Best Online History Degree Programs

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October 5, 2020

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Are you fascinated by history and want to further your education? Enrolling in an online history degree program can help you deepen your knowledge of a subject you find intriguing and help you unlock an abundance of career opportunities. 

Let Benzinga help you find the most suitable online history degree program for you. 

Quick Look: Best Online History Degree Programs

Why Choose an Online History Degree?

There are many reasons why an online history degree is worth pursuing. You can land a role that piques your interest and pays well. You’ll also journey into the past and gain valuable insight into how the evolution of cultures, institutions and people around the globe have shaped the present. 

Wondering what career opportunities are available to history majors? It depends on where you decide to live after graduation, but here are some roles where history degree holders flourish: 

  • Archivist 
  • Curator 
  • Historian 
  • History teacher 
  • Journalist 
  • Librarian 
  • Museum curator 
  • Museum director 
  • Writer 

It may take a bit before you make a high salary with an online history degree, but it’s possible through hard work and smart networking. 

Why the online route? Whether you’re a nontraditional student or someone who prefers to study from the comfort of your home, distance learning allows you to plug into your studies on your own schedule. 

How to Choose an Online History Degree

The best online history degree programs are reputable, affordable and offer an array of courses.


You want an online history degree from an accredited college or university. This communicates to prospective employers that your degree is not only legitimate — the school you earned it from adheres to strict academic standards. 

The professors should also be well-versed in history and have a track record of preparing students for success in the field or a graduate program. Read reviews from past students to gain insights. Also, be mindful of the job placement rate. 


What’s the estimated cost of attendance? How do the tuition and fees for your top options stack up against the competition? Do some institutions charge more than others? Is there a trend of annual price hikes? 

These are questions you must ask when evaluating the affordability of an online history degree program. Programs with steep tuition and fees may not be worth the investment — you can yield the same results from a comparable option that doesn’t charge as much. 

Course Offerings 

Most online history degree programs only require a few core courses before students can branch out into elective courses. Some also allow you to choose concentrations that you find most intriguing. 

It’s important to review available electives before enrolling in a program. It wouldn’t make sense to complete the core coursework only to realize that the elective courses don’t align with your career goals. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a History Degree

Here are some of the top jobs waiting for history majors. 


Historians analyze historical sources and documents and report their findings and draft articles, books and reports. They also teach educational programs and facilitate presentations related to history. In this role, you will also examine historical data to determine if it's significant and authentic.

On average, historians earn $63,680 per year. 


Archivists are responsible for the appraising, editing and direct safekeeping of historically valuable documents and permanent records. They also collaborate with other archivists to conduct research-based activities.

In 2018, the median pay for archivists was $57,500. 


Curators oversee collections of artwork, historical items and scientific specimens. Some employers also require curators to conduct instructional public and research-related activities. 

The average annual salary for curators is $58,830. 

Best Online Colleges for a History Degree

Here’s a list of the top online colleges for an online history degree. We’ve also included a review of each program to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Southern New Hampshire University 


Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers a Bachelor of Arts in history. This degree program connects the dots between ancient civilizations and modern societies. It also provides you with the foundational knowledge needed to pursue a graduate degree in education, history, law or a related field. 

Students can map out their coursework to focus on certain parts of human history or a historical theme that piques your interest. Choose from the following concentrations: 

  • American History 
  • European History 
  • Middle Eastern History 
  • Military History 

History majors complete these core courses: 

  • Making History 
  • United States History I: 1607-1685
  • World Civilizations: Prehistory – 1500
  • World Civilizations: 1500 – Present 

Each concentration also has its own set of course requirements. Plus, there’s a capstone research seminar that merges all the key concepts into 1 final course. 

If you prefer to enter the workforce immediately following graduation, you will be prepared for a career as an analyst, campaign worker, communications specialist, editor, journalist, lobbyist or researcher. 

You need 120 credits to earn your degree. SNHU allows up to 90 transfer credits from an accredited college or university to help you reach the finish faster and save money.

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2. Arizona State University 


The online Bachelor of Arts in history from Arizona State University is an ideal option if you already have credits under your belt and are looking for a degree-completion program. It also caters to working professionals with demanding career and family responsibilities.

This 120-credit hour program prepares you for a career in business, education and public service. The curriculum encompasses humanities, natural and social sciences and comparative studies of texts, practices and contexts. 

As a history major, you will take the following core courses: 

  • History in the Wild 
  • Methods of Historical Inquiry 
  • Social-Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
  • Studies in Asian History 
  • Studies in European History 
  • Studies in United States History 
  • The Historian’s Craft 

Alumni work as archivists, editors, historians, history professors, intelligence officers, military officers, museum curators, news reporters and politicians. 

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3. Oregon State University 


Oregon State University offers an online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in history. These programs are research-focuses and explore how past actions influence the current world. 

History degree candidates must pass these core courses: 

  • History of the United States I, II and III
  • History of Western Civilization I, II and III
  • Religion in the United States
  • World History I: Ancient Civilizations 
  • World History II: Middle and Early Modern Ages
  • World History III: The Modern and Contemporary World 

Students also take a series of electives, a history capstone and a seminar. 

