Benzinga's Pet Insurance Methodology

We aim to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews on Benzinga to help users understand and learn about pet insurance carriers Our goal is to help lead you to the best insurance provider for your pet. We breakdown the criteria and scores below.

Meet the Reviewers

Sarah Horvath

Sarah Horvath is a financial writer located in New York City, New York. She focuses on the topics of insurance and investing for retirement. Horvath has written for numerous websites and publications, and her work regularly appears on websites like Robinhood’s news feed and Benzinga.

Melinda Sineriz

Ashley Hart

Our Methodology Scores

All-online application5%
# of plans10%
Trustpilot stars10%
Wellness plan or insurance5%
Preventative care coverage2%
# of vets in network5%
Customer service rating5%
Number of states where coverage offered5%
Covers prescription meds1%
Age of pets covered5%
Covers horses2%
Waiting period1%
Offers expense reimbursement1%
Covers prescription food5%
Covers euthanasia1%
Covers spaying/neutering5%
Covers teeth cleaning3%
Age of company5%
Can add multiple pets1%
Covers boarding5%
Minimum premium10%
Covers pre-existing conditions3%
Offers multi-pet policy discount1%
Covers surgery2%
Free look period2%
Score Totals100%

Review Process

For pet insurance carriers, Benzinga created a weighted scale based on 25 different data points. Reviewers meticulously researched each point and applied the score according to these criteria to arrive at an overall rating. From there, the team scored 4 different categories:

Coverage Options

Most pet insurance plans can be customized to the needs of your pet. Coverage options for each carrier weigh heavily into each score because, as a pet owner, you want to know that your pet is protected and you can derive value from the policy. Remember, pet insurance policies often cover accidents and illnesses with wellness options or riders. In some cases, those are are not available at all. Therefore, policies with wellness or preventative options are graded higher than those without.

Each review considered which options are available based on the following score:

Wellness plan or insuranceW = 0, I = 1, Both=2
Preventative care coverageY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers prescription medsY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers prescription foodY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers euthanasiaY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers spaying/neuteringY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers teeth cleaningY/N Y=1 N=0
Can add multiple petsY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers boardingY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers pre-existing conditionsY/N Y=1 N=0
Covers surgeryY/N Y=1 N=0

Pet Insurance Rates

Pet insurance rates are calculated by a number of different factors including the age of the pet, if there are any pre-existing conditions, breed and what plan you choose. You'll pay a higher premium depending on the annual limit, deductible and reimbursement options.

As with any other financial product, you want to pay as little as possible while still deriving optimum value from the policy. This section represents 10% of our overall rating.

We rated each carrier based on starting price as follows:

5$1 - 10 per month
3$11 - $25 per month
1$26+ per month

Customer Service

We used a secret shopper to contact each pet insurance carrier and rated them based on responsiveness. 5 is the highest score and 1 is the lowest. Secret shoppers are listening for friendly and knowledgable customer service associates who can answer questions about available policies and reseaarch the answers to most—if not all—questions.

The secret shopper also took into consideration which methods are available for contacting the company: phone, email, online chat and more. The category represents 5% of the overall rating.

5Replied or answered the phone in under 2 minutes
4Replied or answered the phone in 3-5 minutes
3Replied or answered the phone in 6-10 minutes
2Did not answer but responded back within 24 hours
1Did not answer or respond back within 24 hours


We considered the claims process in the overall rating for each pet insurance provider. We looked at response time, average claims processing time and reimbursement model. Moreover, it is important to know that the claims process should be as simple as possible because almost all of these policies require you—to pet owner—to file claims.