Best Installment Loans

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September 16, 2022

Are you facing financial hardship and require money to pay your bills and expenses? Then, you may have tried searching for the best installment loans online but have been unsuccessful. 

However, since it is getting hard to get money from banks, an increasing number of financially burdened people opt for installment loans.

An installment loan is a loan that you pay back with monthly payments in an amount determined by you and your lender, usually for a specified length of time. You can use an installment loan for several other purchases. 

In addition, if the original purchase price (mortgage payment) remains constant, you can make payments on one loan instead of multiple loans.

Installment loans are designed to protect against temporary cash flow problems or unexpected expenses such as emergency medical care or unexpected repair costs. With so many installment loans in the market, finding one that is affordable and can help you is no longer difficult.

The easiest way to get an installment loan is through an online website, and this article will share some of the best installment loan websites which can help you get your finance fast.

Best Installment Loans Online For Bad Credit In 2022

  1. MoneyMutual - Best Overall Installment Loan Marketplace, Top Choice
  2. BadCreditLoans - Popular Online Lending Platform for Bad Credit Installment Loans
  3. RadCred - Top-rated Convenient Application Loan Platform For Borrowers
  4. CashUSA -  Get Cash Advances Despite Having Minimum Credit Score
  5. PersonalLoans - Reliable Platform For Personal Installment Loans

#1. MoneyMutual - Best Overall Installment Loan Marketplace, Top Choice


MoneyMutual is an online lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders. Borrowers can find and apply for loans directly on the MoneyMutual website, and lenders can connect with borrowers who meet their criteria.

The company has been in the industry for over a decade and has expanded to include many users worldwide. The company's software is available in more than 30 languages and serves borrowers in more than 30 countries.

The platform is designed for those looking for a quick, easy, convenient way to borrow money. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. In addition, the lending platform provides customers with a variety of options when it comes to getting approved for an installment loan according to MoneyMutual reviews.

If you're looking for an affordable installment loan solution that allows you to pay off your debt quickly and easily, then MoneyMutual may be just what you need!


Easy Application Process

MoneyMutual’s simple and user-friendly online application lets you apply for installment loans by providing some basic personal information. Then, you can use the secure credit report tool to check your credit score and other factors.

You can apply online or by phone. The company will assess your financial situation within minutes so you can receive approval or decline your loan offer within 24 hours, depending on what type of loan you are applying for. 

Once your application is approved, MoneyMutual will email you a loan application form. Fill out the form and return it to MoneyMutual by fax or mail.

Multiple Loan Options

They have a wide range of products and services available to borrowers, including personal loans, auto loans, student loans, mortgages, and more. Beyond how much you can borrow, the company also provides convenient repayment options to ensure you can afford to pay back.

You can choose from several different payment methods: monthly payments, bi-weekly payments, or weekly payments. You can also choose whether or not you want a loan term longer than six months.


We love that MoneyMutual's installment loan lending platform offers low APRs, which means you can get approved for a loan at a rate that's competitive with other lenders. 

We also love that there are no hidden fees when applying for an installment loan on MoneyMutual. Borrowers must know what they're getting into before signing up for a loan. The company also provides all the information needed so customers can make informed decisions before applying.


  • No credit check required
  • Payments are automatically released 
  • Easy application process from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • No hidden fees


  • Requires waiting for approval before receiving funds

=> Click here to visit the official website “MoneyMutual”


BadCreditLoans offers installment loans to those who have bad credit. They provide short-term loans at rates significantly lower than the national average and work with borrowers to help them find the best way to repay their debts.

The company was founded by a team of finance professionals frustrated with the lack of options for people with bad credit. They wanted to create a platform that would allow people without perfect credit to access affordable loans so they could buy things they needed, like a new car or keep their home from foreclosure.

The website has proprietary software that offers customizable templates, accounting reports, and an instant approval process. BadCreditLoans' software also allows you to customize repayment schedules based on your personal needs. This software is designed to make the process of applying for a loan as easy as possible for you.


Competitive Loan Rates

BadCreditLoans offers competitive rates and flexible payment options so that you can manage your finances without worrying about how much money you're spending every month or even if you're going to be able to make payments at all according to your debt to income ratio.

If you have bad credit or have had trouble managing your debt in the past, the company has an installment loan that can help turn things around—and get back on track with life again.

Wide Network Of Lenders

They can offer installment loans because they partner with several lenders registered on their platform, who then provide the money for BadCreditLoans to lend out.

