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July 31, 2022

Let’s face it, whether you are trying to find something long-term or just looking for a relationship, dating is a lot like a minefield. And with the pandemic still ongoing, dating in 2022 is not a walk in the park by any stretch.

Due to this, a lot of people have resorted to trying online dating. In fact, studies even claim there has been a dramatic 82% increase in use of dating apps since March 2022. 

So, if you are here, you probably heard your friends try it out, and you have decided to give it a shot too. Lucky for you, this article is dedicated to helping you find the best dating sites currently out there.

Let’s get down to it!

Best Online Dating Sites of 2022: 

Before we get into a detailed app review, here’s a quick look at the top 3 best dating apps in 2022.

  1. Ashley Madison – Authentic Dating Website For Serious Relationships
  2. AdultFriendFinder – Recommended Match Dating Website To Match Professional Singles 
  3. Seeking – Popular Online Dating App To Find A Match Today; Preferred For International Dating 
  4. eHarmony – Overall Best Dating Sites With Most Updated Dating Services
  5. EliteSingles – Top Dating Apps For Serious Relationships; Dating Experts Available

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. Ashley MadisonAuthentic Dating Website For Serious Relationships


Ashley Madison is a well-known name in the dating world. To be more specific, it is a dating app designed especially for married people. 

Ever since its launch in 2002, this app has been a judgment-free zone, especially for married people who find the concept of monogamy unrealistic. Today, the app has over 30 million active users and stands as one of the best affair/cheating apps on the market. 

It might lead you to think that most people here are men or sugar daddies. However, you will be shocked to know that plenty of married women looking for a casual fling also flock to the site. 

As mentioned before, the app has existed since 2002 and has been in the market for almost 20 years. It has allowed them to make advanced upgrades that will help you zero in on what you are looking for. 

Moreover, if you do not wish to install this app on your phone, you can also log in from your desktop, making it extremely versatile. 

And the best part is that you can get started on Affairs & Discreet Married Dating at no cost! The app is also 100% free for women. But don’t worry! If you are a male, you will be given a free guest membership account.

However, if you want to upgrade your profile and stand out from the rest, you will have to opt to buy a premium package. These packages also vary in price. This way, you can pick the package closest to your set budget.


  • Extremely discreet with personal information.
  • Guaranteed matches.
  • Free membership for all female users.
  • Unique travel feature is available.
  • Advanced and basic search options are available.
  • Members can also get feedback if needed.


  • Plenty of active users.
  • Simple credit system for communication.
  • Feature of adding a ‘Favorite’ tag on matches.
  • Enhanced customer support.
  • Multiple communication options are available.
  • Option to integrate social media accounts is available.
  • Chat as a community.


  • The male population on the app is more.
  • Unlikely to find meaningful connections.
  • Some users have incomplete profiles.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Ashley Madison”


Trying to find long-term relationships on dating apps might be a little difficult, especially because most of the users on them are looking for serious matches. That is the situation of dating in today’s fast-paced world.

If you are looking for something similar, you might want to consider giving the AdultFriendFinder a shot. 

The app does not make any promises of you finding something long-term on their website. However, they pretty much guarantee you will find a love interest. 

The main highlight of this website is it goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of its users. It promises to keep things on the DL and does a great job of maintaining the discreteness of your profile. 

And if you are someone who is not comfortable with uploading their pictures on the site, don’t worry, because you are still guaranteed to get matches!

Additionally, you will also be delighted to know that the registration process is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is fill up a few details, including your birthday, gender, zip code, and so on. 

The website also has two options for usage; a free and paid membership. With the free membership, you will still be able to access a lot of interesting features. However, if you get a paid membership, you can get a lot more features and matches. 

The best way to get started is by first trying the free membership. If you are satisfied with this, you can move to the premium version of the app. 

Moreover, if you face any trouble navigating the app, their delightful customer service team will quickly sort out your queries!


  • Live video streaming feature is included.
  • Offers search by kink options.
  • You can upload photos/videos.
  • Instant messages.
  • Community discussions are available.
  • Private chat rooms for adults.
  • Both free and paid memberships are available.


  • The app has a lot of distinctive features.
  • Plentiful amounts of profiles.
  • More than one way of communication is allowed.
  • Special search algorithms for better matches.
  • Active communities.
  • It is queer-friendly.


  • Website design is not very attractive.
  • The website might seem a little racist at times.
  • A lot of pornographic content.
  • No meaningful connections can be made.

=> Click here to visit the official website “AdultFriendFinder”


Consider using Seeking. If you do not have a long-term, committed relationship, you must at least try this app to find a companion for the time-being. 

