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September 22, 2021

Smartwatches take the functionality of smartphones and distills them down to a quick 1-look watch interface.

Smartwatches can show you your text messages without digging your phone out of your purse, allow you to enter purchases into your favorite budgeting app and can even track your steps while you’re on the go. However, it can be difficult to find affordable smart watches.

You’ll find smartwatches made by tech giants like Apple and Samsung to top-name designers like Tag Heuer and Fossil. These companies dominate the market with advertising and pricey devices, and everyone seems to be hopping on the smartwatch train. While smartphones may have begun as an expensive extravagance, there are now plenty of quality models available on the market. The best affordable smartwatch, then, is not all that different from its luxury counterparts.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite budget smartwatches, along with some tips to help you find your next favorite. 

Best Budget Smartwatches

We’ve rounded up some of the best and most affordable smartwatches that don’t sacrifice quality for price. Each option is available on Amazon and can be shipped straight to your door.

Best Overall: Watchd

  • Who’s it for: Health-conscious users looking to monitor health, activity and sleep
  • Price: £59.99

Watchd is a unique device that allows you to monitor your health without breaking your monthly budget. With a waterproof design that withstands rain and hand washing, this watch offers several features, including:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood pressure readings
  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Message and call notifications

Allowing you to dip your toe in the smartwatch market, Watchd can help you change your lifestyle, improve your health and enjoy all the basic features you need at a reasonable price. It’s our best affordable smartwatch because it offers a balance of price and features that work perfectly for the average consumer.

Most Versatile: TicWatch Pro 

  • Who it’s for: Smartwatch enthusiasts who want the latest tech without breaking the bank.
  • Price: $249.99

The TicWatch Pro is a unique offering from Google that works on both Android and iOS devices. A surprisingly comprehensive watch with a low price tag, the TicWatch features access to thousands of apps from the Google Play store, each of which has been specially formatted or reformatted to fit the smaller face of the watch.

The TicWatch features one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. Manufacturers claim that thanks to the watch’s automatic power-saving mode,  a single charge can last anywhere from 2 to 30 days. Powerful, functional and great for users of any OS, the TicWatch Pro is a top choice for savvy smartphone shoppers. 

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Best for iOS/iPhone: Apple Watch Series 6

  • Who it’s for: Anyone looking for a comprehensive, comfortable smartwatch who also own an Apple device.
  • Price: $374.98

The Apple Watch Series 6 can help you lead a healthier, more connected life.

Measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary new sensor and app. Take an ECG anytime, anywhere. See your fitness metrics at a glance with the enhanced Always-On Retina display.

The watch lets you do all the standard smartwatch actions: read and send text messages, check up on social media, track your workouts and more. But you can also track your sleep and use Apple Pay.

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Best for Android: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3

  • Who it’s for: Android users looking for a comfortable, affordable smartwatch for fitness and everyday life.
  • Price: $399.99

Unlike Apple users, those who prefer the Android OS have their choice of smartwatches — so they can afford to be a little pickier when it comes to selecting a watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active features a crisp, clear display face and expert-level fitness tracking and automatically detects over 7 exercises.

 The Galaxy Watch3’s long-lasting battery can go for more than a day on a single charge, and you can always get a quick boost from your compatible Galaxy phone with Wireless Power Share. You can even sync your Android device and select from hundreds of special watch-based apps from the Google Play Store.

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Best for Fitness: Fitbit Versa 2

  • Who it’s for: Fitness and exercise buffs who want to save money by getting a smartwatch custom-built for workouts.
  • Price: $179.95

There are fewer bigger names in fitness than Fitbit — and the Versa 2 model combines everything that smartwatch enthusiasts loved about previous models and added some fun new features.

The Fitbit Versa 2 allows you to track your workouts and activity 24/7 whether you want to see how many calories you’re burning or check up on how many hours of REM sleep you got last night.

The watch allows you to store over 300 songs and send text messages. Though the Versa doesn’t offer much functionality outside of the fitness realm, its focus on health leaves this model from Fitbit at the top of the workout market. 

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Best Waterproof: MyKronoz ZeTime

  • Who it’s for: Smartwatch users who need a little more waterproofing capabilities than just for standard shallow swimming.
  • Price: $69.90

Most affordable smart watches can handle a little water — from accidental water exposure to light swimming, it’s uncommon to see a smartwatch that’s totally hydrophobic.

However, the MyKronoz ZeTime is a durable masterpiece, able to withstand depths of up to 50 meters — that’s over 165 feet of deep-sea diving. It offers a slim, modern design and boasts up to 3 days of battery life on a single charge.

It offers a unique hybrid model that features both a display screen and clock hands. Though some users have complained about the bugginess of the ZeTime’s music app, users who need serious waterproofing may find the sacrifice worth it. 