These lenders are licensed by the state and can provide debt consolidation loans at low-interest rates to borrowers with poor credit scores or bad credit histories.

They also offer the option for borrowers to apply for a loan directly through their website by filling out an application form and uploading documents such as a W-2 form or proof of income, depending on what type of bad credit installment loan you need. Borrowers can complete this process within minutes.

Experienced Team

The team at BadCreditLoans has extensive experience in creating and developing financial products for people with poor credit histories or installment loans for bad credit scores. The company has a team of more than 200 people working at BadCreditLoans, who have the expertise and experience to make your loan application process smooth.

In addition, they have been working with clients who have been denied secured loans from traditional lenders because of their poor credit history.


  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Lower interest rate compared to bank loans
  • Quick approval rate
  • Fast payouts
  • A strong community of reputable lenders


  • Requires relatively more personal data than other platforms

=> Click here to visit the official website “BadCreditLoans”

#3. RadCred - Top-rated Convenient Application Loan Platform For Borrowers


RadCred is an installment loan lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders. Borrowers submit an application, and lenders provide them with personalized financing options. The platform allows users for loan approval of all types, including car loans, student loans, business loans, and more.

The company has been in the lending industry for more than 15 years, which means it understands the process of finding reliable borrowers and giving them the loan they need. 

They’ve built a robust business model by providing lenders with high-quality loans at low-interest rates and high customer satisfaction levels. Their technology has also allowed them to stay at the industry’s forefront and improve their services over time.

With RadCred’s installment loan lending platform, users can choose from various loan terms and conditions to meet their needs. They can also search for different types of loans—such as fixed or variable interest rate loans—and customize them based on their financial situation and goals.


User-Friendly Website Design

RadCred’s website is easy to navigate and allows users to get started quickly without downloading applications or filling out lengthy forms. Users can apply online, submit their application, and get approved within minutes after submitting it online.

Once approved, they receive an automatic email notification letting them know when their personal installment loan has been approved and how much money is being lent against their credit score of bad credit borrowers.

Quick Processing Time

The company’s team is always available to help you with any questions you may have. You can expect total processing time from loan application to funding within 24 hours, and they also offer same-day funding for customers so that you can get your money as soon as possible. The average processing time for a loan application is just over 1 hour.

Affordable Rates

RadCred has partnered with lenders who offer high-quality products at affordable rates so you can get the best possible deal for your needs. The company has a wide range of lender interest rates to help you find the best rate for your needs at any time.

Borrowers can get average interest rates as low as 5% APR, which is more than affordable when you consider that many credit unions offer higher interest rates than these savings accounts.

No Hidden Fees

RadCred works with only reputable lenders approved by the company, and all fees associated with their loan application process are included in the quoted APR. This way, there are no hidden fees like other online lenders may charge when you apply for a loan through their website or mobile app.

The platform also offers free credit reports and online credit monitoring services annually. In addition, customers on this platform will generally not have to deal with any application or origination fee, which means you'll instantly get approved because there's no risk involved.


  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Easy Approval Process
  • No Down Payment
  • Minimal credit checks or inquiries


  • Relatively higher fees for late-payments

=> Click here to visit the official website “RadCred”

#4. CashUSA-  Get Cash Advances Despite Having Minimum Credit Score


CashUSA is one of the best ways to get the money you need when you need it. The company was founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who recognized a need for an alternative to traditional payday lending. 

The founders knew that the traditional payday lending model was broken and that there was a need for a better way to lend money to people struggling to make ends meet.

They realized that many people could not access traditional funding such as credit card debt, loans from banks and other lenders, and unsecured lines of credit from family members or friends. These individuals would often have no other options but to turn to high-cost options such as pawn shops, financial institutions or check-cashing stores.

CashUSA wanted to change this by providing transparent pricing and transparent terms upfront so consumers could make informed decisions about their borrowing options without having any surprises later down the road when interest rates increase or a late payment penalty kicks in.


Simple Application Process And Requirement

Borrowers can apply for installment loans through the website, which will then send them an email with their application form. They must complete this form by providing basic information like their name and address so they can be processed quickly.

To qualify for an installment loan from CashUSA, you will need to be over 18 years old with a valid social security number and a bank account where you can make available deposits. You'll also need a valid email address and phone number so they can contact you if needed during the application process.

Fast And Convenient

There are no fees or upfront costs when applying for an installment loan with CashUSA. You can borrow as much as you need, which is especially helpful if you're looking for a short-term loan that lasts several months.

