Best Statistics Online Courses

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April 16, 2021

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Whether you’re a student, statistician or researcher, an online statistics course may be worth considering. You can develop skills to analyze the data all around you or pursue your dream career as a statistician. If you already work in the field, you can gain invaluable knowledge to elevate your career.

A Quick Look: Best Statistics Online Courses

Here’s a quick look at Benzinga’s top picks: 

What Makes a Statistics Online Course Great?

How do you know which online statistics courses are best? Keep the following in mind as you explore your options.

Begins with a Refresher Lesson 

The course should start with an overview that explains what’s covered and which offers a refresher lesson so you’ll easily be able to get up to speed.

Look for Supplementary Resources

What better way to test your knowledge of the content than with supplementary material, including quizzes, projects and other useful resources? Look for these types of resources here. 

Led by an Experienced Instructor 

Seasoned facilitators are more likely to teach the lessons in a way that’s easy to comprehend since they fully understand the material. Steer clear of newbies if this is your first statistics course. 

Our Top Picks

We’ve scoured the web to find the best statistics online courses. You will find our top picks from Coursera, LinkedIn Learning and Udemy, organized by skill level — beginner, intermediate and advanced.   

Each selection includes a brief description of the course and the cost of enrollment to help you make an informed decision. 

Statistics Online Courses for Beginners

Start with these courses if you’re seeking a foundational knowledge of statistics.

Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis

All Levels • 92 videos • 4.9 hours
Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis
securely through Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis's website

1. Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis by Udemy

  • Who it's for: Beginners
  • Price: $149.99

Learn statistics fundamentals when you enroll in this Udemy bestseller. Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis comes with a host of resources, including 5 hours of on-demand video, 28 articles and 96 downloadable resources. 

Offered by 365 Careers, a top provider of finance courses on Udemy, this course teaches you how to plot data, calculate correlation and covariance, project confidence intervals and conduct hypothesis testing. You will also learn how to execute regression analysis, make decisions based on data, calculate variability and perform several other pertinent statistics-related tasks. 

The $149.99 enrollment fee is for lifetime access to all the course material. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you finish the final lesson. 

Get this course. 

2. Basic Statistics by the University of Amsterdam

  • Who it's for: Beginners 
  • Price: free

Basic Statistics is the third course in the Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences Specialization offered by the University of Amsterdam. It boasts an average rating of 4.7 by over 600 students who have gained invaluable knowledge that led to a career benefit or job offer. 

This free class teaches the essentials of statistics and how to calculate and evaluate them. It’s comprised of 5 modules that focus on several core topics, including data exploration, correlation and regression, probability, probability distributions and sampling distributions. 

Instructor Emiel van Loon is an assistant professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics and Dr. Matthijs Rooduijn works in the political science department. 

Get this course. 

3. Everyday Statistics with Eddie Davila by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Have you ever wondered about the statistics news anchors, journalists, sports commentators and researchers share? This class sheds light on the source of these figures and how to interpret them. 

Everyday Statistics with Eddie Davila kicks off with a brief overview of what to expect in the course. Each lesson addresses different types of statistics, including figures related to sports, test scores, political polls, parenting, holidays, relationships, sleep, genetics and many others.

Enrollment is included with a $29.99 monthly LinkedIn membership or you can grab a free seat by signing up for a 1-month trial. 

The class is led by Eddie Davila, associate chair for the Arizona State University Supply Chain Management Program. He’s also an accomplished writer and host of educational videos that have received over 10 million views to date. 

Get this course. 

Intermediate Statistics Online Courses

Give these courses a try if you’ve mastered the basics and want to delve deeper into statistical analysis. 

4. Python Statistics Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Do you want to harness the power of Python to analyze statistical data? Consider this intermediate-level course from LinkedIn Learning. It includes 5 video lessons, 1 project file and 4 chapter quizzes to enhance your learning experience. 

Instructor Michele Vallisneri, theoretical astrophysicist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, shows you how to use Python to analyze real-world datasets. The course also includes lessons on Python installation and setup, importing and cleaning data, statistical inference and statistical modeling.

There’s no fee to enroll if you have a $29.99 LinkedIn membership or you can test drive the course by signing-up for a 1-month trial.  

Get this course. 

Statistics with R – Intermediate Level

Intermediate • 33 videos • 2.5 hours
Statistics with R – Intermediate Level
securely through Statistics with R – Intermediate Level's website

5. Statistics with R — Intermediate Level by Udemy 

  • Who it's for: Intermediate students 
  • Price: $49.99

Just $49.99 gets you a seat in the Statistics with R — Intermediate Level course. It can equip you with the skills to perform testing and carry out statistical analyses using the R program. 

This course is ideal for academic researchers, business researchers, university instructors and Ph.D. candidates. Current statistics students and statistical analysis professionals may also find the course beneficial. 

