Best Risk Management Courses

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August 17, 2020

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Risk management techniques are often used in the business world to identify financial issues and potentially reduce their impact. Whether you’re a student who wants to learn more about risk management or a career professional who wants to boost your expertise to land a promotion, an online course is worth considering. 

You can find risk management courses for all skill levels and budgets. Let Benzinga help you find the perfect fit. 

Quick Look: Best Risk Management Courses

Take a sneak peek at the best risk management courses: 

What Makes a Risk Management Course Great?

The best risk management courses meet these criteria. 


Video lectures are a great way to introduce you to vital concepts. However, the best risk management courses also implement activities and projects so you can apply your knowledge in a practice setting before entering the classroom or field in a professional environment. 


You want a self-paced risk management course so you can work through the material when it’s convenient. Self-paced options also allow you to spend as much time as you need on the lessons to grasp challenging concepts fully. 


Don’t spend more than you have to on a risk management course that doesn’t add more value. The option you select should offer a competitive price. And if you’re running low on cash, start with a free class and move on to a paid offering as your budget permits. 

Our Top Picks

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best risk management courses. Our top picks are from leading online learning providers, including Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare. 

Below, you will find the classes organized by skill level — beginners, intermediate students and advanced students. There’s also a description and enrollment fee listed with each course to help you make an informed decision. 

Risk Management Courses for Beginners

If you have little or no knowledge using risk management techniques, start with these introductory courses. 

Risk Management: An Introduction

All Levels • 16 videos • 1.7 hours
Risk Management: An Introduction
securely through Risk Management: An Introduction's website

1. Risk Management: An Introduction by Udemy 

Who it's for: Beginners

Price: On sale 

Learn the mechanics of risk management from the ground up with this popular course from Udemy. Led by Chartered Financial Analyst Tanuja Yadav, it covers risk governance, risk budgeting, risk tolerance, the risk management framework and so much more. 

Risk Management: An Introduction consists of 5 modules: 

  • Risk Management: An Introduction
  • The Risk Management Process
  • Risk Governance
  • Identification of Risks
  • Measuring and Modifying Risks

Take advantage of the special pricing on this course by enrolling today. You get full lifetime access to 1.5 hours of on-demand video lectures and 3 downloadable resources.  

Have a computer or Android device with the internet handy before you sign up. 

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2. Finance Foundations: Risk Management by LinkedIn Learning 

Who it's for: Beginners

Price: Included with the monthly membership 

Interested in learning how to implement a risk management program at your organization? Or maybe you want to improve your risk-assessment abilities? This introductory course from LinkedIn Learning is ideal for you. 

Finance Foundations: Economist and finance expert Jason Schenker facilitates risk Management. He divides the video lectures into the following segments: 

  • Purpose and Process of Risk Management 
  • Nine Types of Corporate Risks, Nonfinancial and Financial
  • Risk Solutions and Active Management 
  • Corporations Manage Risk 

A seat in this course is free with a monthly LinkedIn membership. Not yet a member? You can register for a 1-month trial to enroll for free. 

Enroll now.

3. Crucial Competencies – Risk Management in Under 30 Minutes by Skillshare

Who it's for: Beginners

Price: Free

Strapped for time but want to learn how to create risk management plans from scratch? Look no further than this in-depth course from Skillshare. 

Subject-matter expert Simon Harris teaches Crucial Competencies – Risk Management in Under 30 Minutes in 7 lessons: 

  • Risk Crucial Competency 1 Hello, Welcome and Introduction 
  • Facilitating Risk Management Workshops Strategy Planning to Risk Identification 
  • Identification to Assessment, Prioritization and Responses
  • Assessment Scales Responses, Affect on Business Case, Risk Inclusive Baselines
  • Handling Contingency and Risk Status Reporting 
  • Extra: Risk Exam PMI View
  • Extra: Risk Exam Prince2 View of Risk 

You will complete a project that requires you to develop a risk management strategy or plan. This is an optimal opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge and sharpen your skills in a practice setting. 

Enrollment is free. 

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Intermediate Risk Management Courses

These courses will expand your knowledge if you have some experience with risk management. 

4. Portfolio and Risk Management by the University of Geneva

Who it's for: Intermediate students

Price: Free

Portfolio and Risk Management is a component of the Investment Management Specialization from the University of Geneva. It delves into the core portfolio construction theory, various ways you can construct portfolios and how to assess and manage the risks. 

Here’s a quick look at the course modules: 

  • General Introduction and Key Concepts 
  • Modern Portfolio Theory and Beyond 
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Management  

Each module includes a series of video lectures, supplementary readings and quizzes to ensure you get the most from your online learning experience. 

