How to Buy BeyondSpring (NASDAQ: BYSI) Stock

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August 6, 2021
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Shares of BeyondSpring (NASDAQ: BYSI) sprung 400% from a 50-day moving average of $10.55 to an all-time high of $47 on August 4, 2021. The move by BeyondSpring was one of the most significant increases in a given day since GameStop (NYSE: GME) and AMC (NYSE: AMC) stocks roared through the market. 

BeyondSpring is an innovative immuno-oncology cancer therapy company with a robust pipeline from internal development. It is based in the United States and does research nationally and in China. 

In recent news releases, BeyondSpring reported outstanding results from its DUBLIN-3 trial of Plinabulin in combination with Docetaxel for non-small cell lung cancer. 

If you are interested in the potential advancements of BeyondSpring, learn how to buy BYSI below.

How to Buy BeyondSpring Stock

The movement from this stock is quite different from the others that have exploded in the past. Normally a 400% gain in a given day is caused by the backing of the infamous Reddit group. However, this push was from news that BeyondSpring released. Before the recent spike of 400%, the average moving volume was around 100,000 traded per day. After the spike, the volume trading average is now around 45 million — a significant increase in a given day. 

BeyondSpring seems to be a great company and is looking to become even better through advancement. The company seems to be looking to test new products and find better ways to grow. BeyondSpring has a negative net income applicable to common shares, although it will be trying to quickly change that. 

Last, in recent news, Hearing Evercore raised the price target of this stock from $30 to $95, reported by Benzinga Pro. 

BeyondSprings Stock History


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Pick a brokerage. Before you can invest in any company, you must first select a brokerage to execute your trades. Now that most brokers have moved away from a commission-based model, you can purchase BYSI shares free of charge — regardless of which broker you choose.

Define your strategy, then choose a brokerage that offers the necessary tools to carry out your investing strategy. If you feel like you need some practice before putting your hard-earned money to work, select a brokerage that offers paper trading

Finally, pay attention to any promotional offers from brokerages. You may end up with bonus funds to trade with, a free stock for you and your friends or numerous other potential benefits. 

  1. Decide how many shares you want. Now that you’ve selected a broker, you need to decide how many shares of BYSI you want to buy. Some factors to consider include your age, time horizon, risk tolerance and reasonable expectations for the future of the company. 

Investing more than a small percentage of your funds into one company is extremely risky. Before placing a buy order with your broker, you need to determine how much money you want to risk, when you will sell on the upside to take profits and when you will sell on the downside. One option is a stop-loss order to protect your funds. 

After looking at the chart and answering these important questions, you can find a favorable price point and purchase BYSI.

  1. Choose your order type. After determining how many shares of BYSI you want to buy, your job as an investor is not complete. You now need to decide which order type to use. 

The most basic order type is the market order, which will fill your order at the current market price. This order type is best used when you are buying a stock with low volatility and trying to do it instantly. 

If you want to better define your risk, you should use a limit order instead, which allows you to purchase shares at a set price or lower. When trading an extremely volatile stock like BeyondSpring, it may be beneficial to use a limit order because this prevents your buy order from being filled at a price point that results in being down in the stock from the very beginning.

  1. Execute your trade. Once you’ve determined the appropriate order type to use, all you need to do is submit your buy order to your broker and wait for your order to process. Once the order fills, your shares of BYSI should appear in your brokerage account. 

Pros to Buying BeyondSpring stock

  • Advancement: BeyondSpring is a great company and only seems to be just getting started. On the company website, it reports it is looking for more product advancement in the near future. You could potentially see another huge price push after more news comes out. 
  • Low float: Trading in such volatility markets as in today, the trend has been finding stocks with lower float. That seemed to be the case for this stock. Low float and good news could send it roaring again to newer highs and higher lows. 
  • Great company: BeyondSpring has a great product that is only getting better. If you support companies that want to advance cancer research, this company is for you. 

Advance with BeyondSpring

Even though BeyondSpring ran up almost 400% on a given day, this stock still has more potential to move higher. One of the most important things to do before buying a stock is to do your due diligence. If you perform that on this stock, you will find great potential. With more research and potential advancement with cancer research, this stock could jump again.

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Is BeyondSpring a buy?


Right now,  in terms of the trader’s terminology,  you would be chasing this stock. It has been talked about and trending in multiple chat rooms such as Benzinga Pro lounge and Discord. This stock has great potential and could find good support on lower levels.