Engagement Ring Styles

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December 1, 2022

Choosing an engagement ring for your future fiancée is an exciting part of planning your engagement. Different engagement ring styles impact the overall look and feel of an engagement ring and its wearability and comfort.  

Researching the most popular engagement ring styles can help you find the perfect ring for your partner and ensure they love their ring as much as they undoubtedly love you. Explore our engagement ring style guide to help you choose the ideal engagement ring for your upcoming wedding proposal.

The Difference Between Ring Styles and Ring Settings

Before looking at different styles of engagement rings, it’s essential to understand the difference between an engagement ring style and an engagement ring setting. A setting refers to the technical elements that define different styles of engagement rings, while a ring style is a general way to group or categorize the look of a ring. 

For instance, a solitaire ring is a setting that includes only one center stone or gem in the center of the band (usually a round brilliant diamond) with no accent stones surrounding it. Solitaire rings can come in various vintage, modern, or traditional styles.


Classic and Traditional

One of the most popular engagement ring styles is a traditional and classic design. Classic engagement rings are timeless and elegant for a bride who wants simplicity and refinement. 

A solitaire engagement ring setting offers a sleek, refined profile that emphasizes the central gemstone. A three stone engagement ring look, for example, a larger stone in the middle with smaller diamonds on each side, creates a bolder look for brides that like tradition but want a ring that stands out.



A nature-style engagement ring is ideal for lovers of wildlife and the outdoors. Look for an engagement ring that features intricate metalwork in the shape of organic elements such as vines, flowers, or leaves incorporated into the band. You might also opt for a ring that uses nature-inspired stone colors, such as greens, taupes, yellows, or blues. 

For active outdoorsy partners, choose a ring with a bezel setting. A piece with a thin band that wraps around the center diamond can help to keep the stone protected when they venture into nature.


Timeless and Romantic

Romantic engagement ring band styles are ideal for those looking to add a sense of timeless romance and elegance to their bands. Romantic rings often feature softer or warmer colored stones, such as a pink morganite with a rose gold hue. They also have dainty bands, scrollwork patterns, and intricate galleries. 

A romantic ring symbolizes your fairytale love story and is perfect for partners who prefer more delicate colors, cuts, and metals in their jewelry.


Vintage and Antique

For lovers of the unique charm antique jewelry offers, explore vintage-style engagement rings. Vintage engagement rings or antique-style engagement rings are perfect for partners who love detail and intricacy and rings made with classic tools and techniques. 

Although the terms antique and vintage are interchangeable, antique styles resemble those from about 100 years in the past, and vintage rings mimic styles from around 40 years ago. 

Art Deco and Edwardian styles can provide a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for your bride-to-be. You can scour jewelry stores and estate sales to find a genuine antique or vintage ring or choose a newly created piece that mimics old-world style. 


Contemporary and Modern

Modern diamond engagement ring styles are ultra-sleek, with clean lines and strong silhouettes that stray from the more intricate vintage designs. Ring makers often craft contemporary engagement and wedding rings in nontraditional forms for a fashion-forward look. 

Modern rings may feature minimal settings or solitaire diamonds placed off-center for a modern look. For example, the Mark Schneider Blissful engagement ring features a diamond inside an inverted v-shaped setting for a futuristic aesthetic. 

Modern bands may be engraved or created in unique shapes and have a touch of color in a distinctively-hued diamond or alternative gemstone. These rings are ideal for partners with an open mind regarding jewelry and who enjoy pieces with an avant-garde style.


Outgoing and Stylish

For stylish and outgoing brides who want a more dazzling ring, choose a style that features sparkling pavé-set diamonds or a halo ring setting that adds an enticing and visually striking look.

A pavé setting has one solitaire diamond with smaller diamonds along the band. A halo engagement ring setting adds a circle of diamonds around the center diamond to create a larger and more sparkling ring. These styles are perfect for brides who want their rings noticed and love the flair of extravagant styles.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring?


The primary distinction between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is that the former is presented during the engagement or proposal, whereas the latter is worn during the marriage ceremony.


What are the metals used in engagement rings?


Engagement rings, like any other type of jewelry, come in a variety of designs. Platinum and Gold (White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold) are the most popular metals for engagement rings, but titanium, silver, and stainless steel are also used.