The application process takes just minutes, and they'll review your application within 24 hours. Once approved, they'll also help guide you through the entire process of applying for your loan from start to finish.

You can apply for these installment loans from the comfort of your home, using the company’s mobile application, or on their website via a computer. They also offer live chat support on the website to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Educational Resources

CashUSA offers a variety of educational resources for its customers, including an online training course on how to use the loan process and a downloadable guide for customers with limited or no experience in the financial industry.

These educational resources help you gain the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your cash advance and other financial products. 

The materials are designed to help borrowers understand their options, what types of loans they can qualify for, and how much they should expect to pay each month.


  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Highly competitive APR rates
  • Not a long-term commitment
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Easy application and approval process


  • There are late fees if you don't pay on time

=> Click here to visit the official website “CashUSA”

#5. PersonalLoans - Reliable Platform For Personal Installment Loans


Occupying the final spot on our top 5 online installment loan services is PersonalLoans. The company offers installment loans to borrowers in the United States. These loans are made available to borrowers who need assistance paying off debt, and it works with a network of lenders to provide customers with the best possible rate.

PersonalLoans has been providing high-quality installment loans since the early 2000s, making them one of the oldest lending companies in the industry today! 

They have a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that every one of their customers receives the best deal possible when they decide to borrow money through them.

The company's website is easy to navigate and features a wide selection of loan products that borrowers can customize to suit their needs. 

You'll find popular loan types such as unsecured personal loans, auto loans, payday loan and home improvement loans. You can also select various payment options, including monthly and lump-sum payments.


Competitive Rates

The best thing about PersonalLoans is that you can get a loan with low-interest rates. PersonalLoans offers a variety of installment loans with competitive rates and terms. The average APR for their installment loans is just over 9 percent.

You can also choose from an assortment of loan amounts, including $1,000 and $35,000. Of course, your credit score will impact the available loan amount, but all options are available based on your credit score. This feature makes it very attractive for anyone looking to borrow money.

Extended Lender Network

PersonalLoans has a long list of lenders who offer their services through the site's network. It makes it easy to find a lender who will work with your budget and needs, no matter what stage of life you're in or what type of financial situation you're trying to address.

The website’s online installment loans have a wide range of lenders available to choose from, so we encourage our users to shop around before applying for one of their installment loans. This way, you can find a lender who offers the best service at the most competitive price.

Fast, Direct Funding

Another great feature of this site is that they provide direct funding services. That means the lenders will send the money straight to your bank account. This feature can be very convenient if you need money right away or if you have bad credit and don't want to wait on an extended approval period.

Flexible Repayments

The website also allows borrowers different repayment options, like bi-weekly or monthly payments. The options help simplify the process so borrowers can focus on paying their bills instead of worrying about how much interest they pay over time.

There are also various ways of qualifying for loans, such as credit score, income level, and more, depending on what type of loan you’re looking for.


  • Easy to apply, no annoying paperwork
  • Same day payouts
  • No employment verifications
  • Fast funding option


  • Involves origination fee to each loan

=> Click here to visit the official website “PersonalLoans”

How We Made This List Of The Instant Funding Installment Loans

When it comes to choosing an installment loan, out of a lot of options listed as the best installment loans out there. There's no shortage of low-interest loans that you can apply for online and offline, with each lender offering different perks and benefits.

But how did we choose our top 5 online lending platforms for the year?

We searched far and wide for top-notch installment loan sites. And although some took longer than others, we managed to uncover some great sites that will make your next installment loan quick and easy with the minimum credit score requirement.


We looked at several factors when deciding which sites were best. First, of course, reputation is a big one, and it’s something all loan websites should have, but it’s also one that can be difficult to measure. 

The more reputable your company is, the more likely you are to be able to get approved for a loan. We looked at customer reviews, testimonials, social media presence, and other customer satisfaction indicators.


One of the biggest complaints we heard from our readers was that they couldn’t find the exact loan they wanted on their preferred website. 

We wanted to make sure that any site we reviewed would have the most popular loans available so you could find what you needed without having to dig through hundreds of pages or, worse — having to go through a third-party lender or broker who may or may not have what you need in stock.

Approval Rate And Terms

The approval rate is the percentage of applicants approved for a loan. We looked at this metric because it helps us determine how much competition there is on each site and how many customers have taken advantage of your offer.

