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September 10, 2020

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If you have a student struggling to understand the principles of geometry, know that your child doesn’t need to figure things out alone. Online geometry tutors can help your student make sense of geometry and improve those grades! 

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

With thousands of online tutors available at the click of a button, how can you possibly know which tutor will help your child learn the most? While you should personally speak to each tutor before you begin working with them, looking for these characteristics can help you narrow down your selection.

  • Availability: Online tutors can work from anywhere in the world, which may create scheduling conflicts due to differences in time zones. When you search for a tutor, be sure to administer strict availability criteria.
  • Affordability: Tutoring is most effective when your student attends multiple sessions over a number of months. Look for a tutor that’s within your budget and assume that your student will need multiple sessions to improve grades. 
  • Geometry experience: The best online geometry tutors have extensive experience instructing students and in their field of expertise. Search for a tutor who has at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and who has experience instructing students at your child’s grade level. 

The Best Geometry Online Tutoring Services

Now that you know what to look for in a tutor, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite online geometry tutors and tutoring services. 

Chegg Study
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1. Best for Strict Qualifications: Chegg Tutors

Price: Text lessons begin at $6.99 per session

It can be difficult to find a tutor qualified to teach your student, especially if you’re shopping on a strict budget. Chegg Tutors has one of the most impressive teacher qualification criteria we’ve seen, recruiting tutors from top-ranked colleges like the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. You can even browse reviews from former students and leave a review of your own after you’ve worked with a tutor. This allows you to get a better feel for each tutor’s teaching style and experience before putting down a deposit or purchasing a subscription.

Chegg Tutors is also an especially attractive option for parents looking for a budget-friendly tutoring service without sacrificing tutor qualifications. You can get unlimited access to text tutoring and homework help for less than $15 a month. Video lessons start at just $30 per session.  

securely through Skooli's website

2. Best for No Subscriptions: Skooli

Price: From $0.82 per minute with a 15-minute minimum per session. 

Most online tutoring services require you to purchase a package plan or monthly subscription before you gain access to your tutor. This can make it difficult (and expensive) to compare tutors and find the best possible match for your student.

Skooli offers a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows you to schedule tutoring sessions as short as 15 minutes to test a tutoring system before you commit. Tutoring is available from just $0.82 per minute, and you can connect with your student’s tutor from any type of device. With affordable pricing and no subscription required, Skooli can be an ideal option for parents who aren’t sure if tutoring is right for their student yet. 

securely through Wyzant's website

3. Best For In-Person Tutoring: Wyzant

Price: Varies depending on the individual tutor

Though online tutoring is one of the best options for learning amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, many children struggle to focus on online lessons alone. In particular, children living with ADHD, dyslexia or another learning disability may need to supplement their online lessons with in-person learning.

Wyzant is an online tutoring marketplace that allows you to schedule both online and in-person private tutoring sessions. Getting started with Wyzant is easy — just enter your student’s subject they need help with, search for tutors in your area and begin browsing available options by price, experience level and more. In-person tutoring services are available in many major cities, including Atlanta, New York City, Washington, D.C. and more. 

eTutor World
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4. Best for Package Pricing: eTutor World

Price: Begins at $18 per session, with most affordable rates available with package plans.

Tutoring works best when your student can build a relationship with his or her tutor and review what they’ve learned. eTutor World offers package pricing that’s affordable and convenient for parents of students who need a significant amount of assistance. Tutoring is available from just $18 per 1-hour session, and package plans are available with up to 100 sessions. eTutor World specializes in supplementing homeschooling and helping students get ahead on their own unique schedule.

eTutor World also supplements its lessons with complementary worksheets and video-recorded lessons. This allows your student to review what he or she learned multiple times between sessions. Specialized learning packages are also available for students who are brushing up on their geometry for the SAT or ACT exam.  

securely through Udemy's website

5. Best for Specialized Lessons: Udemy

Price: Varies by course and subject. Many lessons begin at $12.99 with lifetime course access.

Udemy is an online course marketplace offering comprehensive lessons on almost any type of subject — and geometry is no exception. Udemy currently offers over 800 courses teaching some type of geometry, and many courses are highly specialized. For example, you can purchase a complete course on mastering geometry or a more basic offering that teaches your student the essential skills they’ll need to score highly on the SAT exam.

Udemy is also an excellent choice for parents shopping on a strict budget. Many courses begin at $12.99 and offer lifetime access to lessons and course material. Your student can work through each course on their own time, accessing video lessons, quizzes and worksheets anywhere. 

6. Best for Trial Lessons: Preply

Price: Varies by tutor’s skill level and subject.

securely through Preply's website

Finding the right tutor can feel like an endless experiment in trial and error. Preply is a unique online tutoring marketplace connecting students with tutors from all around the globe. When you find a tutor that you think will be a good match for your student, you can book a free 30-minute trial lesson to test the tutor’s skills and explore their teaching style on a personal level.

Preply also offers exceptionally affordable options for parents searching for a personal tutoring experience on a budget. Many tutors offer competitive rates of just $10 an hour, while select tutors offer introductory lessons beginning at just $2. Preply also allows you to sort tutors by native language and lingual skill level, which can be an especially useful feature for non-native English speakers who are struggling to learn in their English-based geometry course.

Club Z Tutoring
securely through Club Z Tutoring's website

7. Best for Personalized Assistance: Club Z!

Price: Varies by location, student needs and subject.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a tutor for your student, you may enjoy Club Z! and the company’s unique personalized approach to matching students with tutors. Getting started with Club Z! is easy — simply call one of Club Z!’s certified education specialists or fill out a personal contact request form and connect with an education expert. 

Your personalized advisor will listen to your student’s individual concerns and education needs and link them up with a tutor that matches their preferred learning style, skill level and personality. Both in-person learning and online tutoring is available for students of all skill levels, ranging from grade-schoolers to college students.
securely through's website

8. Best for Spanish-Language Learning:

Price: Sessions begin at $39.99 per hour; discounts are available for members of the United States military and their family.

If your child speaks Spanish as his or her native language, he may have a very difficult time understanding math concepts taught in English. is one of the only online tutoring websites we’ve seen to offer geometry lessons taught in Spanish. offers a wide range of experienced tutors, with 24/7 tutoring service available when your student needs it. also specializes in helping military families gain access to affordable, reliable tutoring services. Select members of the armed forces might even have access to tutoring services free of charge.

Revolution Prep
securely through Revolution Prep's website

9. Best for Test Prep: Revolution Prep

Price: Group tutoring sessions begin at about $42 per hour; private tutoring is also available.

Geometry is a major component of high-level exams like the SAT, GRE and ACT. If your student is struggling with the geometry portion of these tests, Revolution Prep may be able to help. Revolution Prep offers specialized group tutoring services that focus on the essential concepts your student will need to know to score well on their exam. This can be particularly beneficial for students who haven’t taken a geometry course and who are struggling with basic concepts.

Revolution Prep also offers individualized tutoring sessions with a private tutor. Individual tutoring sessions begin at about $116 per hour, but more affordable small-group sessions are also offered. 

Learning More Online

Private tutoring doesn’t need to be inaccessible or prohibitively expensive. With the rise of online tutoring services, your child can get the assistance he or she needs without leaving home. However, you should take the time to speak with each tutor or tutoring service before you select a package — not every tutor is as experienced as they claim.  

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