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Best Black: Ticwatch S2

  • Who it’s for: Professional users who want to wear their watch to work and also the gym.
  • Price: $179.99

Another offering from the TicWatch family, the TicWatch S2 features a modern black design that can easily blend in with professional wear as well as fitness clothing. Unlike some other smartwatches, the TicWatch S2 doesn’t feature a unique design.

Instead, it favors classic black screens, black bands and simple yet sophisticated tracking charts. The TicWatch S2 even has GPS capabilities — a rarity at this price point.

Filled with all the functionality you’d expect from more expensive models, the TicWatch S2 is an affordable alternative for users who need a more professional fitness watch.

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Best Leather: Fossil Men's Gen 5 Explorist

  • Who it’s for: Smartwatch users who don’t want to sacrifice fashion for functionality.
  • Price: $295.00

The Fossil Explorist is a high-end designer model that features sturdy leather bands in three unique colors. But don’t let the classy design of the watch fool you — it’s also a surprisingly powerful tool.

The Explorist offers heart rate tracking, one-touch pay through Google Pay, easy customization and a full range of Google Assistant functionality that you can activate with your voice.

As stylish as it is useful, the Fossil Explorist is a great choice for anyone who values comfort as well as convenience. 

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Best for Under $100: Amazfit Bip

  • Who it’s for: Price-conscious users who want the look and feel of an Apple Watch without the price tag.
  • Price: $69.99

The AmazFit Bip features a sleek and sophisticated design that mimics the design of the Apple Watch for less than $100. It features a 30-day battery life, heart rate monitor and comfortable design with bands in 4 unique colors.

Finding a replacement is easy through Amazon’s store or outside vendors on sites like eBay. Though the Bip doesn’t allow you to respond to notifications through the watch, its full line of compatibility mimics the features of other top-quality smartwatches at a fraction of the price. 

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Specs to Look for in a Great Smartwatch

Many smartwatches sacrifice quality for price, so look for these specs and characteristics before you spend your money.  

OS Compatibility

You should never buy a smartwatch without confirming that it’ll work with your phone. Just like your smartphone and your computer have an operating system, your smartwatch also has an OS that’s only compatible with certain devices.

By far the most common OS for smartwatches is the Android platform, but some devices (like the Apple Watch) only work with Apple smartphones. Some smartwatches work with both iOS and Android devices but limit compatible features with the non-native OS.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s compatible with a less common OS (like the Windows platform or Linux’s PureOS) triple-check that the device is universally compatible before you invest. 

Bright Display Face

The best smartwatches feature colorful LED displays that are easy to see and read even in low light. Some smartwatch makers have even taken their display a step forward with OLED lights, the brightest and most vivid display features available.

Look for a watch that features colors and text that’s easily viewable, especially if you’re looking for a more advanced watch that will run apps.  


If you don’t live alone, how will you be able to tell which smartwatch belongs to your roommates or family? The best smartwatches offer customization and personalization options. From vivid cases to interchangeable rubber and silicone wristbands, there is an endless number of options and choices that you can use to make your smartwatch uniquely yours. 

You should also be able to customize your alert preferences. Any smartwatch will tell you when you’ve got a text message or you’ve set an alarm, but you should also be able to program your smartwatch to alert you to social media activity or fitness goals.

Your smartwatch should also make these features easy to disable if you have a meeting, phone call or important event you need to focus on. 

Strong Battery Life

Unlike a smartphone, most smartwatches use specialty chargers that aren’t as available as cellphone chargers — so look for a watch that has a battery that can last throughout the day.

If you want the most low-cost option and you value battery life, you’re better off choosing a smartwatch with buttons instead of a touch-screen face.

While touch-screen faces are convenient, they also drain most of the watch’s battery life. If a long-lasting battery is on the top of your list of concerns, look for a smartwatch that skips the touch-screen surface and uses easy-to-maneuver buttons instead. 

A Quality Band

Your smartwatch’s band is arguably as important as the face itself. If you buy a watch with a clunky, difficult-to-clasp or uncomfortable band, you’ll be less inclined to use it.

Look for a smartwatch that offers a number of band sizes and options so you can easily find the best fit for your wrist. 

Get Started With a Smartwatch

The word smartwatch is no longer synonymous with expensive. It’s never been easier to find a low-cost smartwatch that offers a ton of functions and the great look of high-end models.

However, there are a large number of low-function, affordable smart watches on the market that try to trick consumers by mimicking the design of Apple or Samsung models. Make sure you read plenty of reviews before you make your decision. The best affordable smartwatch for you should have great reviews, the features you want and a price you can stomach.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the biggest drawback of smartwatches?


 The main disadvantage is they only stay charged for 1 to 2 days.


What are the benefits of smartwatches?


Smartwatches offer quick access and they are customizable.

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