There’s no cost to enroll. Expect to spend 8 hours working through the course material.

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5. Risk Management for IT and Cybersecurity Managers by LinkedIn Learning 

Who it's for: Intermediate students 

Price: Included with the monthly membership 

Join cybersecurity manager Jason Dion in this intermediate course that explores how information technology and cybersecurity managers determine which projects to fund. He includes lessons on commonly used risk management terms, threats, risk mitigation, risk avoidance, risk acceptance, qualitative risk measurement, quantitative risk management and so much more. 

Risk Management for IT and Cybersecurity Managers is divided into 3 core components: 

  • What is Risk?
  • What Can You Do with Risk?
  • Calculating Risk 

You can register for free if you have a monthly LinkedIn membership. Or you can get a free seat in the course by signing up for a 1-month trial. 

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6. FinTech Risk Management by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

Who it's for: Intermediate students 

Price: Free

FinTech Risk Management is presented by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It’s the 3rd installment in the FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialization and focuses on risk management and corporate governance in the finance industry as they relate to FinTech and RegTech. You will walk away with the ability to analyze and offer recommendations related to business strategies and risk balancing in finance firms. 

This 14-hour course consists of video lectures, supplementary readings and quizzes. Here’s what covered in the modules: 

  • Compliance with financial requirements and government regulations
  • FinTech Compliance with corporate governance: Objectives, guidelines and policy
  • IT Compliance and Assurance Part 1 
  • IT Compliance and Assurance Part 2 
  • Peer-graded Final Project

It’s co-facilitated by Garvin Percy Dias and Theodore Henry King Clark. Both are associate professors of business education. 

Registration is free. 

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Advanced Risk Management Courses

Seasoned career professionals will find these courses useful. 

7. Financial Risk Management with R by Duke University 

Who it's for: Advanced students 

Price: Free

Financial and Risk Management with R is a stellar offering from Duke University. It’s a part of the Entrepreneurial Finance: Strategy and Innovation Specialization and dives into ways to calculate the projected return and quantify the market risk of portfolios. 

Bank of America Professor David Hsieh breaks the course down into these modules: 

  • Introduction to R, Data Retrieval and Return Calculation
  • Risk Management Under Normal Distributions 
  • Risk Management Under Non-Normal Distributions
  • Risk Management Under Volatility Clustering 

He provides instruction through detailed lectures and readings. You will also be tasked with taking quizzes at the end of each module to assess your comprehension of the material. 

Get started in this advanced course for free. It takes 15 hours to reach the finish line. 

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Practical Risk Management for Business and Projects

Intermediate • 32 videos • 3.6 hours
Practical Risk Management for Business and Projects
securely through Practical Risk Management for Business and Projects's website

8. Practical Risk Management for Business and Projects by Udemy 

Who it's for: Advanced students

Price: On sale 

Practical Risk Management for Business and Projects caters to business and project managers, leaders, employees, team members and stakeholders who want to level up their knowledge. It includes detailed instructions on leading stakeholders in the identification of risks, developing risk management plans, reporting on risks and more. 

The class is instructed by seasoned management consultant Jim Ouellette. Here’s a sneak peek of the syllabus: 

  • Introduction 
  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification Final 
  • Risk Identification Tools and Techniques
  • Stakeholders
  • Risk Register
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Final Thoughts

Register today for instant access to 3.5 hours of on-demand video and 2 downloadable resources. Plus, you can enroll with confidence knowing the course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. 

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9. Risk Management and Credit Principles by the New York Institute of Finance 

Who it's for: Advanced students

Price: Free

Risk Management and Credit Principles is a component of the Credit Risk and Credit Analysis Professional Certificate Program from the New York Institute of Finance. Instructor Tracy Williams draws from his experience to teach you about risk management, credit principle and business risks regarding borrowers. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn in the course: 

  • Introduction to Risk Management and Credit Principles
  • Principles of Corporate and Project Finance
  • Credit Markets, Loan Defaults and Expected Loss
  • Business, Industry and Company Risk 
  • Ratings Agencies and Financial Disclosure 

You can sign up for free or upgrade your enrollment to add a verified certificate for only $199. 

Have basic accounting knowledge before you register. 

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Get Started with a Risk Management Course

Ready to boost your risk management expertise? Consider our recommended courses to get started. They’re interactive, self-paced and affordable, so you can receive a world-class learning experience without breaking the bank. Most importantly, you will acquire knowledge and skills that put you a step closer to achieving your educational or career goals.

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