Best CBD Oil Starter Kits

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July 7, 2022

CBD oil starter kits and bundles provide an opportunity for individuals interested in learning about the potential health benefits of CBD oil. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is a type of chemical frequently found within cannabis plants. A CBD oil starter kit or CBD oil starter bundle often includes a variety of products that can assist in providing various types of CBD use. Overall, CBD oil has the potential to offer health benefits for people with a wide range of health concerns such as physical or mental. Before purchasing a CBD kit, contemplate consulting with your healthcare provider. 

The Best CBD Oil Starter Kits and Bundles

A CBD oil starter kit or bundle is an excellent way to become introduced to different products in smaller quantities. For example, bundles typically offer full-size products while starter kits usually provide smaller sizes of similar products. Research the different companies and compare and contrast the key components such as the strength of the CBD oil, company reputation, and product price point to have a deeper understanding of the starter kits and bundles.

Keep in mind the potential differences when purchasing from a smaller business in contrast to a larger corporation. The bundles and starter kits are an excellent concept for individuals interested in saving money while exploring new options. Yes, you can try all the items in the kit, but you can also discover a new product that you would never have tried otherwise, expanding your horizons much more than you would have otherwise.

Plus CBD Starter Bundle

Plus CBD is created by CV Sciences which maintains core values such as an emphasis on science and customer needs. The bundle includes three items such as CBD gummies that taste like citrus punch, CBD softgel capsules, and CBD oil that’s peppermint flavored. The bundle comes with 1 fluid ounce of CBD oil which contains 250 milligrams. Individuals can usually purchase the starter bundle for less than $100. 

CBDistillery Sleep Starter Pack

CBDistillery offers results provided by third-party testing and uses hemp that’s US Hemp Authority Certified. The pack includes sleep gummies as well as CBD Sleep Energy oil. The oil includes 150 milligrams of cannabinol (CBN) and 450 milligrams of CBD. For the sleep starter pack, the company includes gummies that also have melatonin in order to promote additional rest. The bundle costs around $120 in general. Customers typically report that the bundle allows them to sleep better during the night.

Brown Girl Jane Inside and Out Bundle 

The bundle offers three items such as Balance Daily Drops, Rest Daily Drops, and Luminous Facial Serum. The trio of items allows an interested individual to try products with a varied range of CBD. For example, the Balance Daily Drops contain 750 milligrams of CBD while the Rest Daily Drops contain 1,500 milligrams of CBD. Both the Balance Daily Drops and the Rest Daily Drops contain CBD and CBN which is also known as cannabinol and has the possibility to produce a low psychoactive response. In total, the set costs just under $200 for three items that contain a total of 3 fluid ounces of product. In general, the reviews for this set were highly positive and spoke helpfully of the benefits of the entire collection. The brand image focuses on providing customers with an excellent quality product as well as giving back to the greater community. 

Five CBD Tincture Flight

The Tincture Flight bundle provided by Five includes the 1,500 milligrams CBD Tincture in citrus and the 1,500 milligram CBD Tincture in mint chocolate. The CBD tinctures are full-spectrum and use both CBD and THC. In general, a CBD tincture is alcohol-based. A major benefit of the website stems from the company’s visibility. The company named Five, conveniently allows individuals to view the certificates of analysis and details about the hemp which is grown within the United States. The bundle products are generally made within the United States and are also vegan friendly. The set costs just under $70 for a single purchase directly through the company website, but the overall cost can also be lowered to under $55 for individuals that subscribe to a monthly delivery. The set earns high praise from customers that claim the products work well and include a pleasant flavor. 

Bluebird Botanicals AM/PM CBD Bundle

Bluebird Botanicals provides a bundle that includes two products such as the morning CBD and Cannabigerol (CBG) oil as well as the evening oil that includes CBD and cannabinol (CBN) oil. The two items include a combined total of 2 fluid ounces of oil. The Downshift oil which is intended for use at night, recommends 3 milligrams of CBN and 12 milligrams of CBD per serving. Customer reviews on the website, highly rate the bundle and highlight the benefits of using both products as directed throughout the day. The bundle sells for under $100 on the Bluebird Botanicals website. Bluebird Botanicals is a Certified B Corporation which means it meets a specified level of transparency and environmental performance. 

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Manufacturers of CBD oil claim that using the oil can positively interact with an individual’s lifestyle. For example, it is said that CBD oil contains certain properties that can assist with anxiety, pain, and complications stemming from diabetes. Additional factors such as specific ingredients and dosage are stated to have the potential to impact how an individual reacts to various CBD-related products. Keep in mind that it’s important to speak with your doctor or medical professional before deciding on any product that will likely impact your body and health. It’s possible to have adverse reactions to CBD oil such as nausea so be sure to speak with a health expert to gain a clearer understanding of your situation.

Potential Ease of Pain: CBD is said to have the potential to ease the pain because it supposedly possesses anti-inflammatory properties. When used as directed, CBD is said to lessen issues such as nerve pain. 

Could Assist with Cancer Symptoms: CBD oil and CBD-related products are supposedly able to help individuals with cancer. One potential area that CBD is said to assist with is nausea and pain. However, CBD can also have adverse side effects that are specific to each person. 

Possible Help with Anxiety: Creators of CBD products often claim that CBD oil assists with anxiety. However, results may vary depending on factors such as the individual as well as the exact dosage and concentration of the oil. 

Remember that, unfortunately, there is no medical research to back up these results. You may, however, have a good experience and continue using the products that worked the best for you. If you have any issues, reach out to your doctor for further guidance.

How to Make the Most of CBD Oil Starter Kits

When considering different CBD oil starter kits, it’s highly recommended to understand both the potential drawbacks and benefits of the oil. CBD oil has the ability to react differently to each person which makes it important to speak with your doctor before taking any additional action. Although CBD oil has the potential to alleviate or lessen stress and other undesirable areas of concern, it also has the ability to create unwanted reactions. Remember to mention any medications or possible family health issues to more accurately receive feedback. Research the available kits and bundles and ask your doctor or healthcare provider questions to feel more empowered by your choice. 

Potential Shifts in Appetite: Keep in mind that CBD has the potential to alter your appetite. In part, such shifts in appetite have the ability to also change your weight. 

Possible Nausea: Depending on the person, CBD oil can create nausea or diarrhea. CBD has the ability to interact with medications so be aware of such a possibility when consulting with your healthcare provider. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best CBD oil to start with?


When considering which CBD oil would be best to start with, it’s recommended to take your time speaking with your doctor and learning about the available options. Consider speaking with your doctor or medical advisor before trying any new products that have the potential to impact your body. Start slowly and listen to your body. In general, starting slow with CBD oil means taking a dosage below 3 milligrams. If you consider yourself highly reactive or aren’t sure how you will react then consider taking 1 milligram. Be sure to read the dosage on the CBD products to more accurately understand the amount of CBD placed within a product’s recommended serving. CBD has the potential to have side-effects that range from nausea to fluctuations in appetite. When contemplating which CBD oil to start with it’s important to know the concentration of cannabinoids within the product as well as the potential heavy metals included inside the product. Before starting a CBD oil, find out if the product has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which helps to indicate what type of compounds can be found within the specific CBD oil. 


How much does CBD oil cost?


cost around $0.05 and on the higher side 1 milligram can cost around $0.25 or more. It’s relatively common to purchase CBD oil in bottles that hold between 250 and 2,000 milligrams. Keep in mind that CBD oils are not traditionally regulated so price and quality have the potential to vary widely. Research the various options and only purchase from reputable vendors. When examining different CBD oils, consider if the product is tested by a third-party and compliant with regulations before purchasing.