4 Best Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies for Nurses

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May 24, 2022

Medical professionals are amongst the most respected workers in the world. From physicians to paramedics and doctors, they save lives and do their best to make their patients healthy again. But because they are humans, they can make mistakes like everyone else. 

A small mistake might get you in trouble if you are a nurse. Just like that, you'll find yourself against accusations that can ruin your career. Suppose you don't want to risk it all and spend a fortune defending yourself. In that case, it's time to look into malpractice insurance designed for nurses.

Best Malpractice Insurance Companies for Nurses

We have selected and reviewed 4 malpractice insurance providers just for you. Look at each of them and see which one can perfectly fit your needs.

Lawsuits are scary and even worse when they're against you. But with a professional team available for support, it will be easier to overcome this challenge. Teams of experts with extensive medical knowledge will help you defend yourself in any situation that puts your position at risk.

In this article, we will talk about the 4 best malpractice insurance for nurses. We will review the most popular ones, and you can choose them based on your preferences.

As we tested & compared the different companies, we found that the best malpractice insurance company for nurses is HPSO. Here's a look at our favorite providers:

  • Best overall medical malpractice insurance company for nurses: HPSO
  • Best medical malpractice insurance company with the highest aggregate limit: Proliability
  • Best for students: NSO

1. Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO)

This company is among the most popular and has a reputation for being professional. Several discounts are available, so it is a great option for those who don't want to spend a fortune on this service. Stability is ensured in their history, as they've been providing malpractice insurance for almost 100,000 professionals.

Their coverage limit of $3,000,000 is more than enough to defend against lawsuits. License protection and medical payments are also included, and HPSO will do anything necessary to protect your career. Members of the American Counseling Association are entitled to a 10% discount on their service.

If you decide to leave your current employment, the coverage from HPSO will not end. Their services will be provided during your medical career and are not limited to your current employer.

Claims HandlingEfficient and timely process
Company NameHPSO
Customer Support24/7 availability
Exclusions/LimitationsDependent on policy type
Financial StabilityStrong claims-paying ability
Policy FeaturesDefense coverage, consent-to-settle provision, prior acts coverage
Policyholder SatisfactionPositive reviews and ratings
Premium RatesVaries based on profession
Specialized CoverageTelemedicine coverage available
Specialty CoverageWide range of specialties
Types of CoveragePhysicians, Nurses, Others
Year Established1987


  • We love the portable policy
  • It's generally enough coverage for most
  • Discounts available for some people


  • The coverage limit may not be enough for everyone.
  • They have limited business insurance coverage for other types of businesses.

2. Nurses Service Organization (NSO)

Specifically designed for nurses, NSO is a great option for anyone employed in this position. They consist of professional experts that offer portable and comprehensive coverage. Aggregate limits are up to $6,000,000, double the limit HPSO offers. Additionally, legal representation fees are also covered in their plans.

Although they provide their services to many healthcare workers, customer satisfaction is the only area with problems. Several complaints have been registered, but their team is receptive to feedback and willing to fix their issues. If you are wondering about the stability of this provider, rest assured. They won't disappear from the market anytime soon as they have a strong financial situation.

Is NSO a good malpractice insurance? Many nurses wonder about this question, but the answer is simple. Professional liability insurance policies are available for every nurse, and students will take advantage of exclusive discounts offered by this provider. 

Claims HandlingEfficient and timely process
Company NameNSO
Customer Support24/7 availability
Exclusions/LimitationsDependent on policy type
Financial StabilityStrong claims-paying ability
Policy FeaturesDefense coverage, consent-to-settle provision, prior acts coverage
Premium RatesVaries based on profession
Specialized CoverageTelemedicine coverage available
Specialty CoverageVarious nursing specialties
Types of CoverageNurses, Nurse Practitioners
Year Established1976


  • Coverage up to $6 million.
  • Portable coverage


  • We found some complaints online.

3. Proliability

If you are looking for a provider that can be trusted, Proliability is the choice for you. They have been operating for decades and managed to get an excellent reputation. Many healthcare workers have a contract with this provider because the company specializes in malpractice insurance only.

Since they do not offer any other type of coverage, they can fully focus on what you need. Experts are Proliability have mastered this industry, and they can direct all of their resources towards defending you in case of malpractice. 

With an excellent financial situation, Proliability will continue to help its clients for a long time. While their service is extremely professional, they are delivered at an affordable price. Their pricing starts at $101 per year if you are employed. Several discounts are available, and you can take advantage of them. 

Company NameProliability
Year Established1947
Types of CoveragePhysicians, Surgeons, Nurses
Specialty CoverageVarious medical specialties
Premium RatesVaries based on profession
Policy FeaturesDefense coverage, consent-to-settle provision, prior acts coverage
Claims HandlingEfficient and timely process
Customer Support24/7 availability


  • We loved how high their aggregate limits are.
  • A great mix of protection and affordability.
  • Easy customer support


4. CM&F

With superior customer service and no registered complaints, the CM&F Group is known for treating its clients with priority and excellent care. They have one of the strongest financial grades, successfully inspiring trust and safety in nurses. Regardless of your issue, a live chat service is available, and they're known for reaching back to you in just a couple of seconds.

With a claim limit of $2,000,000, CM&F is the safest option for those that worry about the worst-case scenario. With such a professional service, some people wonder about the plan pricing. You'll be surprised to find out that their rates start at $102/year, making them one of the cheapest on the market. 

