Best Online Business Degree Programs

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October 5, 2020

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Do you dream of working in the C-suite or running your own business someday? An online business degree may be a good fit for you.

An online degree will help you master essential business concepts and attract top employers to jumpstart your career. If you’re already working in a business-related field and want to accelerate your career growth, an online business degree can be what you need to spruce up your resume. 

We’ve found the top programs help you acquire advanced business knowledge or hone your existing skills to reach the next level. 

Quick Look" Best Online Business Degree Programs

Why Choose an Online Business Degree

An online business degree can afford you lots of opportunities in your professional and personal life. You’ll develop valuable skills that can be used in many professions and forge connections with others in the industry that will benefit you for a lifetime. 


When you earn an online business degree, you’ll open the door to a host of career options. Many professions require some form of higher education to get your foot in the door, and this degree will help you stand out among other applicants. Why? Employers recognize that business degree holders have leadership skills and can adapt to different environments, which makes you a more viable candidate. 

Career Advancement Opportunities

Tired of being stuck in the same role? You can earn an online business degree to advance your skills and make yourself more valuable in the workplace. This positions you for promotions that arise or a role that requires a bachelor’s degree to qualify. If your employer doesn’t have opportunities you’re interested in, you can pursue roles at other companies. 

Earning Potential

Business degree holders enjoy healthy salaries that afford them the lifestyle they deserve. You may not start off making a 6-figure salary, but it’s possible to reach this level in a short span time by working hard and capitalizing on networking opportunities. 

How to Choose an Online Business Degree

Not all online business degrees are the same. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which programs are best? Consider the following when evaluating your top selections. 


Is the program AACSB-accredited? If not, is it accredited by any other organization that is recognized by other higher education institutions or employers? 

You’d hate to spend years of your life working toward a degree that isn’t recognized and won’t help you that dream job. Be sure to check the accreditation status of the program you’re considering before enrolling. 

Also, take a look at past reviews from students. Were they satisfied with the program? How was their overall experience? Where are they now? These questions will help you get a better feel for the reputation of the program and if it’s a worthwhile investment for you. 


You want an online program that allows you to work at your own pace. This is especially important for busy professionals with demanding schedules. 

Review the program description to learn more about how instruction is delivered. Do you have to sit in on live lectures or can you watch pre-recorded versions at a later date? Are there deadlines for coursework submissions? 

Interested in an accelerated program? Review the program description to determine whether it’s an option for you. 

Cost of Attendance

Online business degrees acquire a hefty investment of your time and money. That doesn’t mean you should overpay for a program, though. 

Compare the tuition per credit hour, fees and average cost of attendance per year among your top 5 selections. Eliminate those from your list that seem a bit pricier than the others. You may also want to consider universities that offer the same tuition and fee structure for in-state and out-of-state students. 

Jobs Waiting for You With a Business Degree

We’ve included some of the top job opportunities for business majors. 

Accountant or Auditor 

Do you enjoy working with numbers? A career as an accountant may be the perfect fit for you. You’ll prepare financial reports and tax returns and organize financial records, analyze financial operations and compile a list of suggestions for improvement for management and ensure compliance with state and federal laws. You will also calculate tax obligations, prepare returns and follow-up to ensure your company remits timely payments. 

In 2018, the median pay for accountants and auditors was $70,500 per year or $33.89 per hour. 

Human Resources Specialist 

Human resources specialists help organizations identify talent from the pool of applicants for open roles. In this role, you will identify suitable candidates, conduct reference and background checks, communicate with prospects about the role, extend job offers and assist with orientation. You may also be tasked with maintaining employee records and handling any documentation requirements. 

On average, human resources specialists earn $29.27 per hour, or $60,880 annually. 

Financial Analyst 

As a financial analyst, you can help your employer make wise investment decisions. You will make investment recommendations to key decision-makers based on research related to the performance of bonds, stocks and other types of investments. Choose from a career as a fund manager, portfolio manager, ratings analyst or risk analyst, just to name a few. 

The average salary for financial analysts is $85,660 per year, or $41.18 per hour. 

Best Online Colleges for a Business Degree

Let Benzinga help you find the most suitable best online business degree program. We’ve compiled a list of the top options, a review of each and the cost of attendance to help you make an informed decision. 

1. University of Florida


The University of Florida offers an online Bachelor of Arts or Science in business administration. Both programs are housed in the Warrington College of Business and teach fundamental business principles. 

Courses are led by accomplished professors and cover multiple areas of business, including accounting, business communication, business computing, business law, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, marketing and real estate. Instructors also shed light on key concepts you should master to be an effective business leader. 

Here’s how the 2 programs vary: 

  • The Bachelor of Arts in business administration lays a solid foundation of business principles and delves into a specialized area. Choose from anthropology, business and economic geography, educational studies, general studies, geology, mass communication, sociology, sport management or travel and tourism management. 
  • Bachelor of Science in business administration focuses on all business disciplines. Students who pursue this degree will not focus on a specialty. 

The cost per credit hour is $129.18 per credit hour — tuition and fees are $111.92 and $17.26, respectively. 

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2. Rutgers University 


Attract top employers in business fields with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Rutgers Online. The program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB). It’s designed for students who already have at least 18 credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university under their belt. 

The courses are designed to prepare you for a career in the business world and you will gain the skills needed to make an immediate impact in your new role. Plus, you will receive instruction from the same professors that lead on-campus courses. They delve into modern business practices and leverage techniques, strategies and tools to help you comprehend the material. 

