MoneyLion’s New Marketplace

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January 9, 2024

MoneyLion, the award-winning digital financial platform, has recently teamed up with Even Financial Inc. to provide users with a top-tier embedded financial marketplace. Customers gain the ability to find and access financial products all in one place. The acquisition of Even Financial Inc. allows MoneyLion marketplace users to gain access to an additional 400-plus financial institutional partners and 500 channel partners.

Get connected with the financial services you need through MoneyLion’s marketplace for all things loans, credit cards, savings, insurance products and credit cards. With this level of financial technology, you can turn a cash advance credit builder loan or simple cash account into financial freedom.

The MoneyLion Marketplace

MoneyLion’s marketplace is a great hub to find all of your financial servicing needs. You can find services like these on MoneyLion’s marketplace where you can get your finances in order, take control of debt, plan to buy a home or property and much more.

Mobile Banking

MoneyLion offers a mobile banking app where you can borrow, save, invest and earn. The mobile banking app allows you to easily open a bank account and debit card through its RoarMoney program. By signing up for a RoarMoney account you can get paychecks two days faster, bank with zero hidden fees, earn debit card rewards, get price protection and have your money be FDIC insured. Furthermore, MoneyLion’s RoarMoney allows you to invest spare change from your purchases into an investment account. MoneyLion prides themselves on providing an all-in-one banking experience, which is apparent in the wide range of services their app offers. Other services include MoneyLion Crypto, an Auto Invest Account and Credit Builder Plus program.

Personal Loans

The personal loan marketplace on MoneyLion is a great way to find competitive offerings and personalized loans. Even better, with a Credit Builder Plus account, you can get access to personal loans with no credit check needed. This option is good for those without a history to fall back on or who are looking to improve their score. If you are approved, Credit Builder Plus will cost $19.99 per month, which is a small price to pay for access to a zero credit check loan. With the membership, you will qualify for up to a $1,000 personal loan with a competitive APR. Beyond the Credit Builder Plus account, non-members will also have access to MoneyLion’s personal loan marketplace. Based on the financial standings of your linked accounts, there will be different borrowing limits set. A big plus of MoneyLion’s personal loans is that you can receive your loan funds almost immediately. 

Auto Loan Refinancing  

MoneyLion also offers an auto loan refinancing marketplace. This program allows you to be matched up with lenders, either institutions or individuals, to refinance your already existing auto loan. Using a marketplace to refinance your loans is a great option as it will compare loan terms and different offerings automatically, saving you several hours of researching and comparing auto loans on your own. It is very easy to use, and you can find results very quickly. Start by filling out the form entailing what you are looking for, then MoneyLion will check all offers by their top providers to find the best match for you. 

Student Loan Refinancing  

Just like the auto loan refinancing marketplace, MoneyLion also offers a student loan marketplace if you plan to refinance. It works the same way as the auto loanr market but for student loans. Refinance your student loans in less than 60 seconds and get matched with the lender that best meets your needs. Student loans from $500 to $500,000, with 60- to 240-month terms, can be refinanced with MoneyLion at APRs as low as 1.88%.

Life Insurance 

MoneyLion also offers a life insurance marketplace under the name LeapLife. LeapLife has the largest network of top digital insurance carriers for you to choose from. Like the loan marketplaces, LeapLife will ensure that you are sifting through available policies and will find you the most competitive offers. 

Getting life coverage through LeapLife is fast and easy. Simply start by answering a few questions so the carriers can provide you with the best coverage for you. From there, LeapLife’s carriers will provide you with quotes on different plans for you to pick. You will then apply for the quote you like best, and the agents will take care of the rest. 

Credit Cards

The credit card marketplace offered by MoneyLion is a great place to turn to when thinking of opening a new card. Its service is completely free and using it will not affect your credit score. This service allows you to get matched with personalized card offers and can get you access to more competitive offerings. Start by filling out the form to inform the agents what you need from your card and what features you are looking for. From there, MoneyLion will compare offers from all of the top card issuers and match you with the services they think are best for you. This process takes only seconds and there is no obligation to sign up with the providers recommended to you. 


Having a good savings account with a competitive annual percentage year (APY) is crucial to building a solid financial foundation for yourself. Using MoneyLion’s savings account marketplace is a great way to compare all the current offerings and see which providers you’d like best. You can filter out different providers based on your zip code, deposit amount and product types offered. From there, MoneyLion breaks down the different offerings by APY, monthly fees, check writing abilities and minimum balance requirements. This savings account marketplace is great for finding a clear, summarized snapshot of potential savings accounts, highlighting the most important features. 

How to Maximize the MoneyLion Marketplace

MoneyLion’s marketplace is a great starting point for anyone feeling lost in the world of banking, insurance and finance. Here are a few tips on how to maximize the MoneyLion marketplace. 

Get the App: Downloading MoneyLion’s app will allow you to get access to its services all in one hub. Furthermore, you will be able to control all your banking, borrowing and savings needs on one app. 

Submit Multiple Forms: When using the loan, savings or insurance marketplaces on MoneyLion, try filling out the forms multiple times with different answers to see what draws the best results. While MoneyLion does always provide you with the most competitive offerings, you should keep in mind that those are the most competitive offerings based on your answers. If you are willing to compromise on some aspects but not on others, try changing your answers around to see what the other offerings may be. From there you can make a final decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is MoneyLion legitimate?


Yes MoneyLion is legitimate, and it is a FDIC insured.


What bank owns MoneyLion?


MetaBank, N.A. is in charge of RoarMoney, the banking services of MoneyLion. 


What are the best budgeting apps?


The best money management apps are those that go beyond managing your money, that let you see the big picture. Try to get help saving money, with daily cash management, setting financial goals, etc. Apps like MoneyLion can offer the financial products you need without confusing the situation.