11 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

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Contributor, Benzinga
September 2, 2022

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Podcasts have been around since the 1980s, when they were referred to as “audioblogs.” With public Internet access and devices like the iPod, podcasting really took off in 2004. Today you can listen to over 2.5 million podcasts with over 66 million episodes.

People listen to podcasts when they commute to work, travel on trains and airplanes, mow grass, rake leaves, do repairs on their homes and a number of other things. If you’re not into podcasts yet, all you need to do is download an app and start listening. A whole new world will open up to you. You can learn about new and exciting entrepreneurial, investing and personal growth strategies.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The time you spend listening to podcast experts can raise you up and help you improve in whatever area you want to learn more about. For example, many podcasts focus on real estate, particularly on real estate investing. Here are what some consider the 10 best.

The Benzinga Real Estate Podcast

Benzinga real estate podcast

Host Kevin Vandenboss talks with the top professionals in the industry about the latest real estate trends and how to build wealth with passive real estate investments like REITs, real estate crowdfunding and fractional real estate investments.

The Ryan Pineda Show

the ryan pineda show real estate investing podcast

Ryan is a former professional baseball player who started selling real estate in 2010. With $10,000, he began personally investing in real estate in 2015 and was a millionaire three years later. His podcast deals with broad business and entrepreneurial topics, but his main focus is on real estate investing. 

The Real Estate Guys

the real estate guys real estate investing podcast

This podcast began as a regular show on public radio. Robert Helms and Russell Gray discuss investment strategies, taxes, due diligence, the economy, markets, protecting assets, and many other topics centered on real estate. 

Real Estate Today

real estate today podcast

Stephen Gasque, Melissa Dittman Tracey and Bill Thompson sponsor this podcast directly from the National Association of Realtors. Its format is patterned after a regular radio news show. 

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

biggerpockets real esate investing podcast

This popular podcast is hosted by Rob Abasolo and David Greene. Investors share actionable advice for real estate career professionals and investors. 

The Best Ever Real Estate Show with Joe Fairless

best real estate real estate show podcast

This is the longest-running real estate podcast, and it offers new episodes daily. Joe interviews big names in the real estate field for investing tips, real estate trends and market changes. 

Epic Real Estate Investing 

epic real estate investing podcast

Matt Theriault educates real estate investors on financing properties and how to retire at a young age with real estate portfolios. Epic also offers various real estate guides and courses. 

Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing with Rod Khleif

livetime cashflow through real estate investing podcast

Property managers, real estate lenders and financial advisors are interviewed, with a multi-family property investing focus. 

Real Estate Rock Stars

real estate rockstars podcast

Pat Hiban interviews seasoned real estate veterans as well as up-and-coming agents.

Rental Rookie

rental rookie real estate investing podcast

In this limited episode podcast, Emily Du Plessis shares her personal growth from real estate ignorance to owning several multi-family properties. 

The Remote Real Estate Investor

the remote real estate investor podcast

This is a podcast that teaches how remote investors can examine deals and grow a rental property portfolio across the country. 

Some may wonder what real estate podcasts they should listen to first. It really doesn’t matter! The important thing is to just start listening and learning and growing. If you get into the habit of digesting these podcasts on a regular—and hopefully on a daily basis—you’ll listen to all the episodes of these shows in a relatively short time. Then once you’ve been totally bitten by the podcasting bug, you can start the adventure of searching for your own niche podcasts to continue expanding your real estate knowledge and strategies. 

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