We looked at the terms offered by each company, including APR and fees. We also did the same for their no-interest rate.

Payment Options

The best installment loan websites offer several payment options to suit your needs. We wanted to ensure that the companies we chose offered the range of payment options that best fit your needs. 

We looked at the different payment options that each website has to offer. We also looked at whether or not the site offered a direct debit option. This feature is vital if you are paying your loan off over time, as it will allow you to set up automatic payments from your bank account.

Customer Service

We also considered how easy it was to contact customer service on each website and how responsive they were when we contacted them.

We focused on websites with customer service representatives who were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. That’s because the loan company you choose determines the excellent customer service you get during and after your loan, whether through phone calls, emails, or live chat.

Loan Amount

We wanted to ensure that the total amount of money you could borrow was enough to cover your needs. So, for example, if you’re looking for a $5,000 loan, it would be a good idea to look into lenders that offer higher loan amounts than you need.

The good thing is that most offer a wide range of loan amounts and features. For example, the loan amount can vary from $100 to $50,000 with our top 5 loan websites so that you can find the best one for your needs.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know When Selecting Installment Loan Websites Online

When looking for an installment loan on the internet, it's essential to ensure you've got all your ducks in a row before you start. Here are some things to keep in mind as you compare different sites and choose the one that's best for you:

Know What You Are Looking For

Many people don't know what they're looking for when shopping for an installment loan. So the first step is to find out what type of loan you need. There are several types of loans, including payday loans, auto, unsecured loans, emergency loans and other installment loans, and student loan funds refinancing.

Some lenders offer loans for specific situations, such as paying off an existing high-interest loan or building up savings for a down payment on a house. Know how much money you need and how quickly you need it. These considerations will help narrow your search and ensure that the lender fits your needs.


Reputation is one of the most significant factors in choosing a lender. In fact, it's often the first thing customers look at when they're searching for a loan. Therefore, when looking at different lenders, it's essential to see how they stack up against each other regarding their reviews and ratings.

This consideration can help you determine if the lender is reputable and if they'll be able to get you approved for a loan when you need one.

You should only trust lenders that have been around for a long time and have shown to be trustworthy. Research the company’s reputation before applying for a loan because you will save a lot of time and trouble if you know that the company is reputable and trustworthy.

Compare Installment Loan Amounts

It's essential to compare the terms and conditions different lenders offer before signing a contract with any company. 

You should also consider whether they offer interest-free periods or repayment options such as deferred payments or partial payments toward principal, which is why it's important to compare all options before choosing one.

These may sound like small details, but they can make a big difference in the long run since they often lead to lower monthly payments over time and additional perks like no late fees or lower interest rates.

Find Out if There Are Any Additional Fees

If you're borrowing from a bank, you'll almost certainly be charged a fee for the privilege of doing so. But when you're borrowing via the internet, you can get money without paying any fees.

In fact, many websites offer loans with no fees, but there are some fees you may have to pay before receiving your cash. The lender can charge these fees, or the service provider may charge them. Understand these fees to determine if they will affect your bottom line.

Look for Verified Reviews

Other consumers will review the best websites that offer installment loans. These reviews will give you an idea of how reliable and trustworthy the company is. 

In addition, you can see what kind of customers have given the company good or bad reviews and how long they have been with the company.

The best place to start is by checking out the company's customer reviews. Thousands of people have posted their opinions of different installment loan companies on review sites like Trustpilot and Glassdoor. 

You can use these reviews to see how other people feel about the company, which will help you determine whether it's a good deal.

Pay Attention To Payment Plan Options

When choosing an installment loan, you must ensure a payment plan that works for your budget and needs. This practice can help borrowers avoid having large payments at once and gives them more flexibility with their finances if they need it down the road.

Some companies offer flexible payment plans that allow borrowers to make payments over time with interest accruing according to their terms, while others only offer fixed monthly payments.

Consumer Protection

Online installment loan lenders can have a reputation for giving out loans with high fees, up-front fees, and interest rates that are too high. You should know these problems before applying for an online installment loan.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversees federal laws that protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, and abusive lending practices. The CFPB has specific rules to help ensure that the terms of your loan agreement are fair and transparent.

You can use the CFPB's online complaint form to file a complaint if you believe a lender has violated one of the bureau's rules.

FAQs About Online Installment Loans

Q - What Is An Installment Loan?

A. An installment loan is an unsecured personal loan requiring borrowers to repay the loan with monthly payments over a certain period. The amount a borrower can borrow depends on the installment loan they choose and their credit score.

