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June 16, 2021

Learning different trading strategies is challenging for most people. Learners are forced to go through a process of trial and error to learn the strategies that work for them. PiggiBacks is an online learning platform that teaches beginners, intermediates and advanced traders how to improve their crypto trading skills. Over 22,500 students from 20 different countries rely on PiggiBacks to gain specific knowledge to improve their trading. This review from Benzinga looks at what makes PiggiBacks courses different.

PiggiBacks Product Selection

PiggiBacks offers educational courses that improve your trading skills and abilities. The platform currently offers an Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course which has 8 comprehensive modules consisting of 33 in-depth lessons. These lessons will help you to understand the techniques needed to make profit when trading cryptocurrencies. The course helps you to become a good trader with full knowledge about day trading, swing trading and technical analysis. The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Course offers insights for any level of trader that is looking to improve their skills.

PiggiBacks courses are taught by a top-rated tutor Kundai Dzawo, who specializes in teaching courses that will help you to achieve real results and create positive transformations in your life. Previous students have given Mr. Dzawo an impressive instructor rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on average. 

PiggiBacks Pricing

PiggiBacks pricing structure falls in line with most of its competitors. A promotional base price of $197 USD gives you access to its library of cryptocurrency trading modules. If you are thinking of signing up, keep an eye out for specials discounts. PiggiBacks’ pricing is competitive because it provides a range of modules that are essential to becoming a successful trader, with specific tips for learning how to trade crypto.

PiggiBacks Promotions

PiggiBacks’ promotional base price of $197 USD for lifetime access to all its cryptocurrency trading modules saves you over $1,000 USD in comparison to what competitors offer. This money-saving package saves you from $97 to $197 per module. PiggiBacks’ cost-effective promotion gives you access to everything you need to become a confident cryptocurrency trader. 

PiggiBacks Customer Service

PiggiBacks has good customer service and responds to all questions via email. They are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m GMT Monday to Thursday. We found no outstanding complaints; rather, customers talk about the quality of PiggiBacks’ services and quick response times when emailing them.  If in the first 2 weeks you are unsatisfied with the courses or feel that they are not up to your expectations, you can request a refund. 

PiggiBacks encourages you to contact them about your feedback, concerns or the quality of services via email. On Facebook, the company has 22 likes out of 22 reviews posted. We found no bad reviews or negative feedback on PiggiBacks or its services. 

A drawback is that customer service is limited to four days a week solely via email.

PiggiBacks Mobile App

PiggiBacks does not have a mobile application. To take the online course via mobile, you have to login on their website via a mobile web browser to view the content. The lack of a mobile app detracts from the experience.

PiggiBacks UX

Users talk favorably of their experiences on PiggiBacks and feel that the content is engaging, well structured and educational. They rate the courses highly and encourage anyone wanting to learn about trading to sign up. PiggiBacks helps traders from all backgrounds to gain insights into the best ways to improve their trading skills and increase profits whilst minimizing risk. Users enjoy the content and feel that it is worth the money spent on it. 

PiggiBacks User Benefits

PiggiBacks helps you gain better insights into the terms, patterns, skills and strategies to become a confident cryptocurrency trader. It allows you to understand the cryptocurrency market and the factors that influence price movement. The information that is provided by PiggiBacks is retroactive and is not predictive of what will happen in the future. 

The company does not guarantee its strategies or systems to work all the time, and it provides information solely for educational and informational purposes. It absolves itself from any legal responsibilities in its terms and conditions. 

Users benefit from these services and learn more about the various aspects of cryptocurrency trading to make them more knowledgeable. Customers can use what they learn to identify entry/exit price points and improve their trading skills from the courses on PiggiBacks. 

PiggiBacks Security

PiggiBacks uses advanced encryption technology to protect and store personal information. It doesn’t share your information with anyone, but it may send out periodic emails to users. Users  who want to reduce communication can opt out of the email list in accordance with the PiggiBacks privacy policy.

PiggiBacks uses cookies to track where you go on the website and the length of time you spend there. Cookies expire when you log out of the site and close the browser window. PiggiBacks uses preference cookies to securely store information such as the user name, password and language to create a customized experience. 

PiggiBacks does not share any of this information, keeping it securely stored on its encrypted servers. To date, no security breaches or issues from the data stored on their networks have been reported. 

PiggiBacks Overall Rating

This PiggiBacks review shows that the platform offers educational information to improve any level of a traders knowledge. The pricing, promotions, experience and security are excellent. 

The most significant drawbacks are the lack of a mobile application, users must log in from the PiggiBacks website on a mobile web browser in order to access their content and customer service hours are limited. PiggiBacks is an outstanding source for learning about different areas of trading and cryptocurrencies. 

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PiggiBacks vs Competitors 

Numerous competitors to PiggiBacks offer courses on cryptocurrencies and trading.

  • Udemy has many courses ranging from technical analysis to cryptocurrencies. The costs range from $99.99 to $139.99 per course for lifetime access. Each one offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The content and material are similar to PiggiBacks; users rate both PiggiBacks and Udemy favorably. The differences are in the money-back guarantee, with PiggiBacks offering 14 days and Udemy giving you 30 days. PiggiBacks specializes in trading & investing courses, whereas Udemy is a marketplace that provides various courses from various instructors. Udemy has a mobile application and PiggiBacks requires you to use a web browser to access their courses.
  • Class Central offers different types of free courses through some of the top colleges and universities.  It covers content similar to PiggiBacks, such as cryptocurrency trading and technical analysis. Class Central, which boasts over 30,000 courses, is different from PiggiBacks as there is no lifetime access and customer support is limited. Class Central serves as a third party to sign you up. Additionally, its security policies are not published.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers 16,000 trading and cryptocurrency courses. There is a 30-day free trial, a $29.99 monthly subscription, or $19.99 per month with an annual subscription. It is similar to PiggiBacks, with courses covering cryptocurrencies and trading. PiggiBacks charges one fee for lifetime access whereas LinkedIn Learning does not offer this. LinkedIn Learning has more courses than PiggiBacks, and the money-back guarantee is longer. LinkedIn works on mobile applications or through its website. Both PiggiBacks & LinkedIn Learning provide a certificate of completion when you finish taking their courses.

PiggiBacks Tutorials

PiggiBacks provides detailed YouTube tutorials that explain different trading and cryptocurrency concepts. They are currently offering a free trading guide e-book for new or beginner traders. Their latest tutorial on YouTube at the time that this article was written, teaches you how to use the Binance Exchange. Binance is known to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is crypto trading profitable?


Crypto trading can be profitable. However, it is volatile in its  up and down swings impacting prices. These changes make it challenging to keep up with the shifting trends and changing views on future values. 


How much is a crypto coin worth?


The price of a crypto coin varies widely depending on the currency and market rates. Coin prices  range from $0.02 for cDAI to $45,855 for These prices fluctuate based on the perceptions of demand, current and proposed regulations and levels of acceptance for a particular type of coin. 

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