance in Portland if you’ve got a clean driving record. The rates noted below are only as an example, and you may find that your rates are even lower if you have good driving habits and a good credit score. 

Insurance AgencyState Minimum InsuranceStandard CoverageFull Coverage
Country Financial$684$785$986
State Farm$703 $968

Insurance in Portland with Driving Infractions

Your insurance rates will go up even if you have some blemishes on your driving record, like a DUI or a speeding violation, or even an at-fault accident, but the amount depends on the company and the severity of the accident or violation. As you can see, insurance rates vary substantially, which is why it’s a good idea to get individual quotes from the best car insurance companies in Portland so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying before you sign up. 

Below are sample rates from several top companies selling car insurance in Portland: 

Insurance Agency At-Fault Accident Speed Violation DUI
American Family$1,565$1,258
State Farm$1,662$1,365
Country Financial$1,838$1,125$3,665

3 Best Insurance Providers in Portland

The best insurance providers in Portland vary and depend on your individual circumstances and other factors like the vehicle you drive, your driving record and much more. Here are our top picks. 

American Family
Best For
  • Blanket Coverage

1. Cheapest Car Insurance in Portland: American Family

Affordable and well known, American Family is our top pick for cheap car insurance in Portland. Of course, it’s always a good idea to get more than the minimum coverage, so look beyond the cheapest insurance company and find out which company can provide you with great coverage and affordability. 

Best For
  • Pay-per-mile insurance from an established company

2. Car Insurance in Portland for Multiple Vehicles: Allstate

Allstate is a great option for car insurance in Portland where you want to save money by bundling multiple cars under 1 policy.

Whether you have a new teenage driver or you just want to save money, it’s a smart idea to look for insurance that lets you pile multiple cars on a single policy. 

3. Best Premium Car Insurance in Portland: State Farm

You already know that you need more than the minimum coverage if you have a premium or luxury vehicle.

State Farm
Best For
  • Rideshare drivers

State Farm is a great option for premium car insurance in Portland. Using State Farm as your premium car insurance can help you save money when you take your luxury vehicle out on the road. 

Choose the Right Car Insurance in Portland

The right car insurance in Portland is the one that’s tailored to fit your needs and customized for your budget. The companies profiled here will give you a good starting point so you can compare car insurance prices but get a customized quote so you can better understand what your specific rates are based on your credit history, vehicle, your age and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I have just the minimum amount of car insurance required by my sta


It’s a good idea to purchase more than the state minimum of any type of insurance. State minimums are set relatively low to keep insurance affordable, but in the case of an accident, you can deplete your minimums quickly with expensive medical and property damage costs. Once your bills extend past the minimums, you’ll personally be liable for additional costs and damage. Get the coverage that makes sense for you here.   By putting more coverage on your vehicle, it not only protects other people, it also protects you.


How does my personal credit play a role?


Insurance carriers run credit scores to help determine policy premiums. Your insurance rates will likely be lower if you have an excellent credit score. On the other hand, your insurance rates may be higher if you have a poor credit score. Insurance companies believe credit scores are an indicator of whether you’ll make your insurance payments on time and credit scores combined with other data can be predictive of risk. Check out the best companies for all credit scores now.


What kind of discounts are usually available?


The most common discounts available are multi-policy and auto-pay, but every company is different. Other discounts that are widely available are loyalty, good student and anti-theft device discounts. See our top providers with the best discounts and get a unique quote.

*Quotes were obtained using the following profile: Base 2015 Toyota Camry, male, 40 years old. Policies reflect state minimum coverage options. We make every effort to provide the most accurate quotes based on the profile above. Due to the many combined variables involved in insurance quotes, the only way to get an accurate quote is to enter your own information through our partners' secure websites.

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