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October 19, 2022

As an insurance agency owner or manager, you need more than charisma and prospective clients. Selling insurance requires a range of products and services that streamline your operation. Most agency owners know they need software but don’t know where to start, or they default to systems used by previous employers without seeing the wide range of options available on the open market.

Take a look at Benzinga’s choices for the best insurance agency software platforms, reviewing what they do, how they help your agency and how your bottom line will benefit over the long term.

Best Insurance Agency Software

In your search for the best insurance agency software platforms, take a look at Benzinga’s favorites:


Price: Free to appointed producers

InsureHive is licensed to operate in 22 states: MI, FL, PA, IL, OH, WI, IN, KY, IA, TN, MO, SC, NC, NV, VA, WA, OR, AZ, CO, KS, TX, GA. With this platform, you can quote and bind new business easily. The platform ensures that your commissions are paid faster, you can write business faster and it even allows you to retain all expirations. In fact, if you ever decide to sell your agency, Insure Hive asks for the right of first refusal, making it easier for you to create a succession plan.

Applied Epic

Price: Free trial after speaking with a sales representative; $49 per user per month

Applied Epic makes it easier to see the “big picture” of the agency, offering:

  • Claims management options
  • Client contact and database services
  • Document management tools
  • Policy review and management tools

With Applied, you can create reports, manage leads all in one place and onboard your entire team. It may take some time to implement this platform, but it’s well worth it. Think of this platform as the simplest all-in-one insurance management program out there. You can start small—even with just you and maybe one other agent—and be quite happy with Applied Epic.


Price: Starting at $129 per month per user

The QQCatalyst platform is one of the most popular software programs on the market today. In essence, you can open the package and get started, build your agency infrastructure and get right to work. QQCatalyst makes it easy to handle:

  • Client and policy management
  • Sales and lead management
  • Email marketing management
  • Integrations

Operating on the cloud, you can use the platform to build your agency and house all your data in one place. There’s no setup fee and no monthly contract—you can start and stop whenever you want. Plus, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee to put your mind at ease.


Price: Pricing based on annual commission revenue: Fees are calculated at the beginning of the year. $600 per month for <$300,000 in annual commissions, $600-$2000 for $300,000 to $1 million in commissions, $2000-$3000 for $1 million to $2 million in commissions, or $3000-$4500 for $2 million to $3 million in commissions.

AMS360 was built to give medium-size insurance agencies:

  • Comprehensive policy info
  • Insurance-style accounting
  • Renewal and retention support
  • TransactNOW to connect with carriers
  • Increased productivity with improved navigation
  • A massive library of APIs that will connect to a range of applications

When you start using AMS360, you can take advantage of tools that include:

  • Document management
  • Lead management and retention
  • Policy renewal and retention support
  • Letter and proposal builders
  • A broader view of your agency’s performance
  • Carrier communication support
  • Error and omission avoidance support
  • Reporting, billing and accounting 


Sagitta is an insurance agency management platform designed for larger agencies—those that have outgrown smaller platforms. To that end, Sagitta tries to solve the problems unique to larger firms.

As always, this platform is customizable, and it offers options like:

  • A robust proposal builder
  • InsurLink for client relationship management
  • Commercial submission tools to get quotes from several carriers
  • All the standard accounting, document, lead, and internal management systems you’ve grown accustomed to

While these tools are just one part of a much larger business, remember that they make it easier for bigger agencies to get work done quickly. When you have that many clients, you need a platform that does almost everything for you.

What Should Insurance Agency Software Do?

In short, insurance agency management software should do everything that the agency needs in order to operate on a daily basis. This means that you are housing the majority of your operation in one place that anyone can use on any device.

Think of these platforms as a one-stop-shop for insurance business management. If you need to download or purchase several other programs just to keep up with demand, your insurance agency management software isn’t quite up to snuff. 

What to Look for in Insurance Agency Software Developers

When you want to purchase insurance agency software, you’re looking for a few basics. Yes, you may have specific needs, but every insurance brokerage should look out for:

  • Office-wide services: The program should work for everyone in the office from the receptionist to the CEO, personal, commercial, life and specialty brokers. Plus, the platform should be compatible with all the devices your team uses.
  • Security protection: Insurance agents house quite a lot of sensitive client information. You need to know that your new agency management software is completely secure.
  • Client database: An easy-to-use client database allows everyone in the office to quickly research the client info they need without flipping through a rolodex or reviewing a spreadsheet.
  • Document database: A document database makes it easy to pull up all the documents that are used most often by the agency, especially claims forms and any documents required by the state.
  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation allows you to set up blog publishing, email marketing and social media posts all in one place.
  • Commission tracking: Tracking commissions is the heartbeat of an agency. You need to know how much everyone is making, and your team should have an easy place where they can track their earnings.
  • Internal communication: An internal communications platform makes it easier for your team to talk amongst themselves without downloading several other chat or email programs.

Find Insurance Agency Information and Tips Here

Check back with Benzinga often if you need help finding an insurance carrier or information on insurance agency software platforms. While all agencies are different, this is the perfect place to learn about programs that will help you sell more insurance, offer better customer care, and streamline your internal operations.

Frequently Asked Questions


What software do insurance companies use?


Insurance companies use a range of proprietary and third-party software platforms like CoverMyMeds, Applied Epic and many more.


How much does an agency management system cost?


An insurance agency management system is priced based on the size of your operation and the services you need. However, monthly fees tend to range from $30 to $150 per user, with the exemption of massive brokerages that may need to spend much more. 

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