One of the major highlights of this app is that it lets you see who is currently online and when they were last online. This way, you can easily find out whether or not the profile is an active one.

Even though this app has led to mixed opinions, the app itself serves to be a judgment-free space where you can get the perfect match!


  • Members of the app can take part in events.
  • Exclusive diamond membership is available.
  • Filter your search for better matches.
  • Premium users can match with both standard and premium users.
  • No text limit
  • An educational podcast to break taboos.
  • Exclusive members have the option of private photo sharing.


  • Easy registration process.
  • Filter out your specifications.
  • A friendly customer service line is available.
  • Diamond members can access more features.
  • Privacy and safety are guaranteed.
  • You can reach out to premium users.
  • Make connections with authentic profiles.


  • Unlikely to form genuine connections.
  • Only premium users can access special features.
  • A lot of fake profiles and scammers use the app.
  • Subscription fees are very expensive.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Seeking”

#4. eHarmony - Overall Best Dating Sites With Most Updated Dating Services


If you have been looking for a good dating site for a long time, you probably have come across the name ‘eHarmony’. This app has existed for ages and claims to be the best match-making platform to find love. 

One of the main reasons this stands as the top selection is that it is the best place to find long-term matches. Another highlight of this app is its unique personality test which you need to answer with complete honesty. 

It will help filter out the right matches and show you the best picks according to your personality. So, make sure you don't lie in the test!

Currently, the app has amassed about 29 million users just in the US alone. 

While the registration process is fairly easy, you must subscribe to a membership plan to use the app. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, eHarmony is the best place to find it. 


  • Large number of success stories.
  • Personality test for better matches.
  • Virtual video date feature is available.
  • Has a unique ‘send a smile’ feature.
  • Available on both Android and iOS.


  • A user-friendly interface makes it easier to navigate.
  • Profiles are tailored to suit your personality.
  • Equal 50-50 split between the genders.
  • Comes with many interesting features.
  • Video call dates are available.
  • Not a lot of fake profiles/bots.


  • The cost of a subscription is expensive.
  • The personality test is 70 questions long.
  • More options for communication methods need to be included.

=> Click here to visit the official website “eHarmony”

#5. EliteSinglesTop Dating Apps For Serious Relationships; Dating Experts Available


If you are looking for a dating app with more career-oriented goals, look no further because EliteSingles is the perfect one for you. This app specifically caters to people who are focused on their careers and looking to find like-minded people.

EliteSingles is a dating app run by a group of companies, including Sparks Network, eDarling, Christian Mingle, Zoosk, and JDate. This dating platform is specially meant for professionals and asks in-depth questions for better compatibility.

The highlight of this app is their quiz. When you take this quiz, the EliteSingles app will give you a score and then use this score to pair you with eligible matches. In short, this test is designed to paint your personality and match your profile with similar personalities. 

Other than that, the app also asks you about certain qualities that you would like to see in a potential partner. This includes their age, gender, location, and so on. 

Although the app is free for all, you will still need to subscribe to get access to premium features. 

And you don’t even have to worry about matching with inactive profiles because EliteSingles weeds out the un-vetted/inactive profiles. This way, you are guaranteed to match with an active profile that is ready to mingle.


  • Built with a ‘have-you-met’ feature.
  • Has a ‘what if’ tab for random selections.
  • Swipe-friendly style.
  • Has a personality test.
  • Wildcard profiles are available.
  • Active, engaging profiles.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers unique features.
  • Comes with a questionnaire to get better matches.
  • Free to use.
  • Robust profiles.


  • Even though the app is free, a subscription is needed to unlock premium features.
  • The video call feature is not available.

=> Click here to visit the official website “EliteSingles”

#6. Tinder 

When we think about swiping left and right on the app, the first app that would come to your mind is Tinder. Like the previous app, Tinder has many profiles, with many people looking to meet you right now. 

The best part about Tinder is that even with the free basic version you can still match up and meet a lot of different people. However, if you purchase the premium version, the app gets more interesting.

The app is also versatile and allows you to download the app on both Android and iOS. Moreover, you can also sign up on your desktop browser. 

To get yourself registered, the first thing you need to do is sign up using your Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can always sign up using your phone number. Once you have completed this step, you will be sent a verification code that will help verify your account. 

Next, you will have to fill up some basic details, including your name, age, location, and so on. And that’s about it. You are all ready to get started! After this, Tinder will throw you straight inside the dating pool, where you will start swiping. 

Overall, the app serves as a great way for those who are looking for quick matches. It stands as one of the best dating apps of 2022.