The enrollment fee includes 33 lectures condensed into 2.5 hours of on-demand video, 9 articles and 8 downloadable resources. You will also receive a certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Facilitator Bogdan Anastasiei is a faculty member in the College of Economics of Business Administration at the University of Iasi, Romania. He has over 24 years of experience as an instructor. Anastasiei also offers business consulting services related to quantitative risk and feasibility analyses.

Make sure you’ve got access to R and R Studio and a working knowledge of statistics when you sign up. 

Get this course. 

6. R for Excel Users by LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Are you a data scientist who uses Excel and want to become proficient in R to analyze statistical data? If so, this intermediate-level course, which spans 1.5 hours, is for you. 

It is taught by Conrad Carlberg, a writer and consultant in quantitative and statistical analysis. This 7-module course includes the following lessons: 

  • Install R
  • Descriptive Statistics in Excel 
  • Working between R and Excel
  • Introduction to DescTools
  • DescTools Output
  • Bivariate Analysis in R
  • Bivariate Analysis in Excel 

Inside the learning portal, you will also find 1 project file and 6 chapter quizzes to test your material comprehension.

You can enroll for free if you have a $29.99 monthly LinkedIn membership. Or you can get a free seat in the course with a 1-month trial membership. 

Get this course. 

Advanced Statistics Online Courses

Looking to master the art of statistical analysis? You may find these courses useful. 

Become a Probability & Statistics Master

All Levels • 118 videos • 11.5 hours
Become a Probability & Statistics Master
securely through Become a Probability & Statistics Master's website

7. Become a Probability and Statistics Master by Udemy 

  • Who it's for: Advanced students 
  • Price: $199.99

Another bestseller from Udemy, Become a Probability and Statistics Master, is an advanced course that will show you how to sample, visualize and analyze data. This class also covers data distributions, probability, discrete random variables, hypothesis testing and regression.

When you enroll, you will receive instant access to 118 lectures packed into 11.5 hours of on-demand video, 63 articles and 109 downloadable resources. The course also includes interactive support in the Q&A section. 

Led by Krista King, a math tutor with a 4.7 Udemy instructor rating, this course comes with over 600 practice questions. That way, you can test your knowledge and refine your skills before you apply them in the classroom or at the workplace. 

The cost to enroll in $199.99. It’s a good idea to know how to do arithmetic, basic algebraic operations and solve simple equations before you enroll. 

Get this course. 

Statistics with R – Advanced Level

Expert • 37 videos • 4.3 hours
Statistics with R – Advanced Level
securely through Statistics with R – Advanced Level's website

8. Statistics with R — Advanced Level by Udemy

  • Who it's for: Advanced students 
  • Price: $49.99

This course is for experienced data scientists who want to learn how to perform advanced statistical analyses with the R program. You will learn how to conduct mean difference tests, predictive techniques and grouping methods. 

It’s also taught by Bogdan Anastasiei and includes 37 lectures condensed into 4.5 hours of on-demand video. You can also reference 7 articles and 6 downloadable resources to supplement your learning so you can better understand the concepts and methods taught in the class.

Enrollment is only $49.99 and includes lifetime access to the course material and a certificate of completion when you reach the finish line. The course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the material.

Get this course. 

Statistical Data Analysis with SAS

All Levels • 45 videos • 4.4 hours
Statistical Data Analysis with SAS
securely through Statistical Data Analysis with SAS's website

9. Statistical Data Analysis with SAS by Udemy 

  • Who it's for: Advanced students 
  • Price: $69.99

Statistical Data Analysis with SAS caters to programmers who want to learn more about SAS and gain an in-depth understanding of workflow. 

A seat in this course is only $69.99 and includes 4.5 hours of on-demand video, 8 articles and 4 downloadable resources. You will also have access to demonstrations to help you master SAS techniques and quizzes to identify areas where you may need more work. You should have some knowledge of statistics before you enroll. 

Instructor John Zhong holds three SAS certifications — SAS Advanced, SAS Base and SAS Clinical Trials and is a professional biostatistician.

Get this course. 

Choose the Right Statistics Online Course for You

You can gain a better understanding of statistics and master more advanced concepts with these statistics online courses. Our top picks are affordable, and we included a free beginner option to help you learn the basics at no cost. 

But before you select the perfect course, confirm that it begins with a refresher lesson and offers resources to facilitate your learning. Most importantly, the instructor should have extensive experience in the field and deliver the material in a way that’s easy to understand. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What elements do you look for in an excellent online statistics course?


You should consider the experience of the instructors, supplementary resources and review lessons.


What are the best online statistics courses for beginners?


Benzinga recommends Everyday Statistics and Basic Statistics.

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