The lender will make a block or regular payments to your bank account (or other accounts), and you repay the principal amount each month or at the end of the loan term. You don't have to pay interest on these loans, which means they're much cheaper than other types.

Q - Where Do The Funds Come From?

A. While most loans come from banks or other lenders, online loan companies choose not to use traditional banking institutions but instead take business directly from their customers via the internet. As a result, these loans aren't subject to bank fees or interest rates that may be higher than what you would receive with a traditional bank loan.

These Installment loans are typically secured by collateral such as your home, car, or even your 401(k) account. In other words, these loans are backed by real estate, vehicles, or financial assets you already own.

Q - How Does The Repayment Process Work?

A. Funds for most installment loans are transferred directly from your bank account or debit card onto the lender's account as payment for your loan. If you have a credit card, however, most lenders require that you use that card as part of your payment plan instead of using their funds.

The advantage of this approach is that it helps protect your credit score if something goes wrong with one of their transactions. It also gives you more flexibility in managing risk by using multiple payment methods instead of just one type.

Q - What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Loan Over The Internet?

A. There are many benefits to getting an installment loan online, but one of the main ones is convenience. If you have bad credit and need money quickly, finding a lender who will approve your application without seeing proof of income or assets can be challenging.

With online lenders, however, there's no need for such proof — all they require is a credit score and income statement from your employer or bank statement (you'll have to provide proof of identity).

In addition, if you have bad credit and don't have access to a traditional bank account , bad credit loans with guaranteed approval can help you get money when you need it most. The lender does this by allowing you to pay back your loan through direct deposit or automatic withdrawals from your checking account.

Q - Is My Information Secure?

A. The answer is yes. Many security features are in place to protect the information your lender needs to process your loan. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your information is safe and secure when applying for a loan or any other services. 

When you look at the different sites out there, it can be challenging to know which one is the best fit for you. If you feel uncomfortable giving out your information, this could signify that the company may not be suitable for you.

Q - Will I Be Approved If My Credit Score Is Bad?

A. No, you don't need a perfect credit score to apply for an installment loan or refinance with an online lender. It's up to the lenders to decide whether or not they're able to approve you based on your credit history and other factors that may affect your ability to repay the loan.

Q - What Should I Do Before Applying For One?

A. Make sure that you have a stable income, which is no less than six months of your monthly expenses, and that you can afford to pay back the loan on time. You should also have a good credit score (higher than 680) and a bank account with enough funds to cover your loan amount at the time of approval.

You can check your credit score at Credit Karma or TransUnion. If you do not have a good score, there are ways to improve it, such as paying off late payments, getting rid of any negative information on your report, or making sure that no new negative information has come up in the last two years.

Q - Can My Rate Change After I Get The Loan?

A. Depending on your credit score and other factors, your interest rate may be higher or lower than what you originally applied for. If this happens, contact your lender immediately and ask them to reconsider their decision.

Overall, interest rates differ from lender to lender, but they are usually lower than what you find in an unsecured personal loan.

Q - What Is The Difference Between Payday Loans And Installment Loans?

A. Payday loans are short-term loans that people take out when they suddenly need cash. The borrower can repay these loans in two weeks, but they usually carry high-interest rates and fees, making it challenging to pay off the loan over time. 

Installment loans are longer-term solutions compared to payday loans. They typically have lower interest rates than payday loans, which is why most installment loan customers choose them over payday loans. 

Installment lenders may also offer flexible payment plans that allow borrowers to pay off their debts over time rather than just paying the principal at once before the loan proceeds.

Q - What Happens If I Can't Pay Back My Installments?

A. If you can't pay back your installment loan, you'll have to repay it in full plus an additional fee called a "default" or "deferred" payment fee. You'll also have to pay interest on the loan until it's repaid in full, which could be for months or years after the original date of the agreement.

Lenders will also often cut off further extensions and stop providing further help with paying back your debt until it's been paid in full or until you've made all of your payments on time for several months in a row.

Conclusion: Get the Best Installment Loans With Quick Approval In 2022

So, there you have it for this installment of our guide to the best installment loans online in 2022. If you are in a pinch and need money fast, it is highly recommended that you get online and become acquainted with the top five websites we mentioned above.

These places are free from hassle, quick to answer their client's questions, and speedy getting a loan. They have many years of experience under their belts and will continue to serve you well in the coming years.