  • Easy swipe feature.
  • The app is LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • You can connect your social media handles easily.
  • A large number of users.
  • Has a cool SuperLike and SuperBoost feature.
  • Possibility to match even when traveling.
  • Noonlight panic button is available.
  • Easy verification process.
  • Exciting Swipe Night feature that has been recently added.


  • Basic and premium versions are available.
  • Unrestricted time limits.
  • The video chat feature is available.
  • Excellent safety features.
  • Can find matches instantly.
  • No need to provide detailed information for the profile.


  • Profiles are very vague.
  • No option to replay a profile for free users.
  • Premium membership is relatively pricey.
  • No option to search for matches. 

#7. Bumble 

Unlike other dating apps, Bumble is a modern match-making app that puts control in the woman's hands. If you are a man who is interested in using this app, just know that to get a match, the woman must first show some interest in you. 

In terms of actual match-making and features, you will find that Bumble is somewhat the same as Tinder. 

That is because out of two people that developed the app, one of them is a co-founder of Tinder. One of the most prominent features that both apps share is the swiping feature. 

The registration process is also the same as Tinder, so it’s very easy to jump onto the app. 

Bumble also has an interesting way of spicing up your profile by filling out questions like “my most recent act of kindness is …", “two truths and a lie,” and so on. 

Moreover, the app is a great way to grow your Hive! Because not only is Bumble a great dating app, you can also make friends and make business partners!

So, if you are a man who would be happy to let the woman take the lead, Bumble is a great choice. On the other hand, if you are a woman who loves to take control and avoid cringy “You up?” texts, Bumble is the place to be.  


  • Designed to let women take charge of all interactions.
  • Instant, easy messaging.
  • Video chats available for a virtual date.
  • Modern filters to get you better matches.
  • SuperSwipe and Spotlight features.
  • Unmatch option is available.
  • Expand your Hive using Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz.


  • Women have full control over conversations.
  • The swipe feature makes it easy to get matches.
  • Backtrack feature is available.
  • Interesting profiles.
  • 50-50 male and female presence on the app.
  • Asexual people can enjoy this app.
  • You can switch to Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz when needed.


  • A very short span of communication. 
  • Gender options are very limited.
  • Premium version is expensive.
  • Cannot search for matches.

#8. Dating Christian Mingle

If you are looking for a faith-based dating website, Christian Mingle is the perfect one for you because this is solely geared toward Christians looking to find a pure relationship centered around God. 

To get started on the app, all you have to do is enter your email address. Once you have completed this, you will be taken to a window where you have to upload your pictures. It is necessary to upload at least one picture to get on with the next steps.

After this, you will be asked to answer a few questions relating to your marital status, affiliation with the church, occupation, interest in having kids, and so on. 

You also have the option to filter out desirable qualities and cancel out the rest. This way, you are guaranteed to get better matches on the website.

The app itself is free to use, and anyone interested in a god-centered relationship can hop on this app. However, if you want your profile to stand out, you will have to pay a subscription fee. 

Moreover, you will also need to pay this fee if you want to start exchanging messages with your match. 

But on the whole, the app is quite effective in finding long-term matches.


  • Guaranteed matches.
  • 100% free membership for both male and female users.
  • Available on both phone and desktop.
  • Has a wide range of stunning features.
  • Option to filter qualities is integrated.


  • Has a strict rule for verifying your profile.
  • It is versatile in its usability.
  • Allows gay people to find their partners.
  • Give you suggested matches every day.
  • Free membership.


  • Exchanging messages requires a subscription.
  • Features can be improved.

#9. It’s Just Lunch 

Here’s a fun fact: originally launched in 1991, It’s Just Lunch is probably one of the oldest dating services to have ever existed in the United States. Today, the app has expanded to other countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Currently, the app has six advanced matchmakers who will link you with potential matches through lunch dates or even after-work dates. 

Moreover, these matchmakers plan the details of the date as well. Meaning they will choose the venue, the time, and other such details. That is because the team at It's Just Lunch understands that the life of working professionals can get very hectic. Therefore, with all the planning already done, you can still find time to unwind by going on a date.

The service itself is very real and tailored to your preferences. As mentioned earlier, this platform is available in 5 different countries, and serves users regardless of race, age, and gender. 

The registration process is also fairly easy, as all you need to do is fill out the basic details. After this, you will receive a phone call from a matchmaker to understand you better. Once they have all the required details, they will start setting up the perfect date! It’s as easy as that. 


  • Real-life match-making service.
  • Custom dating experience.
  • Phone and video call with the matchmaker is available.
  • Guaranteed match.
  • Available in 5 countries.


