B2Z Small Business Insurance Review

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November 22, 2022
B2Z Insurance
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Tired of buying insurance for your small business the old-fashioned way? Forget about waiting around for that insurance agent to call you back. Now, B2Z has launched a full suite of insurance policies, including cyber insurance, workers’ compensation, professional liability and business owner’s policies (BOP). The B2Z platform uses AI to create personalized coverage just for you—all in as little as 5 minutes. B2Z offers small business insurance in a language everyone understands. Easy applications, mobile claims and digital quotes are just a few of the ways B2Z makes buying insurance for your business fast and easy. Affordable, too.
Best For
  • One-Stop-Shop Coverage
  • Shopping Online
  • Hassle-Free Cancelation for Old Policy
  • User-friendly online portal
  • Multiple products
  • Digitally-based
  • AI-driven
  • Data sourcing
  • No phone call needed
  • No brick and mortar
  • Too fast-paced for some

B2Z Insurance Ratings at a Glance

B2Z Small Business Insurance Coverage Options
B2Z Small Business Insurance Customer Service Rating
B2Z Small Business Insurance Customer Pricing
B2Z Mobile App
B2Z User Benefits
B2Z User Experience
B2Z Overall Rating

Owning a small business comes with a lot of benefits - and risks. Most small business owners understand that small business insurance is a necessity if you want to protect your business from unforeseen events. For example, a business insurance policy could protect your business from liability, cyber breaches, medical claims, and more. If you're looking for business insurance companies, read Benzinga's B2Z small business insurance review below.

B2Z Small Business Insurance Coverage Options

Business owners have the opportunity to use all of B2Z’s products. Through the power of AI, customers now have the tools to assess and address their own coverage needs — all without ever having to speak with an agent.

The full suite of products include:

  • Cyber insurance: Tired of worrying about costly cyber attacks and data breaches? B2Z helps small businesses with fraud monitoring, legal fees and system damage coverage.
  • Workers’ compensation: This coverage pays for medical assistance if employees get injured on the job. It also may include expenses arising from litigation.
  • General Liability: General liability insurance covers your business when clients (or others) claim that your work or business has caused damages, injuries or illnesses. You may also use this sort of insurance to protect against claims of libel, slander or what’s known as “advertising injury”.
  • Business owner’s policy (BOP): Extending beyond general liability coverage, BOP coverage includes injuries to customers, structures and buildings. It also pays for litigation.
  • Professional liability: Coverage for professional liability includes claims resulting from substandard work, missed deadlines and professional negligence. Professional liability picks up where workers comp and BOP leave off by covering the business owner.
  • Hired and non-owned automobile: What if a vehicle gets in an accident? While it’s not owned by the company, it was at the time being used for business. B2Z covers any accidents to employees' vehicles if they were using them for business at the time. This also includes rental vehicles.

Benzinga gives B2Z 5 stars for insurance coverage options because the company has crossed all its Ts and dotted its Is.

B2Z Small Business Insurance Customer Service Rating

Although B2Z is a digitally based platform, using databases and AI to drive its business, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a human side to the company as well. When it comes to customer service, B2Z takes interacting with the customer seriously.

When it comes to contacting B2Z, the company offers omni-channel customer service. Get in touch with them using chat, phone, text or email. 

While B2Z focuses more on automation, you can still talk to an agent directly if you prefer the old-fashioned way of doing business. B2Z does have licensed agents available to speak with you by phone.

Best of all, B2Z offers Live Chat. All you have to do is click on the Get a Quote button. Is there nothing this company won’t do to help their customers? 5 stars for customer service.

B2Z Small Business Insurance Customer Pricing

B2Z is a leader in the digital marketplace, employing cutting-edge A.I. technologies and data intelligence to make the customer journey and application process a pleasant, efficient one.

B2Z does offer very good deals for the services they provide, but these aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel rates. The company instead focuses on dependable, comprehensive coverage at affordable rates while providing value to their customers by leveraging technology.

For consumer pricing, Benzinga knocks off just ½ a point because it doesn’t want to give the impression that B2Z is a rock-bottom, price-is-the-only-thing kind of company. Quality counts, too.

B2Z Mobile App

While B2Z doesn’t have a mobile app, the online experience is enhanced by the firm’s website where you can easily obtain a quote, review your options and reach out to the customer service team.

B2Z User Benefits

Benzinga gives B2Z a perfect score when it comes to user benefits. B2Z may be a fast and easy way of doing business, but behind the scenes it functions just like any other insurance company. While on its face the mobile app and website make doing business almost fun, at its core, the company is dedicated to getting its customer the best quality insurance at the most affordable prices.

B2Z User Experience

Unless you’re longing for the good old days of waiting around for your insurance quotes, B2Z has the user experience you’re looking for. It’s good to know there’s a company out there with one foot in the past when it comes to quality and price and another foot moving forward into the future when it comes to interacting with the customer.

B2Z Small Business Insurance vs. Competitors

B2Z leaves the competition in the dust. Few of its competitors can access quotes as fast as B2Z. Its data-driven, digital platform takes advantage of the most up-to-date AI, allowing customers to get full coverage decisions after answering just 7 questions.

Working from a virtually all-digital platform allows B2Z to get all the insurance coverage small businesses need, all in the palm of their hand. This on-the-go focus on business sets B2Z apart from the competition.

B2Z Overall Rating

Benzinga gives B2Z an almost perfect score, because perfection is almost impossible to come by. Overall, B2Z does strike a delicate balance between quickness and comprehensiveness, ease and price. Covering all these aspects is very rare for any insurance company.

Customers want the best deals, but not necessarily the lowest prices. Sometimes lowering the price too far means compromising on quality. Customers also know the world moves much faster than it did just a few years ago and need sound decisions fast. B2Z strikes that near-perfect balance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need business insurance?


Just like in your personal life, in your business you need financial protection from the unexpected. Not only can workplace missteps and mishaps cost you money, they can cost you a lot of time and possibly even your business. Business insurance protects you from those unforeseen incidents that could not only burden your business financially but bankrupt the company as well.

Whether it’s workers insurance, professional liability or a more comprehensive business owner’s policy, your business needs insurance. In many cases, like with the mortgage on your office building or structures, it’s mandatory. Don’t be the one left out in the cold when the unexpected happens — get insurance.


How much does insurance cost for a small business?


The real question should be: How much is it going to cost you if something happens and you don’t have business insurance? Accidental death on your business property without insurance can destroy your company financially. But how much insurance do you need?

It depends on how much coverage you’re looking for and at what amount. A $100,000 BOP policy won’t cost you nearly as much as a $10 million policy. It all depends on what you need as a business. Don’t get $10 million worth of coverage for a business that’s only worth $250,000. The amount of coverage you have should complement the amount of coverage you need.

For more information on business insurance, especially small-business insurance, read more at Benzinga.


What's the most common type of business insurarnce?


The most common type of business insurance is general liability insurance.

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