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September 11, 2020

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Algebra is the building block of many advanced math and science subjects. If your child needs a bit of extra support, online tutoring can be a safe and effective option to improve grades. Our guide to online algebra tutors will help you learn more and begin exploring your options. 

What to Look for in an Online Tutor

Finding the right tutor for your child can be a long process. You might need to visit a few options before you find the perfect match. However, there are a few characteristics you should prioritize when you explore your choices:

  1. Assess the tutor’s qualifications. If you’re speaking with an individual tutor, ask about education, number of current and past students and experience as a tutor.
  2. Ask about the company’s qualification criteria. Almost every tutoring agency requires its tutors to meet a strict set of academic and education criteria before working. If a tutor or tutoring company doesn’t make its background clear to you, move onto other options. 
  3. Consider your budget. Tutoring is most effective when your student and the tutor mesh. The most affordable tutor isn’t always the best option, but choose a tutor or tutoring company with sustainable pricing. Working on a tighter budget? You might want to consider pre-recorded video lessons from a site like Udemy instead of personal one-on-one tutoring. Online group algebra tutoring is also much more affordable than private tutoring in many cases.

Some additional factors that you might want to consider when you compare tutoring options include:

  • The tutor’s native and secondary languages (if applicable)
  • Completely online tutoring vs. in-person supplemental lessons
  • Platform and connectivity
  • Tutor availability and time zone

The Best Algebra Online Tutoring Services

Now that you understand what to look for when you compare tutors, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite online tutoring options offering algebra assistance.

Chegg Study
securely through Chegg Study's website

1. Best for Professional Tutors: Chegg Tutors

Price: Chat lessons begin at $6.99 per session; video lessons start at $30 per session

Unfortunately, not every tutor teaching algebra online has the qualifications that they claim to. When you work with Chegg Tutors, you won’t need to worry about your student being taught by a tutor who isn’t qualified. Chegg has one of the strictest tutor qualification standards we’ve seen and they regularly recruit their tutors from top-ranking universities. From the University of Pennsylvania to Harvard, you’ll find plenty of Ivy League alums working with Chegg Tutors.  

Getting started with Chegg Tutors is also exceptionally easy. Decide whether your student would benefit most from video or chat-based tutoring. Sign up for an account and wait for Chegg to link your student with the tutor who fits your child’s needs best. 

securely through Skooli's website

2. Best for No Commitments: Skooli

Price: $0.82 per minute with a 15-minute minimum per session

Most tutoring websites require that you purchase at least 1 hour-long lesson or a monthly subscription before you can use the service. While this can allow you to save money if you know with 100% certainty that you’ve found the right tutor, it can also quickly become expensive if you’re still exploring all your options.

Skooli offers a unique pay-as-you-go model that doesn’t require you to commit to an expensive subscription before testing out its service. Tutoring is available from just $0.82 per minute, and you’ll only need to commit to a single 15-minute lesson to begin. Skooli’s no-commitment pricing model can also be useful for parents of students who only need a small amount of homework help here and there and who don’t require regular tutoring sessions. 

securely through Wyzant's website

3. Best for In-Person Tutoring Sessions: Wyzant

Price: Varies by individual tutor

Online tutoring is a safe option for students who need additional education outside of the classroom. However, many students struggle to stay focused during online lessons and may not gain as much through Skype sessions as they would in-person with a tutor. This can be an especially big problem for younger students.