  • Personalized dating experience.
  • Maximum privacy.
  • Experts fully plan the date.
  • Communication is very effective.
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly.


  • Blind dates can be a little scary.
  • Your match might not be up to your expectations.
  • A lot of waiting time is involved.

#10. We Are Her

We Are Her is an extremely well-known dating platform designed for lesbian women. Whether you are looking to find a one-time fling or a serious relationship, you can find it all at We Are Her. 

You can also easily match with people who share similar interests as you, thanks to the preference filter that this platform has. 

In short, We Are Her is a dating platform designed by women for women. You can find a lot of single and committed women on this website. 

The best part is that the platform has a free version where the users can access various special features. However, the paid membership makes your profile stand out from the rest and unlocks the doors to premium features.

There are three membership plans at We Are Her:  a month plan, a three-month plan, and a yearly plan. Depending on your interest and budget constraints, you can choose the best package to avail these premium features. 

The paid members have the benefit of seeing which profiles are online and which ones have liked them. You can also search for people based on their location to get better matches in your vicinity. 


  • Community-based discussions.
  • The rewind feature is available.
  • Go undercover with incognito mode.
  • Unlimited messaging even for free accounts.
  • Captivating profiles.
  • Location-based matches.
  • Connect with your social accounts.
  • Active users.
  • Plentiful diversity.


  • Female based dating site.
  • Open, communicative system. 
  • Easy registration process.
  • Connect with more users with app events.
  • No time restrictions.
  • Both single and committed women can use this site.


  • Complicated features.
  • Many claim to not find meaningful connections.
  • Premium features are not available without a paid membership.
  • Expensive membership fees.

How to Stay Safe on Online Dating Platforms?

With the recent surge in activity on dating apps, it is well-known that more and more sign up to use these apps every day. While it may seem like a harmless way to meet new people (or even the love of your life), there are a few dangers to it as well. 

That is because not all profiles are verified. A lot of people might also pretend to be someone else, while others may have bad intentions. Therefore, it is important to stay aware and alert when using dating apps. 

Here are a few quick tips to help you be mindful when you use these apps.

Always Use Different Photos

Uploading pictures is a great way to make yourself seen on the dating platform. However, some people might stalk you by looking you up on social media.  If you use the same picture for dating apps and social media, your stalker is more likely to see and identify you. 

Therefore, use different images on all platforms. 

Do Not Connect with Cynical Profiles

Most dating platforms offer to verify a profile so that you can tell which profiles are legit and which are not. 

It is also very important to trust your gut. Suppose you do not feel comfortable with a profile or conversation, back out immediately. It is also best to block and report these users.

Check Their Handles on Social Media

Catfishing is a common practice where people use other people’s images to reel you in. They might even act like an entirely different person just to make a connection with you. 

One way to check if your potential date is the real deal is by going through their social media. If you have mutual friends, talk to them to see if the person is genuine or not. 

Do Not Give Out Your Personal Details

If you have matched with a suspicious profile with no bio and image, you have most likely matched with a fake profile. Some people may even ask you to share personal details like home address, bank details, work location, etc.

If you ever come across this behavior on social media, be quick to report and block them! Do not give out your personal details to strangers under any circumstances.

Do Not Help Them Financially

As mentioned before, many profiles on dating sites are fake and are most likely scammers. In some cases, they might match with you and ask for favors relating to money. 

Do not fall prey to these situations. No matter how compelling or convincing they sound, do not give in to such crude requests. Instead, block and report the account as a scammer. 

FAQs Regarding Dating Sites to Find Love


How Many Photos Should I Use On My Profile?


Each dating platform has its own restriction in terms of images. However, it is recommended to add 4 to 6 pictures to your profile. The more pictures you have, the more attractive your match will find you. So, don’t shy away from the camera!


Is It OK To Lie In My Bio?


The best way your match can understand you is by reading your bio. Therefore, you should be honest while creating it. By using the above-mentioned apps, you are guaranteed to make matches, so don’t be afraid of rejection when one match does not have the same preferences as you.


Are Paid Dating Sites And Apps Better Than The Free Ones?


Not always, no. Most dating platforms these days offer both paid and premium versions of the app/website. You can choose whether you want to stick with the free version or upgrade to premium. Your status on these platforms will not always guarantee better matches. So opt for the version that is best suited for you. You can also go for senior dating, if you’re over 40 or 50. 

Concluding - Best Dating Apps For People Searching For Singles In 2022: 

As you can see, when it comes to navigating around in the dating pool, it is easy to drown in the plethora of options, and get overwhelmed trying to find a reliable site to try your luck.