Students can also participate in the 12-day study abroad experience or complete an internship for college credit. Or you can enroll in their integrated Bachelor of Arts/Master of Business Administration program. 

Tuition for fully online undergraduate students is $550 per credit hour. An on-line program fee of $300 per course also applies. 

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3. Kansas State University 


The Global Campus at Kansas State University features 2 accredited undergraduate business programs. 

The Applied Business and Technology bachelor’s degree program includes accounting, management, marketing and other business-related coursework. It also allows you to transfer a large number of courses from a technical school or community college you attended before enrolling. 

The Bachelor of Science in business administration teaches the mechanics of accounting, finance, management and marketing. You will also learn about the 4 components of operations/supply management, business analytics and human resource management. This program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the business world. 

It’s $436.40 per credit hour, and you need 120 credit hours to complete each program. 

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4. University of Arizona 


The University of Arizona offers an online Bachelor of Science in business administration from the Eller College of Management. 

This program includes prerequisites on a variety of core business topics, including business communication, ethics, finance information systems, management and marketing. Upon completion, you will move into major coursework on the economics of business decisions, financial accounting, human resources, innovation, marketing analytics, project management and real estate

You will also complete real-world projects to gain invaluable knowledge and skills that you can apply in the field. 

Tuition is $525 per credit hour for pre-business students. The prices increase to $560 per credit hour for individuals who have declared as business majors and completed all the required prerequisites. 

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5. University of Wyoming 


Accredited by the AACSB, the online business administration program from the University of Wyoming provides you with a solid foundation in an array of business disciplines. Upon completion, you will have the expertise to excel in a business or government role. 

The program is designed for individuals who have already completed their general education and prerequisite business course work at a community college or qualifying institution. 

When you’re admitted to the program, you will complete the following courses to earn your degree: 

  • Business ethics 
  • Computer applications
  • Financial markets and institutions 
  • Human resources management 
  • Law for managers
  • Managerial accounting
  • Marketing management 

The cost per credit hour is $350 for both in-state and out-of-state students. 

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6. Southern New Hampshire University 


Unsure of what you want to study? Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers the following bachelor degree programs online: 

  • Accounting
  • Accounting finance
  • Business administration
  • Finance 
  • Information technologies
  • Marketing 
  • Management information systems 
  • Sport management 

As an SNHU student, you’ll receive expert instruction from faculty members who are seasoned in the classroom and the field. You’ll also have access to dedicated academic and career advisors to help you navigate the enrollment process each semester and find a job that suits your needs. You’ll also be connected to a vast network of alumni that can help you land a lucrative role or introduce you to others that can help you get your foot in the door at some of the most prestigious companies in the nation. 

Tuition for online undergraduate programs at SNHU is $320 per credit hour or $960 per course. A graduation fee of $150 also applies. 

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7. Southern Utah University 


Whether you’re interested in a degree in accounting or business management, Southern Utah University has you covered. The school offers a Bachelor of Science in both accounting and business management. 

The accounting program is AACSB-accredited and caters to individuals who want to become Certified Public Accountants (CPA). With a job placement rate of almost 100% and above-average passing rate on the CPA exam, the program also offers a fast-track option if you want to complete your master’s in record time. 

Also accredited by the AACSB, the business management degree program covers foundational business principles that you’ll need to succeed in management and work as an effective supervisor. You will study accounting, finance, human resources, international business, leadership, organizational behavior and statistics. 

Both Utah residents and students that reside outside of Utah pay $465 per credit hour. 

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8. Oklahoma State University 


Earn a Bachelor of Science in business administration (BSBA) degree online from Oklahoma State University. It’s offered by the department of management in the prestigious Spears School of Business. 

This degree program is designed to prepare you for a career as an account representative, consultant or personal recruiter. You will also have the skills and knowledge to start a business, work in the law field or take public office as an elected official. 

The total cost per credit hour is $495 per resident and $992 for non-residents. Each course is 3 credit hours. 

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9. The California State University 


Cal State Online also features a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management. Choose from the following concentrations: 

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • General business
  • General management
  • Human research management and organizational behavior
  • Information technology management
  • Operations and supply chain management 

You can also earn a Bachelor of Arts in professional business. 

The programs are AACSB-accredited and require courses that delve into communication techniques, ethics, technologies and tools you can leverage to soar professionally in the field. 

Courses work can be completed when it’s convenient for you during the 3 semesters per year. Or you can work at an accelerated pace year-round to complete your degree even faster, showcase it to potential employers and start earning what you deserve. 

It’s $1,665 for up to 6 units and $2,871 for 6.1 or more units. 

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10. University of Massachusetts - Amherst


The University of Massachusetts - Amherst is another viable option for individuals who are considering several business disciplines. They offer a wide selection of undergraduate degree programs in business management, including: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in business studies 
  • Bachelor of Arts in economics
  • Bachelor of Business Administration 
  • Bachelor of Science in accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in finance 
  • Bachelor of Science in general business administration
  • Bachelor of Science in information technology  
  • Bachelor of Science in management 
  • Bachelor of Science in marketing 

The fee per credit hour varies by the program you select. You’ll also be responsible for a flat-rate program fee of $150 per semester (fall and spring only) and a $47 registration fee per semester. 

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Choose the Right Online Business Degree Program for You

Don’t get overwhelmed when you search for the best online degree program. Take a look at our top recommendations to jumpstart your search. Evaluate your top selections by analyzing each program’s reputation, flexibility and cost of attendance. You’ll save hours of valuable time and have a substantial amount of knowledge to make an informed decision. 


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