Telemedicine insurance is also covered on their basic plan. It means you can defend yourself even if you make mistakes virtually. Because this field is evolving with the help of technology, prescribing the wrong medication through telemedicine is just an example of how mistakes can occur even if you're not in the same location as the patient. 


  • We love how telemedicine insurance is provided.
  • They have been around for a long time.
  • It's a large company.
  • It's a company with great financial strength


  • Not great for people with high claim limits
  • We preferred some of the other providers.
  • If you need higher limits, you'll need to get in touch with them
Company NameCM&F
Premium RatesVaries based on profession
RatingsNot Available
Specialty CoverageVarious medical specialties
Types of CoveragePhysicians, Healthcare Providers
Year Established1919

What is Malpractice Insurance?

Healthcare professionals have access to this type of insurance. It protects them in case of possible mistakes that might occur at their job. Patients that get the wrong treatment or suffer from these mistakes will often file lawsuits against the medical workers.

In such cases, it's difficult for nurses to defend themselves independently. These insurances will help by providing professional advice, covering legal costs, and taking care of medical damages from any mistake. 

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is currently the 3rd most common cause of death in the United States. The medical schools will successfully train healthcare workers. But because of their intense shifts and increased stress, mistakes can occur. Beginners must be more careful because a mistake can cost someone's life.

If you work under the government, you will not need such insurance. The government will cover all liability claims. But if you are not employed by the state, having malpractice insurance is necessary for your career. That's why several options are available, and now you are familiar with the best of them.

Why You Should Trust Benzinga

Benzinga helps you build wealth, but it also helps you protect it. We want to ensure you know how things work in the financial world, and we're here to teach you about it. Insurance is essential, and it has become crucial for nurses and workers in the medical industry. 

A team of experts carefully analyzed every major medical malpractice insurance for nurses. We did our extensive research, so you won't have to. Then we placed all the information in this article to help the nurses of our country and those around the world.

Whether you are a nurse practitioner or a nursing student, we hope you can find the best malpractice coverage for your own needs. Our reviews are straightforward, and they're based on several factors. Additionally, we decided to exclude the insurances that did not meet our expectations. This way, you can ensure you get the best ones only.

Factors to Look for in an Insurance Company

Before choosing the best insurance, there are a couple of factors to consider. Get familiar with this industry and do more research, as each comes with its terms and conditions. It is essential to know the terminology and practices of this field. 

Several expenses can occur when you defend yourself against a lawsuit. Legal representation costs consist of legal fees that are difficult to cover, but high-quality insurance will always help you with it. 

Experience of the agent

Make sure to choose a provider that has enough experience in this field. Only a team of experts can help maximize your defense. These professional agents are used to handling lots of claims, and there's a high chance they have already helped someone that was in the same situation.

Insurance cost

Looking for cheap professional liability insurance is not always recommended. Some options come at a reduced price, but they can only provide limited solutions if things go wrong. Choose a provider that offers exceptional value for the cost. The recommendations in this article have been chosen on this factor.

Long-term operation

Always check the stability of your provider. They should be able to cover any professional liability for healthcare workers long-term. If the company does not survive economic recessions, don't be surprised to find out it filed for bankruptcy exactly when you need help the most. 

Risk management

It's important that your malpractice insurance company understands risk management. You could need a bigger policy.

Your Risk Tolerance

Your risk tolerance will also affect the insurance carrier you choose.

How Much Does Malpractice Insurance Coverage Cost for Nurses?

Usually, the cost of such insurance will depend on the state you're working in. The type of nursing license is also considered, as registered nurses will often need higher coverage. This insurance is paid on a yearly basis. Usually, you should expect to pay between $400 to $1,800 per year.

The large frame of this cost is due to specifics that heavily depend on your own needs. It is also known that healthcare workers that operate in private practices will have to pay more than their co-workers that the government employs. It is necessary because the private employer will not cover this insurance.

Because beginners are more prone to making mistakes, your experience as a nurse will also influence the cost. If you've been working for a couple of years, the price for such insurance will be reduced. Those that just graduated recently and started working for the first time will have to pay more.

But your own malpractice history is also taken into consideration. Someone with several claims filed against them must pay more for their insurance. The cost will increase with the frequency of registered claims.

Comparison of Medical Malpractice Companies

We have recommended 4 malpractice insurance companies in this article. Our team of expert reviewers has carefully chosen them. Several factors were considered, and we decided to exclude the providers that did not meet our expectations. 

That being said, you can be sure that you're presented with the best options. However, it can still be difficult for you to choose one. That's why we created a simple table to help you understand their differences. With this information, you can choose between the different companies based on your needs.

ProviderAdvantagesPricingAggregate limitClaim limit
HPSOThey have excellent customer reviews;
Representing several healthcare professions
Student rate: $38/year
Self-Employed Rate: $493/year
Employed rate: $157/year
NSOAttractive discounts for students;
Available in all 50 states
Student rate: $35/year
Self-Employed Rate: $225/year
Employed rate: $106/year
ProliabilityTeam is composed of experienced consultants;
They have partnerships with several industry associations
Student rate: $30/year
Self-Employed Rate: $387/year
Employed Rate: $101/year
CM&FHigh consumer rating with no registered complaints;
One of the best financial strength ratings
Starting at $102/year$6,000,000$2,000,000

We hope you find the right medical malpractice insurer to protect you against the professional liability you face.

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