Moomoo Mobile App: Where Advanced Traders Can Trade Professionally

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January 26, 2021

Investing today doesn’t mean you need to be chained to your desk — look for a broker that offers a comprehensive mobile app experience. 

While most brokers offer access to mobile trading, most apps often water down the features of the desktop platform. This can leave more advanced investors frustrated without the tools they need to make quick, informed trades on-the-go.

Moomoo is an advanced investing platform that brings all the advantages of desktop trading to the mobile sphere. Let’s take a look at a few of the features that moomoo offers — and how this unique brokerage is dominating the mobile trading space. 

Mobile App Features

Moomoo’s mobile app is unique because it combines the power of a professional desktop trading platform with the streamlined simplicity that active investors need. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite features offered by moomoo to help you decide if this is the broker for you.  

Complex Charting Tools

Moomoo knows that 1 of the biggest complaints that advanced mobile investors have about standard mobile platforms is that these platforms cut many of the charting and drawing tools that come standard on desktop platforms. Moomoo’s mobile app allows you to choose between multiple charting styles, ranging from standard candlestick charts to mountain line graphs. 


Investors don’t need to sacrifice drawing or charting tools when they trade with moomoo’s comprehensive app. 

In addition to advanced charting options, moomoo also offers graphical finance reports in lieu of complicated Form 10-K options. Moomoo’s app also offers you access to a range of technical indicators that you can use to enhance your investing. The app currently supports over 50 unique indicators. 

Additional Analysis Tools

Moomoo doesn’t only offer access to technical indicators like MA, BOLL and MACD — it also features integrated fundamental and capital analysis tools as well. Moomoo seamlessly integrates news from a variety of direct sources to provide investors with a wide range of market access each day.

Moomoo features a view of capital analysis trends. You can pull up convenient graphs that summarize the financial situations of companies before you invest and view cash flow trends to target companies set on reducing debt. You can even see a summary of the day’s stock transactions to learn more about how other investors are evaluating the companies you’re considering.  


Moomoo offers detailed quotes to help investors gain an inside look at a company’s financial situation before they invest. 

Position Cost Distribution

Position cost distribution is a unique analysis method that assumes that all free floating shares of stock were purchased by institutional investors. Based on this assumption, position cost distribution analysis allows investors to analyze the average prices these shares were purchased at, how prices are changing over time and the ideal time to buy in or sell based on average daily distribution.   

Moomoo allows you to use position cost distribution tools using both charting and analysis functions.  

Moomoo is 1 of only a few brokers we’ve seen to offer position cost distribution analysis. You can use this tool to learn more about how investors view a stock without waiting for after hours market data. Moomoo’s FAQ even includes a bit of information on how to use this information most effectively. 

Free Level 2 Market Data

Have you ever wished that you could view how investors are buying and selling a type of stock in real-time? Level 2 market data allows you to see how bids and asks for assets are changing, which can empower you to create a more holistic and dynamic trading strategy that has a full picture of market liquidity. While most brokers charge you extra for access to Level 2 data, moomoo provides all account holders with this information free of charge.   

Mobile App Security

Moomoo partners exclusively with broker-dealer that are registered with the SEC and FINRA and that are alsomembers of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC),SIPC protects customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities as result of a failure of the broker-dealer that is a member. You can learn more about SIPC here.

Moomoo Review of Broker-dealer Partners

At Benzinga, we spend a large amount of time researching and reviewing trading platforms so you can make the most informed decision possible when you decide to open an account. Currently, moomoo allows you to open a brokerage account with its affiliated broker-dealer, Futu Inc. (

In our review of Moomoo’s mobile platform, we awarded the company 4 out of a possible 5 stars because of the features offered by Futu Inc.Some of our favorite features of Futu Inc include:

  • No account minimums. Some brokers require you to have up to $1,000 ready to invest before you can open an account. With Futu, you can begin investing with just a few dollars, making the app an excellent choice for new investors.
  • Commission-free investing. Futu allows you to invest in a wide range of stocks, options and ETFs. If you are a U.S. resident trading securities in the U.S. markets, there are no commission. If you’re a frequent investor, this can mean hundreds of dollars saved.
  • Access to Hong Kong and China markets: Futu offers access to trading securities in Hong Kong and China Markets. You will be charged commission and a platform fee for trading in securities markets outside the U.S..
  • Pre-market and post-market trading. Unlike some brokers, Futu gives you access to pre-market trading as well as trading in the after market. You can also access real-time price quotes and data for pre-market and after hours trading.

To learn more about moomoo, check out our full review here

Moomoo On-the-Go

Moomoo’s app can be an excellent choice for investors of all skill levels. New investors will appreciate the platform’s free research tools and intuitive trading system, while seasoned professionals will love the fact that Moomoo provides them with advanced tools on-the-go. 

We recommend Moomoo for cost-conscious investors, frequent traders and anyone that values a full-service mobile trading experience. 

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