Wyzant is an online tutor marketplace that allows you to enroll your student in both online and in-person tutoring sessions. You can even connect with a local tutor and supplement online algebra lessons with in-person sessions for a safer and more cost-effective option. 

eTutor World
securely through eTutor World's website

4. Best for Virtual Learning Pods: eTutor World

Price: Sessions begin at $18 per hour

A learning pod is a small group of students who meet together to learn with an instructor, similar to a mini classroom. Many parents prefer learning pods over purely online education because they believe that learning pods allow students more social freedom and ensures that each student receives a significant amount of direct attention from the teacher.

eTutor World has made learning pods more accessible by moving them online. When your child joins a learning pod, he or she will be matched up with no more than 3 other children at their grade and skill level. You can enjoy a complimentary virtual learning pod session with no commitment to purchase a package. Your experienced, dedicated tutor will ensure that each child receives the individual attention they would in a standard classroom. 

securely through Udemy's website

5. Best for Recorded Courses: Udemy

Price: Varies by course; many courses begin at $19.99

It can be helpful for a student to review course material multiple times, focusing on example problems and quizzing themselves periodically. Udemy is an online course marketplace that offers a host of algebra courses. Courses range from general algebraic concepts to assistance solving specific types of algebra problems. After you purchase the course, your student will have access to all pre-recorded lectures, quizzes and supplementary information for life.

Udemy is also one of the most affordable algebra-assistance sources available. Many courses begin at just $19.99, which means that almost anyone can fit a Udemy course into their budget. Courses might not offer one-on-one tutoring for your student but many also include professor contact information so your student can direct questions to them as needed. 

securely through Preply's website

6. Best for Tutor Reviews: Preply 

Price: Varies by individual tutor

Like Wyzant, Preply is an online tutor marketplace that allows you to browse thousands of tutors offering algebra tutoring online through video chat platforms like Skype. Preply makes it easy to sort tutors by native language, reviews, current number of students, student rating and more with just a few clicks. You can also browse tutor reviews and testimonials from previous students without opening a Preply account, which can make it easier to compare price options.

Preply can also be an excellent choice for parents of students who speak English as a second language. Many tutors offering their services on Preply are bilingual, and you can view each tutor’s native language and secondary languages on their profile page. 

Club Z Tutoring
securely through Club Z Tutoring's website

7. Best for Elementary Algebra: Club Z!

Price: Varies by location, subject and student grade level

Children in elementary school may begin learning about the concepts of pre-algebra as early as 5th grade. Building a strong foundation in math early is crucial for later success — which is why Club Z! offers customized tutoring based on your student’s grade level. From elementary school pre-algebra to collegiate level algebra, Club Z! tutors break down lessons by grade level, focusing on the concepts that your student is currently learning instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

Club Z! also specializes in providing individual tutor matches customized to fit your student’s unique personality and learning style. Unsatisfied with your student’s tutor? Club Z! will continue to test tutors with your student until they find the perfect match.
securely through's website

8. Best for Tutoring in Spanish:

Price: Sessions begin at $39.99 an hour with discounts available for package plans

If your student speaks Spanish as her native language, she may have a very difficult time understanding algebra lessons taught in English. offers students bilingual math tutoring in both Spanish and English — ideal for students who are still mastering the English language but who need to start building a solid understanding of algebra now. specializes in offering tutoring assistance to members of the armed forces and their family members. If you or your spouse has served, your student may qualify for algebra tutoring free of charge through

Revolution Prep
securely through Revolution Prep's website

9. Best for Small Group Tutoring: Revolution Prep

Price: Small group tutoring sessions begin at about $40 per hour; private lessons are available at a higher price point

Looking for a way for your child to receive personal, private instruction without breaking the bank? Consider small group tutoring from Revolution Prep. Revolution Prep’s group lessons are more affordable than one-on-one tutoring but offer the same level of individualized help. Small group tutoring from Revolution Prep never includes more than 3 students per group, and your student will be matched with up to 2 additional students at a similar skill level. 

Give Your Student a Strong Start

Finding the right tutor for your child doesn’t need to be stressful, but it can help to schedule a trial lesson with more than 1 tutor to find the perfect fit. 

If a certain tutor doesn’t fit with your child, don’t give up. Every tutor has his own tutoring preferences and not every tutor will fit every student.  

Southern New Hampshire University Online

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  1. Flexible schedules
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  3. Online tutoring
  4. Access to electronic research materials
  5. Specialized academic advising
  6. Supportive online community

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