7 Companies Redefining Investing and Retirement Planning in 2022

Patton Hunnicut, Benzinga Contributor
June 22, 2022 11:00am  |  5 min read  |  Comments


Whether you’re looking to retire early or simply to increase your purchasing power, chances are you’ve asked yourself: “where do I start?” At Benzinga, we know a thing or two about personal finances, and we’ve put together a list of modern money management tools that will change how you view investing. Read on to learn about 7 companies that have evolved how you should be thinking about investing and retirement planning.


Everyone knows they should consult a financial advisor for retirement planning, but how do you choose the right one? 

SmartAsset has developed a retirement quiz that matches individuals with up to three financial advisors, based on how they answer the quiz questions. They’ve helped millions of Americans find an advisor. 

Not to mention, all advisors on their platform are vetted fiduciaries, which means they are legally bound to act in a clients’ best interest. 

The best part? SmartAsset’s service is completely free and it only takes a few minutes to get started.


Ranked this year’s top robo advisor by Motley Fool, SoFi is your one-stop-shop to build a fortified portfolio, so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

SoFi offers professional goal planning, rebalances your investments and is a great tool for making sure your portfolio stays sufficiently diversified. 

When you sign up with SoFi, you'll even get a portfolio built for you with no management fee. This means hands-off, passive investing — you just pick your risk tolerance and they do the rest. 


Titan offers an expert-led alternative for individuals caught between unaffordable old-school wealth management like hedge funds and uninformed DIY investing. A platform where everyday investors, irrespective of wealth, can have their capital actively-managed by investment experts in long-term strategies.

Translation: Hedge funds are an investment tool typically only reserved for the wealthy and ultra-wealthy. 

Luckily for the average investor, we have Titan. Built like a hedge fund for the masses, Titan offers the same type of investment management that is typically not accessible to most investors. 

Compared with hedge funds and similar services, their 1% fee is a bargain. Talk about giving power back to the people!


Investing in Real Estate requires some serious up-front capital… or does it? 

Introducing Fundrise, an online Real Estate company that enables average investors to buy into private commercial and residential properties. 

Fundrise stands out from the pack due to their real estate investment trusts, or REITs — which generally invest in income-producing real estate, either through buying and managing buildings or by holding mortgages.

Fundrise’s Unique Features:

  • Commercial and Residential asset options
  • Low minimum investment opportunities
  • IRA accounts available
  • (Often overlooked) An easy-to-use website

Stop waiting for an investor! Get started with Fundrise and get ahead on your dime.

Not your average investment vehicle, makes it possible for the average individual to invest in multimillion-dollar paintings for a fraction of cost of the entire painting 

It’s simple, when the painting sells, you receive your share of the net proceeds. 

Since 2018, the team at have acquired 120+ assets valued at over $500 million and has successfully sold 5 paintings.

With numbers like these, why not turn your portfolio into a piece of art?

See important Regulation A disclosures at


StockX has made quite a splash among online marketplaces over the past 7 years. 

Their real-time marketplace works just like the stock market – allowing you to buy and sell the most coveted items at their true market price. From the hottest sneakers, apparel, electronics, collectibles, trading cards and various accessories, the opportunities are endless.

Every item sold goes through a multi-step verification process with their team of expert authenticators. 

Whether it’s a pre-release, regionally limited roll-out, or “sold out” inventory, the StockX marketplace gives a seller access to millions of potential customers in over 150 countries

No chargebacks, no taking photos, no writing catchy descriptions, and no dealing with rogue buyers or sellers. StockX handles everything to make sure you can buy/sell with complete confidence.


Yieldstreet is another alternative investment platform, focused on unlocking private market access for retail investors.

Their innovative approach to investing helps unlock access to private markets so you can tap into high-ticket art, real estate, and legal asset classes (among others).

In the past, unnecessary barriers prevented most investors from accessing private markets. Yieldstreet is knocking those old barriers down, streamlining the investment process for individual investors. 

They analyze billions of dollars worth of deals on your behalf. If you have more money than time, consider investing with Yieldstreet. 

Whether your dream portfolio consists of crypto, real estate, stocks or fine art - rest assured, you have options. If you found this article helpful and want to learn more about investing like a pro, sign up for a free trial of Benzinga Pro. You’ll be ahead of the curve with news alerts, price tracking and portfolio monitoring to help you make informed trades before major price changes.

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