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Economic Outlook For The Week of January 27: How To Trade With Binary & Spread Options

Major Index Moving Earnings Announcements:

  • January 27: APPLE (NASDAQ: AAPL): Estimated Wire Release Time 4:35 PM ET 
  • January 28: Pfizer (NYSE: PFE):  Estimated Wire Release Time 7:00 AM ET 
  • January 28: AT&T (NYSE: T) :  Estimated Wire Release Time NA (after market close) 
  • January 28: Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA):  Estimated Wire Release Time 7:00 AM ET 
  • January 29: Boeing (NYSE: BA):  Estimated Wire Release Time 7:30 AM ET 
  • January 29: Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM):  Estimated Wire Release Time 4:00 PM ET (Note conference call is scheduled early, so may be an earlier release than normal) 
  • January 29: Facebook (NASDAQ: FB):  Estimated Wire Release Time 4:00 PM ET (Note conference call is scheduled for 4:00 PM, but last time earnings where released at 4:15 PM ET) 
  • January 30: Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM)  Estimated Wire Release Time 8:55 AM ET 
  • January 30: Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)  Estimated Wire Release Time 4:00 PM ET 
  • January 30: VISA (NYSE: V):  Estimated Wire Release Time 4:00 PM ET (This is when the conference call is expected)
  • January 30: Google (NASDAQ: GOOG):  Estimated Wire Release Time 4:00 PM ET
  • January 31: Chevron (NYSE: CVX): Estimated Wire Release Time 8:30 AM ET 
  • (Note: There are multiple earnings announcements -- the ones listed here are heavily weighted in either the Dow Jones 30 or the Nasdaq 100 Indices/ETF/Futures)

(Another note: the press conference times posted on many sites is not the same as the wire release time, which is usually sooner than the press conference.)

  • Major Government Economic News:
  • January 28th: 4:30 AM ET UK Preliminary GDP  GBP/USD. Usual move: 70 pips high to low 2 hours after release
  • January 29th:  2:00 PM ET Federal Open Market Committee (FMOC) Interest Rate and Statement EUR/USD. Usual Move: 70 pips high to low 2 hours after the release
  • January 30th: 8:30 AM ET United States GDP advance estimate  GBP/USD, Usual move: 70 pips high to low 2 hours after release
  • January 31st: 8:30 AM ET Canadian GDP for November USD/CAD. Usual move: 60 pips high to low 2 hours after release (note does not break 50 pips more than 40% of the time)
  • (Note: There are multiple government economic news events. The ones highlighted here are the ones that are expected have a consistent impact on the market specified.)


 TIP: Don't try to pick market direction. Use the information above to help you determine if there is a good binary strangle or spread straddle you can trade on the Nadex (North American Derivaties Exchange). This will allow you to potentially profit if the market moves far enough in either an up or down direction.

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