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February 20, 2022
Mortar Group
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Mortar Group has been New York’s multifamily real estate investment leader for nearly two decades. Committed to creating value, Mortar Group looks to fulfill every role of the real-estate process as an architect, developer and asset manager. Its experience in creating distinctive, timely livable spaces and within budget even in challenging markets leads to prosperous buildings for a long time.   

Mortar Group’s streamlined process maximizes efficiency, increases value and minimizes risk across complex deal structures. Currently, Mortar is looking to set up a new development project in a vibrant, established neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Best For
  • Investors looking for alternative investments and passive income
  • Professionals in the medical field
  • Investors experienced with crowdfunding
  • Investors saving for retirement
  • Retired individuals seeking passive income or tax-deferred strategies
  • User-friendly investment portal with 24/7 access
  • 24-hour responsive investment relations manager through phone or email
  • Simplified investment approach
  • 30-day no-risk period for investors
  • Personalized asset managers focused on the user experience
  • Access to real-time investor financial information
  • No upfront fees
  • Established expertise
  • Quarterly investor reports
  • No mobile app
  • For accredited investors only

Mortar Group Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service Rating
Customer Pricing
User Benefits
User Experience
Overall Rating

Real Estate Investing With Mortar Group

Mortar Group receives a rating of four stars as it serves as a reliable source for safe and secure multifamily real estate investments in New York’s prime niche neighborhoods. Through the group’s comprehensive resources, Mortar boasts a competitive advantage against other brokers of over two decades of positive investor returns. Mortar’s real estate investments are managed by a well-versed team that has developed over 1,200 apartments in New York City. Also, the company executed over 30 deals as of November 2021.

If you’re looking to invest with Mortar, you can register on the investor portal by clicking on the invest button. You can also send a message in the contact section. 

After accessing the investor portal, you can view all the available offerings. The offerings have  detailed information that includes their projected return, hold period, location, full offering presentation and necessary legal documents. 

Once you select your preferred offering, Mortar simplifies the investment process by allowing new investors to sign directly through its secure online portal. Investors can also sign through an investment relations manager. To ease the investor’s hassle of getting all the required legal documents signed and sent manually, you can sign them online then access all offering documents 24/7. The currently available offers include two new developments in Brooklyn — 319 Prospect and 30 Bushwick. 

Mortar allows investors to track their investment progress by making clear and transparent quarterly and annual information on each investment available online. 

Mortar keeps investors informed on their distributions because they’re sent directly through the investors’ preferred mode including check or bank account. You also receive your share of the profits in accordance with the investment operating agreement. 

Customer Service Rating

Mortar Group provides a dedicated investment relations manager to each investor by phone or email and replies to any inquiries within 24 hours. You can also reach Mortar’s representative via an online contact form or on social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Further, the company enhances a customer-first approach by providing real-time multifamily real estate information and available offerings.  

Customer Pricing

Mortar Group does not charge new investors an upfront fee when submitting the subscription agreement. As a result, the investor may cancel their subscription any time before it’s accepted and executed by the manager member. 

After a subscription is accepted, investors enjoy a 30-day risk-free period. Within 30 days of funding, Mortar allows the new investors to cancel any investment commitment for any reason. 

Mortar’s investment aims to attract high net worth and accredited investors that invest $25- $200k in real estate investments. 

User Benefits

Mortar Group offers many valuable user benefits to its customers, including co-investments, third-party accounting, successfully exited investments, bear market experience and appropriate management at the property level. 

With co-investments, you can create an additional alpha investment that is more affordable compared to other blind pools. Better still, you can diversify your risks to access wider opportunities, enjoy favorable investment terms, manage flexibility through the shared day-to-day operations with other investors and enjoy preferential debts at lower costs. 

Mortar’s tried-and-tested bear market experience can keep you informed about rising rates and inflation that can hike the costs of borrowing. However, inflation during a bear market could also mean an upsurge in real estate values. The benefit here is that you’ll be aware of the changes in market value and which industries in multifamily real estate would hold up well in a bear market. 

The group honors consumer interest by looking for projects with multiple exit strategies. Multiple exit strategies can give investors more freedom to reinvest in other real estate projects. These strategies guide investors on the type of holdings they should work on, how to market them and  determine how they can maximize profits. Also, the strategies ensure that you can cash out of the investment property without much difficulty. Mortar Group ensures it maximizes investor returns by between 16% to 22% in all market cycles. 

Mortar’s appropriate property management at the top level can give you an oversight of your holdings within the legal parameters. This support involves scheduling and tracking maintenance, safety guarantee, lease drafting, managing finances and other related records, signing and renewal, market for and screening clients and rent collection. 

Mortar’s third-party accounting and reporting helps you increase the value of your property while enjoying your freedom. You can also reduce related costs, have access to trustworthy and accurate financial data, increase control of your financial information, enjoy faster and easier scalability and reduce fraud. 

User Experience

Mortar Group’s brand new website has intuitively user-friendly features and is easy to navigate. You can quickly learn about it and the process of working with the company. Additionally, you can access the insights and education page for monthly articles, videos, case studies on real estate investing and working with Mortar. 

Mortar Group vs. Competitors

Mortar Group faces stiff competition from major similar firms such as The Corcoran Group and Douglas Elliman. While Mortar Group has launched over thirty investments with twenty years of experience, its reputation pales when compared to companies handling the biggest New York real estate projects

Overall Rating

Mortar receives an overall rating of 4 because of its successful record serving a highly competitive multifamily real estate market. It uses its internal resources, including architects, developers and asset managers to accomplish every role necessary in the real estate process. The vertical integration gives Mortar a competitive advantage over other brokers as it has succeeded in many privately syndicated deals. In turn, the company maximizes space and value while minimizing costs and waste. 

Mortar Group is run by experts who incorporate their expertise to increase customer satisfaction. Through a highly qualified team, the company is more productive. It has personalized asset managers focused on the user experience that take time to know the investors and to make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle like in larger institutional investment companies. 

In addition to the team’s contribution to its customer satisfaction, Mortar prides itself on its reputation to secure customer data through its well-established safety measures. It goes the extra mile to ensure its clients are happy and satisfied with its services by providing a timely and pleasant customer experience. 

Mortar’s current investors provide capital through crowdfunding and investment loans. The capital helps increase the company’s operational capacity, attract a larger share of the market cycle and generate more return on investment. Further, the investors provide strategic value that positions the company in the highly competitive real estate industry. On this account, the continuous building of a strong, deep and experienced investor group is the company’s top priority.

However, the company doesn’t have a mobile app or a customer service app. Thus, their clients are unable to report problems and offer solutions. This denies the company the opportunity to provide more value to its clients and customers, improve customer loyalty, enhance fast and easy user engagement or identify unique valuable customer insights. 


What is Mortar’s current valuation?


Mortar Group currently has over $239.6 million in assets under management (AUM) with $47 million in equity.


Why is Mortar Unique?


Mortar aims to bring responsible real estate investment to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn by merging leasing, asset management, development, construction, property management, investor relations and marketing into a single practice.

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