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary global issues as you hone your argumentation, critical thinking, documentation, intellectual development and writing skills. 

Both degrees require 180 credits for successful completion. Transfer credits are permitted. 

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4. Washington State University 


Consider an online Bachelor of Arts in history from Washington State University Global Campus. It is a component of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

This program takes a closer look at human history and lessons that can be derived from them. You will also study diverse cultures, institutions and people of the past to better understand past events.

Students complete a rigorous curriculum that expands their knowledge of history and develops your critical, creative thinking and communication skills. You will also improve your information literacy and research skills. 

History core requirements include: 

  • Writing about History 
  • Seminar in History 

Elective courses that relate to European history, global history and United States history are also required. You must also choose to concentrate on Atlantic, European or United States history to fulfill the necessary course requirements. 

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5. Florida International University 


Interested in learning more about how the world’s cultures interact? An online bachelor’s in history from Florida International University (FIU) Online may be a good fit. It covers history from a regional perspective and focuses on past societies and contemporary issues. 

You’ll hone your communication, investigative and research skills as you work through the program. Students also explore art, historical texts, linguistic differences, philosophical thought and how they have evolved over time. 

You will also select from a pool of upper-level core courses. These include: 

  • Abuse of Power in Colonial Latin America
  • East Asian Civilization and Culture 
  • Greek History 
  • Latin America in the National Period 
  • Race, Gender and Science in Atlantic World 
  • The Black Death 

FIU Online requires at least 120 credits to finish the program. However, up to 60 credits can be transferred from a qualifying college or university. 

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6. University of Louisiana at Monroe


The University of Louisiana at Monroe features an online Bachelor of Arts in history. It prepares you for graduate studies or a career in civil service counseling, education, foreign affairs, journalism, law, publishing and public relations. 

As a history major, you will take these core courses: 

  • Historian’s Craft 
  • United States History I and II
  • World Civilization I and II

Students are also required to select an academic minor. You 120 credit hours to earn your degree. 

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7. University of Illinois at Springfield 


The online bachelor’s in history from the University of Illinois at Springfield is an ideal way to meet your educational goals on your own terms. You will examine connections between the past and present world to formulate narratives. 

Upper-level history courses for undergraduates include various topics such as African-American history, history of American law, Islamic civilization, the rise of Rome and more. 

Instruction is delivered via online lectures and tutorials. Students are also encouraged to complete internships and take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. 

You must live at least 50 miles away from the campus or have a documented disability to qualify for admission into the online program. 

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8. Sam Houston State University 


Earn an online Bachelor of Arts in history from Sam Houston State University. This degree program is designed for individuals who aspire to work as archivists, curators, documentary editors, educators, records managers, researchers and historians. It’s also ideal for those who want to continue their education in a graduate degree program. 

Core coursework for history majors include: 

  • United States History to 1876
  • United States History Since 1876
  • World History to 1500
  • World History Since 1500

Students also select 2 courses from these options: 

  • Ancient History 
  • Britain to 1714
  • Colonial Latin America 
  • Early America to 1783
  • Early Christianities 
  • Medieval History 
  • Native American History 
  • Renaissance Europe
  • Silk Roads to Atlantic World  
  • The Bible and Reform in Europe 
  • The Middle East, 500 – 1700

You need 120 credit hours to reach the finish line. 

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9. University of Central Florida 


Offered by the College of Arts and Humanities at UCF Online, the online bachelor’s in History helps you develop an in-depth understanding of the societal forces that shape the world. You will also enhance your analytical and critical thinking skills. 

The curriculum focuses on the history of civilization from the early days to the present. Students have the option to focus on a single geographic region like Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East or North America. There’s also a capstone requirement. 

The rigorous coursework prepares you for a career as a congressional aide, foreign service officer, grant writer, information specialist, intelligence agent, lobbyist, media specialist or purchasing agent. 

You need 120 credit hours to finish the program. 

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10. Liberty University 


Earn an online Bachelor of Science in history from Liberty University in just 3.5 years. This 120-credit hour degree program delves into events of the past and human society. It also focuses on economic trends, political actions and public perception from several periods in American, European and Western history.   

You will also hone your analytical, practical and research skills while gaining an in-depth understanding of historical events, figures and places. Core courses for history majors include: 

  • Historical Methodology 
  • History of Western Civilization I and II
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Survey of American History I and II

Students are also required to complete a series of electives and a senior capstone seminar. 

When you finish the program, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to teach or work as a data analyst, intelligence analyst or in a research-related role. 

Liberty University requires a minimum of 120 credits to earn your degree. However, you can transfer up to 90 credits from an accredited college or university. 

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Get Started with an Online History Degree Program

Exciting about boosting your history smarts? Get started by evaluating the programs from our list of recommendations and comparing your options to find the best fit. You can enroll with confidence — all of these programs are offered by reputable colleges and universities.

Southern New Hampshire University Online

SNHU Online Offers:

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